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How To Keep Cats Off Window Sills: 11 Genius Tips And Tricks

How To Keep Cats Off Window Sills: 11 Genius Tips And Tricks

Have you noticed that your window sills are scratched? If yes, then you probably know who to blame. Your fluffball! However, did you know that it’s not only about the scratches, but it’s also dangerous to let her climb there all the time? So, how to keep cats off window sills?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything you need to know. But first, let me explain to you why it is dangerous. Cats love spending time there because it’s warm, they can birdwatch, and it’s a nice place to relax. They are also natural climbers, so it’s like a bit of adventure for them.

However, we all know that there are some sounds or even things that can make felines scared easily. And sometimes they jump a bit when they feel anxious. So let’s say your kitty is chilling on the window sill and something scares her so she falls on the floor.

It’s possible that nothing would happen to her, but it’s also very likely that she might face difficulties breathing or become shaken because of the fall. Therefore it’s important that you cat-proof your home so it’s a safe environment for keeping a fluffy roommate.

Keeping cats off window sills is one of the ways you can keep them safe and sound. So I suggest we check out all the tips and tricks that I’ve prepared for you. Enjoy!

How to keep cats off window sills

How To Keep Cats Off Window Sills: 11 Genius Tips And Tricks

I know that keeping your cat off something might be difficult, but these tips and tricks are proven and work wonders. The good thing is that there are so many of them, and at least one will do the job when it comes to your kitty.

Are you ready to learn how to keep cats off window sills? I bet you are, so let’s not wait any longer.

1) Provide her with an alternative

The first tip I have for you is great because it won’t make your kitty very angry. Cats don’t like when we try to forbid them something. However, sometimes it really needs to be done if we want to keep them and the rest of our house safe. And this is definitely one of those situations.

So, if you want to keep your kitty away from that place, I suggest you provide her with an alternative. Keep in mind that she loves the window sill because it’s warm, high up, and very sunny. So choose the place that has similar vibes.

My Ziggy loves spending time by the fireplace during cold winter days. And when it’s summer, I simply put his comfy bed on the floor where the most sun rays hit. He loves it! It’s not high, but I figured that comfort and warmth are more important.

2) Buy some plants

Do you like plants? If your answer is yes, then I have a perfect solution for you! You can combine your love for plants with your love for your kitty. Even though she won’t understand it, by keeping your cat off window sills, you’re actually showing her that you care.

So, my brilliant idea is that you spend a few days finding plants that you really like. Get them and place them on your window sills. Make sure that those are the plants that need the sun! Then you’ll have a perfect new decoration, you will keep your kitty off, and your home will appear fresher.

3) Hot-sauce

Have you ever heard of capsaicin? It’s a chemical that is found in hot peppers and cats absolutely hate it. I’m sure you know that they have very powerful senses, and something as spicey as a hot pepper is definitely not going to make them think, “Mmm, so tasty, let’s check it out!”

Therefore it’s used as one of the most popular cat deterrents. Just mix half a teaspoon of hot pepper or chili flakes with water. Then put it in a spray bottle, spray it on the window sills and it should keep your cat off.

4) Use double-sided tape

Here’s something that really makes cats leave the place and never come back. It’s a double-sided tape. But why is it like that? Well, they hate it because it feels weird on their paws and they really hate when something gets stuck on them.

Lots of people use this technique to keep their furbabies off certain things around their homes. The most common things are furniture, stoves, tables, counters, and so on. I’ve tried it with my kitties and it worked well, so I’m sure it’s a great tip.

5) Buy an ultrasonic sound device

How To Keep Cats Off Window Sills: 11 Genius Tips And Tricks

Cats have one of the most powerful senses in the world. They are able to hear the sounds that we can’t so there are a few devices that people sometimes use to keep them off things they don’t want them to touch. One of the most popular options is an ultrasonic sound device.

It’s a small machine that you can put whenever you want in your home. Therefore you can buy it and place it on the windowsill where your kitty likes to spend her free time. Don’t worry, the sound won’t bother you as you won’t even be able to hear it.

But your fluffball will get annoyed by it and she will definitely stay away from the place where you put this ultrasonic sound device.

P.S. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt her!

6) Don’t be afraid to become a human scarecrow

No, you won’t have to dress up as a scarecrow and stand near the window. I know that you probably don’t have enough free time to play Halloween dress-up every day. So I found a different solution for you.

A human scarecrow is a person who is quick to react when their pet does something wrong. So let’s say your cat is trying to climb to your window sill and you want to keep her off. What you will do is quickly stand up and start running towards your kitty while clapping your hands.

Don’t worry, she probably won’t get scared but she might think something like, “What is she doing, is she okay? I should definitely go before she completely loses her mind!” And that’s how she’ll leave the window alone. However, keep in mind that this is not a long-term solution.

7) Make it inaccessible

Another great tip I have for you is to make the window sills inaccessible. But how are you going to do it? Remember the part where I told you that you should combine your love for plants and pets? We’ll use that again.

You can buy plants such as cactuses and your cat won’t be able to climb there anymore. She is well aware of all the things that could hurt her, so she’ll definitely choose to avoid a cactus. If you don’t like them, you can try decorating the area with pebbles, decorative rocks, or anything else that comes to your mind.

8) Spray bottle

This is one of the old classic ways of keeping cats off things you don’t want them to touch. Put some warm water in a spray bottle and spray your kitty when she tries to do something that’s forbidden. Just be careful not to make her completely wet so she doesn’t get sick.

But as long as it’s a few sprays, she should be completely fine. Most cats hate water and they will do anything to avoid every contact with it. So if she tries to climb to your window sill and you spray her she will probably give up and find a new favorite spot.

You can even keep the bottle there so it serves as a reminder that it’s a no-no place for her.

9) Make it stinky

I already told you that cats have fascinating senses. You can use that to keep them away from certain parts of your home. There are some scents that they really hate and if you use them your kitty will definitely choose another place to chill at.

Some of the most popular scents that will make her go “Ewww, that’s stinky, I should leave” are citruses, lavender, or fresh coffee grounds. I’m pretty sure you have most of these things at your home so don’t be afraid to use them to teach your kitty a lesson.

10) Teach her not to go there

How To Keep Cats Off Window Sills: 11 Genius Tips And Tricks

One of the most difficult ways to keep your cat off window sills is to teach her not to do it. However, it’s also one of the best ways because it’s a long-term solution. It’s far from impossible, you just need to be patient and not give up.

I managed to do it with Ziggy by using treats. Every time she would try to climb there I would clap my hands, Ziggy would turn around and come to me, then I would give him his favorite treat.

And if you repeat this action many times, your cat will figure out that there’s probably something wrong about her climbing there because you keep giving her treats just not to go there. She might even think it’s dangerous, and felines love to feel safe!

The only possible downside to this trick is that she might expect to get a treat every time she does something good. But if it’s a small, tasty, and healthy treat, it really shouldn’t be a problem.

11) Don’t forget the aluminum foil

Don’t forget that cats hate aluminum foil. It’s mostly because it feels weird on their paws and they prefer to spend their time on surfaces that feel good. So if you want to know how to keep cats off window sills, you could try placing aluminum foil there.

It might not look really pretty, so I suggest you move it whenever you’re expecting some guests. I don’t think you would like them to think you’re trying to keep the aliens off. When you put it away, you can just place something else there. Like those decorative toys, plants, or pebbles I’ve already mentioned.

Final thoughts

And we’ve reached the end of today’s quick lesson. Now you know how to keep cats off window sills and you won’t have to worry about them falling down and getting hurt. On top of that, you won’t have to change those sills every few months because there won’t be any scratches on them!

Cats like to spend time there because it’s warm and they really enjoy it, but don’t be sad about not letting your kitty stay there. There are many other places that can be warm, comfy, and amazing for her. Just keep in mind the things she enjoys the most and you’ll find the right alternative! Good luck.

How To Keep Cats Off Window Sills: 11 Genius Tips And Tricks