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Maine Coon Colors: The Most Popular Colors And Patterns

Maine Coon Colors: The Most Popular Colors And Patterns

There are so many colors of Maine Coon cats. Their colors can tell you a lot about their personalities, too!

Maine Coon cats are the biggest breed of domesticated cats. Considering that they can grow up to 14 inches and weigh more than double the average cat, they really are gentle giants.

These big, long-haired felines can have so many different coat colors. They’re mostly known for their large size, their slightly scary faces, tall tufted ears, and their huge, bushy tails.

Of course, people think that different colors have different meanings. Also, different people find different colors aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve made a list that will give you a head start on all the information you should know about different Maine Coon colors.

This will help you understand how easy or hard it is to get your hands on a Maine Coon of your particular liking.

Maine Coon colors and patterns

Maine Coon Colors: The Most Popular Colors And Patterns

1. Tabby

Tabby cats are usually the most common ones. They are characterized by different shades of brown, black, and sometimes even white. Their fur is mostly striped, with an “M” shaped mark on their forehead.

Due to being a very dominant gene, up to 80% of all cats have a tabby pattern. This includes Maine Coon cats, as well.

These stripes can be seen on the top layer of their fur just as much as the undercoat. Depending on the type of stripes and patterns you’ll notice a difference between the Mackerel Tabby, Classic Tabby, and Patched Tabby pattern.

People even like to say that the patterns on tabby cats look like butterfly wings around their shoulders.

These cats are extremely beautiful, and they’re much easier to find than other colored Maine Coon cats.

2. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell cats are also known as “torties”. They get their name from the tortoiseshell turtle.

These cats have a black base color, with patches of red and brown fur. Some may even have a few stripes of white fur – but those can be quite rare.

Torties are mostly female cats, which you need to take into consideration before you bring one home.

This happens because red and black colors are part of the X chromosome, and females of this species have two of those (XX).

Male cats only have one X, since they have the XY chromosomes in their genetic makeup. You can definitely find a male Tortie, but you need to be aware of the fact that they mostly have some sort of health issues and their life expectancy is much shorter.

You can also find a cat with the Torbie fur color. This is a tortoiseshell tabby. These cats have a more striped pattern, while the pure tortie has patches of color.

Some of them even have red patches of color on their paws, if you’re able to look closely.

They’re probably the friendliest of all the cats if you believe that the coat color has anything to do with a cat’s personality. They’re playful and loyal, which means that they’ll make for the perfect companion.

3. Black

I might be a little bit biased here, but in my opinion, the most majestic ones are the black Maine Coon cats. This is one of the more common Maine Coon colors.

These cats mostly have quite a solid color. Even their undercoat is black. They don’t have any patches of color at all, no rust, no brown – nothing.

Their nose is black but their paws can be a bit brown.

These cats are extremely alluring and eye-catching. They look like little shadows that walk around your house.

Sometimes, the undercoat can be a little bit lighter. When a Maine Coon has a gray undercoat it’s considered to have a smoky appearance.

If you want to make sure that your Maine Coon has a solid black color, before you leave the breeder make sure to check their undercoat. At the end of the day, the fur is so thick and long that you won’t even be able to differentiate it otherwise.

They may seem a little bit intimidating with their scary faces and their black fur, but they’re just as playful and social. They’re just a little more independent than you may want your cat to be because she will need some alone time here and there.

4. Blue-gray

You’re probably wondering how on earth can this be one of the Maine Coon colors. Well, when we’re talking about blue Maine Coons, it doesn’t mean that they’re a solid blue color.

It’s actually a very light blue color with grayish/silver undertones.

These cats mostly have a solid color, without any stripes or patches on their fur. Their noses and paws are mostly in a darker shade of blue or gray, but their eyes are green or golden.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a blue Maine Coon with white patches under his chin, on his neck, or on his belly. There’s even a good chance that you may come across one that has a white tip on the tail or even white paws.

Even though this combination is just as adorable, I genuinely believe that these cats look like something out of a fairy tale. So, don’t be surprised if they take your breath away.

5. Bi-colored

Maine Coon Colors: The Most Popular Colors And Patterns

One of the color patterns that you can encounter in the Maine Coon world is a bi-colored cat. These aren’t that common, because usually white patches of fur appear in a combination with tabby patterns of tortoiseshell patterns.

However, there’s a good chance that you may encounter a black and white Maine Coon cat. They look like the tuxedo cats that we all love and adore.

The white color starts at their head or face, goes further down their stomach, and can even cover all four of their legs.

With this cat, his nose can be either black or pink, depending on what part of his fur is white. This also means that his paws can be either color.

This doesn’t take away from their majesticness, but it still makes them look more like normal cats than majestic giants of the feline world.

6. Red or gold

Even though there are many orange Maine Coon cats out there, they’re still more rare that the tabby or the black Coons. Especially, if we’re talking about the gold Maine Coon.

These cats usually have fur that’s striped with different shades of orange and red. Sometimes, there are even stripes of white fur that give the cat a golden glow.

What is so rare about this color of Maine Coon is that a solid-colored red Maine Coon is almost impossible to find. Especially, if you’re looking for a lighter color like the golden shades.

The paws and nose of this colored Maine Coon are always light pink.

Did you know that red cats are considered to be the craziest ones? They’re quite hyperactive and social to the point where you’ll want to yell at him to just sit still for a moment.

However, if you’re an active person yourself, then you won’t have any trouble with that. Especially, because red cats aren’t the brightest and you may have to help them out because they will get into sticky situations.

At least this is what owners say about red, orange, and gold cats.

7. White

This angel is above anything that you have ever seen in your life. Did you ever want to name your cat Cotton? Or Pearl? Well, then get yourself a white Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coon colors usually aren’t solid. They’re mostly filled with stripes and specs of other colors.

That’s exactly why a solid white-colored Maine Coon is the rarest one of them all. Their fur is snowy white, while they have a pink hue on the nose and near the ear tuffs.

A fact that may interest you is that the color isn’t a color gene but a masking gene. This means that there isn’t a big chance that this color can be passed down the bloodline.

Only a good breeder, who has had a lot of experience, can breed a solid white Maine Coon. This is one other reason why they’re the rarest out of all Coon colors.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which one you choose to adopt or buy. Maine Coon cats are majestic as they are! These gentle giants are fluffy, cuddly, and great companions for every family that is willing to take good care of them.

The grooming of the cat doesn’t change depending on the color. You may want to take better care of a white Maine Coon, but you’ll have to brush each one just as much.

The only thing that can change your mind is if you’re looking for a specific color to match your aesthetic. Or maybe you believe, just as much as many other people, that the temper of your pet is determined by the color of their fur.

Either way, I genuinely believe that you can’t make a wrong choice.