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How To Keep Cats Off Your Car: 8 Methods That Never Miss

How To Keep Cats Off Your Car: 8 Methods That Never Miss

You’re losing your mind trying to figure out how to keep cats off your car. You’re scared that they’ll find a way into your engine or that they’re lying on the wheels – the last thing you want is to hurt them!

But what’s happening? Why do they seem to choose your car, and how do you stop them from continuing to do this?

Are there even ways to prevent it, or should you just park elsewhere?

This probably isn’t an option as you do have a designated parking spot or a driveway where you leave your vehicle. On the other hand, cats can leave scratch marks on your cat, poop everywhere, and once they feel comfortable enough, they’ll always choose your car for their little escapades.

It’s not that hard to keep cats off your car, thanks to a little help from people who have tried multiple ways to shoo them away.

So, let’s find the best and safest way to have a cat-free car without being a meanie. After all, they are still live creatures that don’t deserve to be hurt.

8 tried-and-true ways to keep cats off your car

1. Use cat repellents

If you’re wondering how to keep cats off your car, then the best thing by far is to use cat repellent. They come in different forms, be it sprays or powders.

Sprinkle a repellent on your car and watch it work its magic. It’s safe because it’s specifically made to repel cats. The scent will keep them out of sight and mind, and more importantly, off of your car.

You should spray it around your car first and then spray your entire car with it. It won’t damage the paint or do any harm to kitties. They’ll simply run to another, better-smelling spot.

You could also make your own spray. By mixing 20 drops of citronella oil in 1 cup of water, you’ve got the perfect little concoction. This spray should only be sprayed around your car and on the tires, though. Don’t spray it on the painted areas, as it can definitely damage the color.

Using essential oils is also an option. Find out which ones cats hate and put them in a spray bottle. These are probably much safer to use on your car, and they won’t cause any damage – but they’ll get the job done.

2. Leave orange peels around

Fun fact: Cats hate the smell of citrus. Especially oranges.

If you want to know how to keep cats off your car, then this may be your winning method. However, this is a rather messy option, so if you’re sharing a parking lot with someone else, you may not really be able to do this.

You can put orange peels everywhere around and on your car. This method won’t harm the cats or your car. There’s really no downside to it besides the fact that it could be unsightly.

If you have no issues with your neighbors and if you’re not sharing the parking space with anyone, you should definitely try this method. You can thank me later.

3. Sprinkle pepper on your car

Pepper, in particular, Cayenne pepper may just be the answer to how to keep cats off your car.

Take powdered or crushed pepper and sprinkle it around your car. If the cats aren’t deterred, then increase the amount. You don’t have to be careful with this, as you won’t smell a thing. Nothing will change for you, but cats are much more sensitive than humans.

And even when it seems like the cats are gone, I would still recommend continuing to use this. Don’t just stop after applying it one time because when the smell fades, the cats may eventually come back.

You can’t really expect them to stay away just because of a few flakes here and there! Use up as much as you can and as often as you can. The best thing is to re-apply it every couple of days.

4. Use an ultrasonic repellent

This is another type of repellent that you can use. Ultrasonic repellents have an annoying sound that cats genuinely hate.

Because of their sensitive ears, they can hear it, and they’ll run for the hills. However, you as a human won’t be able to pick up anything.

It can also protect your car from other animals that are getting on your last nerve, like rodents and other pests. You can even get one that’s motion-activated.

You’re asking how to keep cats off your car? Well, here you go. This is quite an affordable option, but it may also be the most effective one of them all.

Put the repellent somewhere near your car and watch the magic unfold.

5. Sprinklers activated by sensors

It’s no secret that cats hate water. Have you ever watched those funny videos of cats running for their lives once water touches them? Well, it’s no myth.

A very small number of cats are able to deal with getting wet. So, this could also be a good solution. You may not even have to go to the store if you already have motion-activated sprinklers. If not, then go and buy some!

Put them around your car, and you’ll see how easy it is to keep cats off of it. They may try to come near a few times, but they’ll soon get tired of being wet and find someone else’s car.

6. Cover your car

This probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for. You want a solid way to keep cats off your cat, and not to hide your vehicle from the world. You need to be able to ride your car without wasting 15 to 20 minutes each day to fold the cover.

However, this way, your baby will be safe from the sharp claws of your feline neighbors. If anything, the car won’t have the same appeal to them anymore. This is probably the best option, as your car won’t get any sun damage and will continuously stay cool because it will be protected from the heat.

All of that, combined with the fact that it’s safe from claws and poop, really makes this an amazing option.

How to keep cats off your car? Cover it up, dude. That’s when nothing can be done to it. Especially if you use a cover-up that’s a bit thicker than average.

7. Sprinkle herbs on your car

Another good answer to keeping cats off your car is to sprinkle herbs on it. There are so many of them that act as natural repellents for cats. They don’t want to have anything to do with most herbs, which will make them choose another car to snooze on.

Lavender, mint, and rosemary are extremely effective in this case. You may not want to deal with the messiness, but they work.

You can either sprinkle them in their raw form on your car, or you can dilute essential oils and spray your car with them as mentioned above.

Natural herbs give cats a reason to run in the opposite direction. Especially if they sniff it and some of it gets stuck in their little noses. It won’t be toxic to them, but it will do the job.

8. Use mothballs

Mothballs should be your last resort. When you’re trying to get cats off your car, there are probably much better ways. However, this one is just as effective (if not even better) than the methods we’ve talked about so far.

I mean, humans hate the smell of mothballs. Can you imagine how strong that smell is to cats, who have a much more sensitive nose than we do?

The main issue here is that mothballs are toxic. If they bite a piece of it or sniff it for too long, the cat can have serious health issues afterward. Not to mention any other animal or insect that comes in contact with it.

I don’t know if this is your pet, a street cat, or your neighbor’s furry friend. In each one of those cases, it would be animal abuse to let them around these mothballs for a longer period of time.

If you choose this option, put them around or on your car (for instance, on your tires).

Now that we’ve answered the question of how to keep cats off your car, I’m sure you’ve found something that’ll work for you. I hope you won’t have to find a new parking spot, just because they consider your car the perfect sunbathing spot!