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Kinkalow Cat: Your Adorable Short-Legged Buddy

Kinkalow Cat: Your Adorable Short-Legged Buddy

Kinkalow cat is the rare breed that’s going to capture your heart the moment you lay your eyes on this adorable fluff. These kitties have all traits to be the world’s cutest feline companions, so we understand if you can’t resist blessing your life with one.

This is a relatively modern breed, but its short history does not stop these kitties to win over the hearts of many cat lovers all over the world. Everything that you might find cute on a cat, your Kinaklow buddy will have. Short legs, tiny paws, big eyes, soft fur… She’s got it all!

We dare say that this dwarf kitty is the cutest feline you can find. On top of that, they’re incredibly affectionate and loving toward their favorite humans. Your Kinkalow cat will quickly become your best buddy that you can’t imagine your life without.

However, before adopting any feline companion, it’s important to inform yourself about the breed. You need to be ready for everything, from their temperament to the way you should take care of your new cuddle buddy and the potential health issues she might deal with.

So, since you’re here, we assume you’ve had your eyes on a Kinkalow cat, so let’s learn more about this beautiful breed together! As you finish reading, it will be a lot easier for you to make the final decision.

Kinkalow cat: a short history lesson

Kinkalow Cat: Your Adorable Short-Legged Buddy

When we say this will be a short history lesson, we mean it. This is a relatively new breed of cats that’s very rare. It was a result of the Munchkin and American Curl cross-breeding back in the mid-1990s. The main goal of the breeder, Terri Harris, was getting the best of both worlds.

And, it was a success! A Kinkalow cat got the cutest genes ever. Thanks to her Munchkin side, she’s a short kitty, while her American Curl parent gave her adorable curled ears you simply can’t resist. Don’t even get us started on her beautiful and gentle temperament! She truly is the full package!

What does a Kinkalow cat look like?

The first thing you’ll fall in love with when it comes to Kinkalow kitties is the way they look. And how couldn’t you? The main goal of the breeder was to get the most adorable features of both of her parents, and she succeeded in doing so. The resemblance between these three breeds is undeniable.

When you first look at a Kinkalow cat, you’ll notice just how tiny she is. Just like her Munchkin side of the family, she has cute short legs and a long body. Her American Curl side, however, gave her the most adorable curled ears you’ve ever seen.

Don’t worry if your Kinkalow kitten’s ears seem straight at first. You didn’t get scammed by your breeder! As she grows older, her ears will begin to curl inwards until they’re exactly how they’re supposed to be.

Still, even if they don’t, it doesn’t mean that your kitty isn’t a Kankalow. Some of them simply don’t develop curly ears.

When it comes to the rest of her body, she’s muscular and athletic, despite being adorably short. Her Munchkin parent gave her big, rounded eyes that will melt your eyes away. No matter how short they are, these felines still manage to keep a dose of elegance, mainly thanks to their long and sleek tails.

Your Kinkalow cat can come in a variety of colors and patterns and, as if she couldn’t be cuter, her coat will be medium-length. Purrfect for cuddling! They’re mostly orange, black, white, cream, tabby, gray, or calico – there’s a kitty for everyone’s liking.

As we’ve already mentioned a number of times, these are small kitties. If you don’t know how short we’re talking about here, imagine a seven to eight inches tall cat, that weighs three to seven pounds – and you’ve got yourself a Kinkalow.

The personality of a Kinkalow cat

Although this is a small cat, she’s got a pretty big personality. When we tell you you’ll get yourself a new best friend with this kitty, we mean it. Kinkalow cats are incredibly loving, affectionate, and filled with energy. One moment she’ll be napping in your lap, and the next she’ll be climbing all over your furniture.

These adorable furbabies are known for being very intelligent. Because of that, they enjoy having toys that are mentally stimulating and spending time with their human parents. If you have kids or any other pets, don’t worry. Your Kinkalow cat will get along just fine with them.

This adorable fluffy ball of energy will fill your home with love, joy, and happiness, thanks to her unique personality. They enjoy socializing, so spending time with your other pets might make your fluff especially happy.

When surrounded by other cats or animals, these felines become trusting, and they learn how to behave better. Who would’ve thought?! Having this kitty will be like having a dog, which is a perfect solution for people who are both cat and dog lovers. The only downside is how rare these fluffs are.

Taking care of a Kinkalow cat

In order to provide your Kinkalow cat with the life she deserves to have, you need to learn how to take care of this unique breed. Luckily, they’re not too hard to take care of. Still, if you’ve never owned a dwarf kitty, it’s important to do some research first, just in case.

1. Exercise

Kinkalow Cat: Your Adorable Short-Legged Buddy

One thing’s certain – you’ll have no issues with making your Kinkalow bestie stay active. She’ll do it on her own! Her amazing energy will help her stay fit because she’s always on the move, and your house will for sure become her new playground. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Kinkalows love to play and have fun, so make sure you provide your feline with plenty of toys. You don’t want your dear purrer to be bored. Get her a cat tree and she’ll be the happiest furbaby on the planet!

She loves to climb, explore, and do pretty much everything that keeps her entertained. Puzzle toys will help your fluff burn off energy, stay active, and provide her with enough mental stimulation. Having a smart kitty means you need to put in extra work to keep her entertained.

2. Diet

Luckily, your Kinkalow cat won’t have any special dietary requirements, unless it’s stated by her vet. You can feed her just like you would any other domestic cat. However, make sure you don’t overfeed her.

Although these kitties are pretty active and it’s easy for them to stay in shape, there’s still a risk of them becoming overweight, which can be especially alarming considering their short legs. The best thing you can do is talk to your vet about the best diet plan for your special fluff.

3. Training

If you’ve managed to get your hands on a Kinkalow cat – congrats! Not only did you get the most adorable feline ever, but you also have one of the smartest breeds out there. Daily training sessions will do wonders for the way your Kinkalow bestie behaves.

In fact, you might even teach her a few tricks! I told you these kitties are like tiny dogs. They’re sporty, athletic, and energetic, so use that to teach your fluff some cool tricks – she’ll absolutely love it. Yes, you can even teach her to fetch! Test out her abilities and see how it goes.

Try stacking books on top of each other and teach your smart kitty to jump over them. Your friends will be amazed! However, while you’re training your feline friend, make sure you always use positive reinforcement. You don’t want her to have negative connotations with training.

Give her snacks, praise your smart buddy, and pet her every time she does something right. Punishing or raising your voice will only lead to her losing interest in what you’re doing, and it might even hurt her. These sweet felines are incredibly gentle and sensitive, so make sure you gain her trust.

4. Grooming

Grooming depends on whether your Kinkalow has short or long hair. If you’re blessed with a long-haired Kinkalow, you’ll need to groom her regularly in order to keep her coat well-maintained.

Still, even if your kitty doesn’t have long fur, it’s important to brush her coat regularly in order to remove any dead hair and reduce shedding. Plus, you’ll distribute the oils from her skin, which will make her coat shinier and her skin healthier.

Give your fluff a spa night from time to time and she’ll love every second of it. Never forget to brush her teeth, as these kitties are prone to some dental issues. If she’s not a fan of brushing, like most cats, you can try giving her some dental treats.

They’ll remove any build-up on your fluffs teeth, which will prevent any infections and other diseases related to teeth and gums. Plus, your short-legged buddy will love the snack, as well. Regular brushing and keeping good dental hygiene will be just enough to keep your Kinkalow healthy!

Kinkalow Cat: Your Adorable Short-Legged Buddy