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230+ Hippie Cat Names For Your Free-Spirited Fluff

230+ Hippie Cat Names For Your Free-Spirited Fluff

Think about it – aren’t our feline friends the chillest buddies you can have? They love finding the sunniest place in your home to laze in it and they’re great at embodying a carefree and loving spirit that makes them so special. If this sounds like your fluff, then you might be interested in some hippie cat names.

If your purrer is kind, free, loving, and brings you inner peace, she might remind you of the good old hippie days. Any cat name inspired by the era is a fun and unique way to embody her beautiful spirit. If you live this kind of mellow lifestyle full of sunshine and good times, a cat with a hippie name will be like icing on the cake.

You’d think your indoor cat can’t be free-spirited, but that’s not completely true. She knows what she wants and she gets it no matter what.

She’s sleeping in the most random places, running around your home, playing with things she finds interesting, and she’s getting every bit of sun she can get. Sounds quite hippie to us.

Whether you’re looking for a name or a nickname, there are plenty of great ideas you can choose from. We’re here to help you pick the right one for your furry bestie that can embody the hippie lifestyle in the best way possible.

What does it mean to be a hippie?

230+ Hippie Cat Names For Your Free-Spirited Fluff

The hippie era was inspired by a movement that was all about freedom, spontaneity, creativity, peace, and living your life to the fullest. It’s about being yourself and doing the things you love no matter where you are and what is expected of you. Doesn’t that remind you of a fluff you know?

It was a period of a lot of creation and uniqueness. They drew inspiration from everything, including flowers, plants, seasons, elements, music, peace, and unity. Because of that, there were a lot of great things that came out of this movement that continue to inspire people even today.

Hippie cat names for your favorite fluffy buddy

Because this movement was so rewarding in the terms of creativity, we thought it would be a great idea to make a list of some of the best hippie cat names that were inspired by this beautiful era.

If you’re interested in this period as much as we are, we’re excited to help you find a perfect name for your fluffy flower child.

1. For your flower girl

The Hippie era was a great time to be a woman. Flower crowns, freedom, and embracing your femininity – who wouldn’t enjoy it? Because of that, it inspired some amazing girl names that you can choose for your female fluff.

Most of them are, inspired by nature and flowers, and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you. If you’re bringing home a fluffy girl, we’ve got a real treat for you, so let’s dive right in.

1. Ambrosia

2. Aurora

3. Clementine

4. Daisy

5. Joy

6. Jade

7. Leaf

8. Sage

9. Aura

10. Azalea

11. Hope

12. Autumn

13. Anise

14. Blossom

15. Bluebell

16. Cherry

17. Arlo (meaning “known throughout the land”)

18. Peace

19. Karma

20. Clarity

21. Dahlia

22. Heather

23. Feather (purrfect for a white fluff)

24. Dream

25. Echo

26. Cypress

27. Cloud

28. Juniper (inspired by beautiful Juniper berries)

29. Love

30. Meadow

31. Moonbeam

32. Harmony

33. Kai (a Hawaiian name that means “sea”)

34. Gracious

35. Ocean

36. Rainbow

37. Chakra

38. Radiance

230+ Hippie Cat Names For Your Free-Spirited Fluff

39. Petunia

40. Rebel

41. Robin

42. Petal

43. Willow

44. Venus

45. Serenity

46. Shine

47. Skye

48. Summer

49. Saffron (for your ginger purrer)

50. Sierra

51. Truth

52. Storm

53. Willow

54. Dew

55. Serena

56. Indigo

57. Spring

58. Dharma (in Buddhism, known as the universal laws of nature)

59. Poppy

60. Twila

61. Paisley

62. Clarity

63. Buttercup

64. Deja

65. Celeste

66. Eden

67. Flora

68. Gem

69. Essence

70. Iris

71. Ivory

72. Lily

73. Lilac

74. Orchid

75. Opal

76. Peach

77. Maya

78. Marigold

79. Magnolia

80. Jasmine

81. Pearl

82. Violet

83. Poppy

84. Star

85. Yoko

86. Athena

87. Honey

230+ Hippie Cat Names For Your Free-Spirited Fluff

88. Eartha

89. Kahlo

90. Delta

91. Ophelia

92. Freya

93. Daphne

94. Tansy

95. Crystal

96. Winter

97. Yoga

98. Nirvana

99. Sky

100. Moon

101. Sunshine

102. Luna

103. Bohemia

104. Eclipse

105. Sugaree

106. Daydream

2. For your flower boy

If your feline bestie is a chill fluff that gets along with everyone, then it’s no surprise that you’re interested in hippie cat names. He’s embodying that hippie lifestyle in the best way possible.

If he’s radiating that chill, loving, and peaceful aura, then he deserves a name that belongs to the 60s. We’ve got them all ready for you, so let’s pick the one that fits your flower boy the best.

107. Herb

108. Cosmic

109. Levi

110. Arrow

111. Jonah

112. Bobby

113. Banjo

114. River

115. Ezra (a Jewish name meaning “help”)

116. Joaquin

117. Birch

118. Bear

119. Elm

120. Blue (a perfect name for your unique blue-eyed bestie)

121. Barley

122. Blizzard

123. Woody

124. Ocean

125. Wolf

126. Shadow

127. Stone

128. Quest

129. Alchemy

130. Rock

131. Thunder

132. Oakley

133. Orion

134. Phoenix

135. Midnight

136. Mercury

137. Huckleberry (an English name meaning “humble”)

138. Ice

230+ Hippie Cat Names For Your Free-Spirited Fluff

139. Dusk

140. Cedar

141. Earth

142. Topaz

143. Basil

144. Buzz

145. Indigo

146. Bodhie (a Sanskrit name meaning “awakened”)

147. Benjamin

148. Fallon

149. Hawk

150. Birch

151. Damien

152. Dusky

153. Zappa

154. Spock

155. Rowan

156. Reed

157. Quinn

158. Twig

159. Xerxes (Greek’s “ruler of heroes”)

160. Milo

161. Prairie

162. Liberty

163. Luca

164. Kobe

165. Milo

3. Gender-neutral hippie cat names

If you don’t want your four-legged friend to be labeled by a name that’s associated with a certain gender, then we see why you’re interested in hippie cat names. That’s a real hippie attitude that we love to see! Here’s what we’ve got for you.

166. Aspen (an American name meaning “quaking tree”)

167. August

168. Dawn

169. Genesis (a Greek name meaning “beginning”)

170. Haze

171. Gypsy

172. Miracle

173. Zen

174. Sun

175. Glow

176. Dreamcatcher

177. Tie-Dye

178. Wonder

179. Moonstone

180. Breeze

181. Ronan

182. Starlight

183. Blaze

184. Honor

185. Infinity

186. Neo (meaning “new gift”)

230+ Hippie Cat Names For Your Free-Spirited Fluff

187. Patience

188. Ode

189. Zephyr (a Greek name used to describe a wild wind)

190. Tygo (a Greek name meaning “luck”)

191. Sasha (a defender of peace)

192. Urban

193. Win

194. Bell (inspired by bell bottoms)

Cat names inspired by hippie music

Many hippie cat names are inspired by music since it was a huge part of the movement. So, it comes as no surprise that we’ve created a list of names for your kitty inspired by artists or songs from the hippie era.

195. Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie’s alter ego, an omnisexual human manifestation of an alien being)

196. Bowie

197. Marley (inspired by a Jamaican reggae legend, Bob Marley)

198. Joplin (after Janis Joplin, a rock-blues legend)

199. Janis

200. Floyd (inspired by Pink Floyd, one of the most successful rock bands)

201. Beatle (inspired by the Beatles)

202. Starr (after the Beatles’ drummer, Ringo Starr)

203. Lenon (after an icon of the hippie movement and the Beatles’ singer, John Lennon)

204. Cher

205. Dylan

206. Queen (after the famous British rock band, Queen)

207. Hendrix (or Jimi, inspired by one of the most popular American musicians of the same name)

208. Sid

209. Lou

210. Harley

211. Hot Tuna (an American rock-blues band)

Cat names based on hippie terminology

Since the hippie movement left such a huge mark on the world’s history, it’s no surprise that there’s some pretty unique terminology that originates from this period. This era had a whole new vocabulary, which added to its uniqueness.

If you’re interested in hippie cat names that stay true to this period, then using some popular terms from the era is a great way to find the right one for your purrer. Here are some of our favorite picks.

212. Fuzz (a hippie term used when talking about the police)

213. Vibe (this one made its way to the 2020s, too!)

214. Heavy (used to describe something that’s serious, intense, or deep; perfect for a big kitty)

215. Hip (hippie’s way of saying “cool”)

216. Diggy (drawn from “to dig” which means “to understand and appreciate”)

217. Flow (used to describe a state of being immersed in the present moment, just going with the flow)

218. Mel (short for “mellow”, used to describe someone who’s cool, calm, and laid-back)

219. The Man (used to describe a person to represents any kind of authority)

220. Primo (for a top-quality furry friend)

221. Trip (used when someone’s high on drug and their mind “takes a trip”)

222. Psychedelic (used for something vivid, mesmerizing, and mind-bending)

223. Flower Child (often used instead of “hippie”)

224. Beetle (a slang term used for Volkswagen vehicle which was popular during the hippie era)

225. Slug Bug (another term for the famous Volkswagen)

226. Hipster or a Beatnik (both used instead of “hippie”)

227. Bangle (a type of jewelry)

228. Beadle (inspired by beads that hippies wore in their hair)

229. Daddio (a term of endearment used during the 60s)

230. Jive (a style of dance popular during the hippie era, performed to rock and roll or swing music)

231. Cosmic

232. Nutty (used to describe someone crazy)

233. Salty (used to describe someone upset or annoyed)

234. Rasta (someone who follows Rastafarianism)

235. Foxy (used to describe someone who’s really attractive, usually a woman)

236. Bummer or Downer (used to describe something depressive or disappointing)

237. Groovy (used to describe something fashionable and attractive)

230+ Hippie Cat Names For Your Free-Spirited Fluff