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Egyptian Mau Vs. Tabby: How To Tell The Difference?

Egyptian Mau Vs. Tabby: How To Tell The Difference?

Egyptian Mau cats are long, lean, and visually striking, but they’re super similar to tabby cats. Even though you’ve set your heart on an Egyptian Mau kitten, you’re wondering whether you’re better off with a tabby considering they’re practically free. Egyptian Mau vs. tabby, anyone?

Whether you’re on the hunt for a mysterious moggy that can run faster than the speed of light, a couch potato that spends most of the time napping on the sofa, or a curious creature with a tendency to run outside, there’s always a chance you might end up with a pet you don’t see eye to eye with.

We do need to underline that both Egyptian Mau cats and tabby cats are worth your while. Egyptian Mau cats, for example, are active and athletic, and they’re the happiest when they’re stimulated mentally and physically. Tabby cats, on the other hand, can come with a myriad of personalities.

When struggling to bite the bullet between two breeds that share a similar appearance, you expect them to share similar personality traits, too. But that’s not the case. Before you opt for an Egyptian Mau or a tabby, consider your time commitment, your living situation, and your preferences.

We’re pretty sure you’d be happy with both “breeds,” but we understand that there’s something unnerving about bringing home an Egyptian Mau cat and wondering whether you would’ve been better off with a tabby cat. We suggest doing your research and getting to know both of them better.

About Egyptian Mau cats

Egyptian Mau Vs. Tabby: How To Tell The Difference?

Egyptian Mau cats come with heaps of historical facts that might make you question whether you’re adopting a four-legged friend or an ancient Egyptian goddess. Where do we even start? We know that cats were respected and even worshipped by ancient Egyptians, and Egyptian Mau cats are no different.

We’re not even going to try to pinpoint where the Egyptian Mau came from, but there’s no denying that these beautiful beasts are descendants of ancient Egyptian domestic cats. We’ve got written records, artwork, and tombs depicting cats strongly resembling the Mau dating back thousands of years.

Egyptian Mau cats were associated with the Egyptian goddess Bastet, too, and we believe that’s how these fluffy felines reached Europe. Egyptians worshipped Bastet even during the Roman rule of Egypt, and there’s a theory that the Romans took some of the spotted cats back to Italy with them.

Mau cats went on to become popular and prominent among the Europeans, and soon after, the breed took the world by storm, too. What makes Egyptian Mau cats the winners of the Egyptian Mau vs. tabby battle, though? Let’s find out!

Physical traits

What makes Egyptian Mau cats different from tabby cats? There’s no denying that the two are freakishly similar, but Egyptian Maus are much more than meets the eye. They’re praised among members of the purebred community because they’re one of only two naturally occurring spotted cats.

Egyptian Mau cats are long, lean, and athletic, to begin with. They’re the fastest of all domestic cats, capable of reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour. Their hind legs are longer than their front legs which gives them the “tiptoe” stance. The skinfold from their flank to their knees ties them to cheetahs.

Maus are most famous for the fact that they’re spotted – they’re the closest you can get to owning a wild cat without breaking the law. Moreover, they’re embellished with a distinctive “M” or scarab shape on the top of their heads, as well as “mascara” lines that stretch from the corners of their eyes to their cheeks.

Egyptian Mau cats might not be able to assume every color of the rainbow, but you can choose between smoke, bronze, and silver coat colors. Black, blue, and caramel color combinations are common, too, but they’re not accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. What are Egyptian Mau cats like, though?

Personality traits

We’re pretty sure you already know that Egyptian Mau cats are a force to be reckoned with. Felines get a bad reputation, but Egyptian Mau cats can singlehandedly save the cat world from getting wrongfully accused. We wouldn’t suggest Egyptian Maus to people who are after cuddle buddies, but…

We do need to underline that Egyptian Mau cats are absolute sweethearts. Affectionate and appreciative, they’re more than happy to hang out with humans, snuggle with them by the TV, or share a treat or two after a hard day at work. Maus are cute and cuddly, but they’re much more than that.

What makes Egyptian Mau cats different from the average cat (a.k.a a tabby cat) might be the fact that they’re extremely athletic and active. Whether they’re climbing on a cat tree, running around the apartment, or going outside for a breath of fresh air, Egyptian Mau cats are always up to something.


Egyptian Mau Vs. Tabby: How To Tell The Difference?

We might not know the outcome of the Egyptian Mau vs. tabby battle, but we’re pretty sure that Egyptian Maus are much more high maintenance than the average tabby cat.

Where do we start? Maus might not be the fluffiest cat breed out there, but they’re known to shed enough to force you to vacuum the apartment every day.

Egyptian Mau cats are capable of taking care of themselves, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to brush them or groom them whenever you notice them getting matted and tangled. Worry not, though, because Maus absolutely adore getting brushed, pampered, and taken care of.

With a Mau by your side, you’re going to spend most of the time running around the apartment, though. What makes Egyptian Mau cats high maintenance might be the fact that they’re bored at all times.

Mau cats are not meant to nap the day away – they’re meant to walk all over your face when you’re trying to nap. With proper cat trees, scratching posts, and plenty of time to spend playing with them, you can have a happy and healthy Mau, too.

About tabby cats

We might as well start by addressing the elephant in the room, right? Tabby cats are not actually a specific breed but rather a description of what tabby cats look like. Tabby cats can appear within hundreds and hundreds of different breeds with a surprising amount of variations.

Whether they’re defined by stripes, swirls, spots, or blotches of coloration, all cats with these distinct markings are deemed tabby cats. Tabbies can be brown, orange, gray, or even black, depending on the breed’s genetic makeup.

Tabbies are similar to Egyptian Mau cats because they’re spotted or striped, brown or gray, and embellished with the same (or similar!) “M” shape on the top of their forehead. Because tabby cats are tied to a myriad of cat breeds, nobody can agree on when and where tabby cats came from.

But we do have a theory that suggests that tabby cats are direct descendants of the Egyptian Mau cats – which would explain why everyone keeps confusing the two. What’s the tea on tabby cats, though?

Physical traits

What do tabby cats look like? Now, that’s a great question considering that tabby cats aren’t a cat breed which means they can be big or small and shorthair or longhair. When we refer to a tabby cat’s physical appearance, though, we typically focus on a great deal of variation within the tabby patterns.

We’re not kidding, tabby cats can come with an array of tabby patterns which means you never know what you’re getting. With that out of the way, though, there are five basic patterns that are considered genetically distinct – classic, striped, spotted, ticked, and patched. Which one speaks to you the most?

Personality traits

Egyptian Mau Vs. Tabby: How To Tell The Difference?

We might be talking your ears off with the entire “we don’t know anything about tabby cats” thing, but that’s the reality of trying to figure out the physical and personality traits of a cat based on the color or the pattern of her coat. Tabby cats are rumored to be sweethearts, though.

Tabby cats are a mysterious bunch because the gene for the tabby pattern can be found in almost all domestic cats. Tabby enthusiasts, though, agree that most tabby cats are affectionate, friendly, and fun-loving. Whether you get a tabby Maine Coon or a tabby off the street, she’s probably going to be sweet.


With the Egyptian Mau vs. tabby battle in mind, we do need to mention that Egyptian Mau cats might be a little more high-maintenance than tabby cats. Most tabby cats require a healthy diet, regular exercise, and occasional brushing and grooming, but the amount of care doesn’t depend on the coat color.

Caring for a tabby Maine Coon cat might be completely different than caring for a street tabby of an unknown breed. Maine Coon cats require regular brushing and grooming because they’re blessed with heaps and heaps of fluffy fur. Egyptian Mau cats require a lot of physical activity because they’re athletic.

Tabby cats can be both high-maintenance and low-maintenance, depending on the breed.

Egyptian Mau vs. Tabby: What sets them apart?

We need to end the article by saying that both Egyptian Maus and tabby cats are affectionate, appreciative, and worth the hype they’re getting. Whichever you decide to go for, you’re guaranteed to go home with the cutest, cuddliest BFF ever. What sets them apart, though?

Egyptian Mau cats are a cat breed that’s been around for thousands and thousands of years, but tabby cats aren’t a cat breed at all. With a tabby cat, you can choose whichever breed works for you. Why not choose a tabby Egyptian Mau and get the best of both worlds? Good luck!