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250+ Fat Cat Names For Your Giant Ball Of Fluff

250+ Fat Cat Names For Your Giant Ball Of Fluff

Name one thing cuter than a chubby kitty. I’ll wait… It’s impossible, isn’t it? There’s something so sweet yet humorous about our big feline companions that makes them so hard to resist. But you know what makes big kitties even more adorable? Fat cat names.

A chonky kitty with a funny name – it’s the full package in our books. A plump feline bestie just means there’s more to love and cuddle, and we don’t see how that can be a bad thing. It’s like a dream come true for every cat parent out there, isn’t it?

Naming your cat is always a wild ride, but naming your fat fluff is a whole different experience. There are so many options to choose from and puns to use! Your kitty might end up with a name, surname, and a few middle names as well…

Whether you’re choosing a nickname or name for your furry friend, it’s always fun when you’re inspired by her looks. And do we find big cats inspiring? Yes, we do! They’re chubby, lovable, cuddly, and love to nap every chance they get.

When you see a giant fluffball, the only thing that can make her even better is a proper name. If you’re on a quest to find a fitting name for your not-so-fit purrer, look no further. We’re here to help you complete your mission.

Fat cat names for your chubby feline friend

250+ Fat Cat Names For Your Giant Ball Of Fluff

Your feline’s health should always come first, and keeping your kitty in good shape is important for a long and healthy life. But, it’s hard not to fall in love with all that “extra” and maybe even make a joke or two about it… I’m sure your chonky won’t mind, right?

She’s fluffy, loveable, and all-around adorable. Thinking of all the names you can give her can get your head spinning. But take it easy. This is an important step, so make sure you take enough time and choose something you love.

If your fluff is on the plumper side, there’s nothing wrong with giving her an appropriate name to represent her chunkiness. Without further ado, here are our top picks!

Names for your queen of fluff

Your feline isn’t fat – she just has some extra sassiness and cattitude to share with the world. We should respect that, but also give her a fitting name for such a strong personality. Here are our favorite names, so choose the one that suits your queen of chunk the best.

1. Amazon (inspired by a mythological race of large warrior women)

2. Balloon

3. Beans

4. Bertha

5. Blob

6. Boa

7. Bon Bon

8. Bubba

9. Chubalub

10. Curvy

11. Delores

12. Duchess

13. Fat Mama

14. Fatima (an Arabic female name, but a punny one, too!)

15. Georgia

16. Giantess

17. Giza

18. Hefty

19. Heifer (a female cow in German)

20. Jelly

21. Jiggles

22. Juicy

23. Lump

24. Mama Bear

25. Mammoth

26. Marge

27. Marshmallow

28. Medusa

29. Orca

30. Phat Mama

31. Poe

32. Polka Dot

33. Poof

34. Quake

35. Queenie

36. Sleepy

37. Snack

38. Snug

39. Sphinx

40. Squiggle

41. Stuffy

42. Taba (Filipino word for fat)

43. Taffy

44. Tummy

45. Wobbles

Names for your podgy purrince

250+ Fat Cat Names For Your Giant Ball Of Fluff

What’s royalty without big bellies? Your big fluff-boy is made for lazing around your house doing nothing besides eating and being the boss of the household. He needs a strong name that represents his greatness in all its glory. Let’s find him a proper one together.

46. Achilles

47. Angus

48. Apollo

49. Beast

50. Belly

51. Big Ben

52. Big Boy

53. Bigfoot

54. Biggie Smalls (the name of the late famous rapper, The Notorious B.I.G.)

55. Boomer

56. Chunk Norris

57. Diesel

58. Dino

59. Duke

60. Emperor

61. Fat Joe (inspired by the rapper of the same name)

62. Flabby

63. Goliath (inspired by a biblical story of a giant who fought King David)

64. Husky

65. Jello

66. Jumbo

67. Jupiter

68. Jurassic

69. King

70. Lord

71. Magnum

72. Major

73. Notorious B.I.G.

74. Orb

75. Phat Daddy

76. Pluto

77. Pugsly

78. Rocky

79. Slugger

80. Stocky

81. Sumo

82. T-Rex

83. Tank

84. Thunder

85. Tiger

86. Titan

87. Titanic

88. Tower

89. Truck

90. Tyson

91. Viking

Fat cat names for extra cuteness

Listen, all cats are cute, no matter their size. But there’s something about chonky kitties that simply melts your heart. You can’t help but want to cuddle them and pinch their chubby cheeks all day long.

Do you know what makes fat cats even more adorable? A really cute name. Finding a big cat and giving her a sweet name fitting for her size is like adding a bow on top of a Christmas gift. Or the cherry on top of a delicious dessert.

If you got yourself in this situation – lucky you. We seriously envy you. But we’re still here to help you find the cutest name possible for your little chubber, so let’s dive right in.

92. Biggy

93. Blobby

94. Blubber

95. Buddha

96. Chubbles

97. Chubz

98. Chunky

99. Cupcake

100. Floof

101. Fluffy

102. Frankenweenie (inspired by the 1818 classic novel, Frankenstein)

103. Hugger

104. Lumpy

105. Meaty

106. Melon

107. Oink

108. Po

109. Pookie

110. Pudge/Pudgy

111. Rolly Polly

112. Snuggles

113. Spud

114. Stubby

115. Tubs

116. Tubby

Animal-inspired fat cat names

250+ Fat Cat Names For Your Giant Ball Of Fluff

The animal world is filled with giants. Why wouldn’t you draw inspiration from them? They’re usually strong, big, and chunky. And since your kitty is too, let’s see which animal could be your muse.

117. Ape

118. Bear

119. Bull

120. Chubby Bunny (also a famous Internet challenge!)

121. Ellie (short for elephant)

122. Hippo

123. Horsey

124. Koala

125. Moose

126. Panda

127. Piggy

128. Piglet

129. Rhino

130. Seal

131. Sloth

132. Whaley

Ironic fat cat names

Big cats are super cute, but there’s also something adorably hilarious about them. Giving them a funny name is the icing on the cake. Now, we don’t want to hurt their feelings, and we sure hope they can take a joke.

Here’s our list of ironic fat names – because who doesn’t like a bit of irony?

133. Ant

134. Bug

135. Butterfly

136. Button

137. Crumb

138. Dot

139. Dust

140. Fairy

141. Feather

142. Flake

143. Midget

144. Mini

145. Nugget

146. Pebble

147. Pinch

148. Pipsqueak

149. Skippy

150. Slim Jim

151. Snowflake

152. Sprout

153. Squirt

154. Teenie Weenie

155. Thimble

156. Tinkerbell

157. Tiny

158. Twinkle

Chubby names inspired by fictional characters

250+ Fat Cat Names For Your Giant Ball Of Fluff

TV shows, books, movies, and games have always been full of amazing ideas for cat names, and they’re usually the main inspiration for feline parents. Find a character that represents your kitty perfectly – and you’ve got her an original and cool name!

When it comes to fat cats, what better name to give than one inspired by a larger-than-life, superhero character? Or maybe one that’s simply known for being big, lazy, and a huge foodie.

Luckily for you, we’ve made a list of names of some of our favorite fictional characters. Some of them are strong, brave warriors and superheroes, and some are just, well, big. Let’s see if you can find a fitting character for your big, fluffy star.

159. Babe (a piglet in the movie of the same name)

160. Bluto (the main antagonist from The Popeye)

161. Cheshire (the chubby cat from Alice in Wonderland)

162. Clifford (the main character of Clifford the Big Red Dog cartoon)

163. Cookie Monster (blue Muppet from Sesame Street, purrfect for your cookie-lover)

164. Doug Heffernan (the protagonist in The King of Queens, known for being big, lazy, and loving food)

165. Dudley (Harry Potter’s big, mean cousin)

166. Dumbo (the irresistible cartoon elephant we all grew up with)

167. Fat Albert

168. Frankenstein

169. Garfield (a perfect name for a big, orange kitty; bonus points if he loves lasagna)

170. Godzilla

171. Heffalump (elephant-like creatures from Winnie the Pooh)

172. Hercules (a Disney character known for his superhuman strength and bravery)

173. Homer

174. Hulk (for big and strong kitties)

175. Iron Man

176. Jabba the Hutt (a huge alien criminal from Star Wars)

177. Jigglypuff (adorable chunky Pokémon who loves napping – sound familiar?)

178. King Kong

179. Lord Tubbington (an overweight Bengal cat from the famous TV Show Glee)

180. Miss Piggy

181. Optimus Prime

182. Patric Star (for your lazy, food-loving floof)

183. Pumba (named after Pumbaa, one of the main characters from The Lion King)

184. She-Hulk (in case your small Hulk is a girl)

185. Shrek

186. Snorlax (a Pokémon known for having a strong stomach that can digest anything)

187. Spartacus (a famous warrior trained to become a gladiator)

188. Stimpy (an adventurous and dim-witted cat from The Ren & Stimpy Show)

189. Teletubby (for kitties that love showing off their big tummies)

190. Thanos (one of the strongest beings from the Marvel universe – and a really big one, too)

191. Thor

192. Tiny Tina (a game character, just to add a bit of irony)

193. Ursula (Disney villain known for being huge and having a big personality)

194. Violet (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character who ballooned up)

195. Voltron (legendary warrior, Defender of the Universe – and it just sounds cool, doesn’t it?)

196. Wilbur (many people grew up with this piggy from the classic children’s book Charlotte’s Web)

197. Winnie (inspired by our favorite big-bellied bear, Winnie the Pooh)

198. Xena (famous warrior princess)

Gourmet names for your feline foodie

What better way to finish our list than with names inspired by the things our big kitties love the most? Yep, you guessed it right – food. Our princes and princesses aren’t born big. Well, some of them are, but most of them are chunky because they’re huge foodies.

Not only will a food-inspired name show your feline’s biggest love, but it’s also super funny and unique. We can’t see how that can be a bad thing! Here are some of our favorite gourmet names for your peckish purrer.

199. Avocado (a pawsome name for big-bellied kitties)

200. Baconator

201. Beefcake

202. Big Mac

203. Biscuit

204. Burrito

205. Butter

206. Butterfinger

207. Candy

208. Chalupa (a specialty dish of south-central Mexico)

209. Cheesy

210. Cheeto

211. Chef

212. Chip

213. Chocolate

214. Churro (a sweet fried dessert, yum!)

215. Cinnabon

216. Coconut

217. Cookie

218. Cream

219. Croissant

220. Donut

221. Doughy

222. Dumpling

223. Eggo

224. Feta

225. Foodie-Goodie

226. Frita (Spanish for “fried”)

227. Gnocchi (Italian pasta made with potatoes, egg, and flour – and an adorable big cat name)

228. Gordon Ramsay

229. Gouda

230. Hershey (perfect for brown kitties!)

231. Hot Dog

232. Hushpuppy (a fried cornbread treat – perfect for a big puppy, too!)

233. Jam

234. Lolly

235. Marshmallow

236. Meatloaf

237. Milkshake

238. Mozarella

239. Muffin

240. Nacho

241. Oreo

242. Pancake

243. Peanut Butter

244. Pork Chop

245. Porky

246. Pudding

247. Pumpkin

248. Sausage

249. Snickers

250. Stuffy

251. Tootsie Roll

252. Waffles

253. Wendy (inspired by the fast-food chain Wendy’s)


250+ Fat Cat Names For Your Giant Ball Of Fluff

Having a big kitty to love, cuddle, and name gives you a lot of opportunities. Naming our beloved felines is always an interesting thing to do, especially if there’s a lot to choose from, so make sure you have fun with it!

Take your time when picking. After all, this is the name you’ll be hearing and using every day for the rest of your kitty’s life, so make sure both of you love it. It wouldn’t be a smart idea to change your mind every couple of weeks. Your kitty might end up having an identity crisis!

And listen, I know you want it to be authentic, witty, and super smart, but don’t overcomplicate it. Simple doesn’t mean it’s bad! It means you’re smart enough to make it fun and original.

Sometimes, your feline’s appearance and personality are all the inspiration you need. Especially when she’s a chunky one. Just make sure you don’t get too funny. I know it’s hard to resist, but keep in mind that this is the name you’ll have to use when you register her at the vet or talk about her with your colleagues.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the names of other pets or family members in your household. You don’t want to make your new kitty’s name too similar to theirs. It might cause confusion when you call her, only for both your cat and dog to show up.

We hope our list helped you find the perfect name for your chunky fluffball, or at least inspired you to come up with your own. We know it’s going to be a good one in the end!

250+ Fat Cat Names For Your Giant Ball Of Fluff