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Egyptian Mau Vs. Bengal: An Exotic Or A Leopard-Like Cat

Egyptian Mau Vs. Bengal: An Exotic Or A Leopard-Like Cat

A domestic Egyptian Mau looks equally exotic as a crossbreed Bengal kitty. The first one appears more like a cheetah and the second one resembles a leopard. The main question is which one do you like more? Egyptian Mau vs. Bengal: how do you know which breed will adjust better to your lifestyle?

No matter what she looks like, a kitty will definitely change your life. She’s going to love you in a way you’ve never been loved before. Even if she’s not the cuddly type, you’ll still feel her affection.

But the decision to bring a cat home isn’t easy, especially when you have to choose between two different breeds. You want your pet to lead a happy life and to get along with you and your family. However, you can never be sure how the whole situation is going to unravel.

So, let’s see what both of these breeds offer and how they get along with people, kids, or other animals. Once you know everything about them, it’ll be easier to make the final decision.

Egyptian Mau vs. Bengal cat: The battle of the two breeds

Egyptian Mau Vs. Bengal: An Exotic Or A Leopard-Like Cat

Egyptian Mau originates in Egypt and it was brought to Europe and later to the States somewhere around the 1950s. From this point on, people fell in love with this breed due to their noble and elegant looks.

They’re perfect for shows and cat competitions which is the main reason why breeders got interested in these felines.

The Bengal cat was created on purpose by mixing a domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat. So, we’re talking about a wild DNA that has been domesticated. That’s why this breed is considered both friendly and exotic which is the reason why many people are attracted to it.

It was developed in the United States in the 1960s, so we’re talking about a fairly new breed. Still, her popularity only keeps on growing as more and more people want to become proud owners of this tamed and active kitty.

Enough about the origin. It’s time to get to the real stuff, a.k.a. the appearance, personality, and all the other important things about these two breeds. Let’s see what they’re actually like and how well will they get along with you and your family.

1. Appearance

Egyptian Mau is a muscular-looking cat with long and lean legs. She’s mostly known for her naturally-spotted fur which is an exception in the feline world.

We’re talking about a medium-sized feline which usually weighs 10 to 15 pounds. She comes in three colors: smoke, silver, and bronze, and has almond-shaped green eyes. Trust me, you’re going to get mesmerized from the moment you spot her.

Bengal cat on the other hand belongs to the group of large cats with her weight ranging between 10 and 20 pounds. She looks like a domesticated leopard and comes in 8 shades: brown, snow, silver, mink, white belly, countershading, and sepia. All of them have a recognizable coat pattern.

These felines have a distinctive look and they’re definitely going to get noticed. Plus, owning an ancestor of a wild Asian leopard sounds like a lot of fun. That’s why people are obsessed with this kitty. And who’s to blame them, right?

2. Personality and temper

A cat’s personality is probably one of the main factors you have to take into consideration when you’re looking to adopt (or buy) a specific breed. You can fall for her looks, but her character will make it or break it for you.

For example, if you lead a lifestyle where you’re always entertaining and when there’s always someone going in and out of your house, you most definitely aren’t going to get a cat who doesn’t like company.

Or if you’re an active person who loves to spend time outside and who’s often out of home, you won’t look for a feline who’s not active and tends to suffer from separation anxiety. Your cat’s temper should always come first when you’re trying to choose an adequate kitty for yourself.

So, if you opt for an Egyptian Mau, you’re going to get a friendly feline who will need some time to adjust to her surroundings. Don’t be surprised if she gets closely attached to one person from your household. These felines tend to establish strong bonds with one human only.

Your Egyptian Mau is going to be affectionate with everyone but she’s always going to run to that one person she feels mostly connected with.

This cat is also independent and will be able to spend some time without you, as long as she has everything she needs. So, you can leave the house without worrying that you’re going to come home to an anxious kitty.

Bear in mind that this is a fairly active breed so she’s going to run around your house A LOT. Seeing her climb on different surfaces is going to become your new reality since this feline can’t just sit in your lap and stay calm all day.

Bengals are playful and will want to stay entertained all day long. They will also expect you to play with them and these cats don’t take no for an answer.

The saying “Curiosity killed the cat” describes these felines best. They’re highly curious and will want to know what’s going on inside and outside.

So, you’ll definitely catch them staring through the window, trying to figure out what the birds are doing. At the same time, they’ll roam around your cabinets to ensure everything is arranged as it’s supposed to be.

A Bengal cat is going to get along with kids as well. Energetic as she is, this feline won’t mind the running and screaming children. Instead, she will simply join them.

And let’s not forget that these cats are vocal. So don’t be surprised if your new pet wakes you up in the middle of the night simply because she can.

3. Exercise and entertainment

Egyptian Mau Vs. Bengal: An Exotic Or A Leopard-Like Cat

Egyptian Maus are a fairly active breed and their lean and muscular bodies only prove that. These cats love playing around with different interactive toys and exploring their environment.

You don’t have to play with them all the time but you’ll definitely have to get them appropriate equipment that’s going to keep them entertained. Cat trees, cat shelves, and different mentally and physically stimulating toys are all great choices if you want to keep your kitty happy.

Bengal cats also need to stay active and they need to have something fun to play with all the time. There’s no rest for your Bengal feline as she’ll require you to keep her entertained, no matter what.

If you can’t provide her with all the attention she needs then you’ll have to get her different toys and cat furniture to do the job for you. This feline loves to lead a dynamic life and she’s going to demand nothing less than that.

4. Grooming

Egyptian Mau cats don’t require much grooming time. Brushing their coat once a week will be enough to get rid of all the shedding fur. This way, you’re going to save your kitty from ingesting hairballs. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with her.

Since Bengal cats also have short fur, they won’t demand much attention when it comes to their coat either. You should brush them once in a while, purely to get rid of excessive shedding. As is the case with Egyptian Maus, these felines are also going to love the feeling of being groomed by their owner.

5. Health issues

Egyptian Mau is a considerably healthy breed that doesn’t tend to suffer from any genetic conditions. However, they are prone to diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, uric acid stones, and different bacterial and viral infections.

So, don’t ever skip regular vet checkups simply because you assume that your feline is doing okay. Also, if you notice any changes in her behavior, observe her and take her to a professional so he can run some tests and be sure what’s going on.

Bengal cats, on the other hand, can suffer from certain breed-related diseases such as progressive retinal atrophy, systemic amyloidosis, and hip dysplasia.

Progressive retinal atrophy leads to the deterioration of the eye cells which can eventually lead to blindness. It’s not easy to spot, but if you notice that your cat is reluctant to go into dark rooms or bumps into things when the lights are dimmed, you should take her to the vet to check her eyesight.

Systemic amyloidosis causes tissue damage and organ dysfunction. It can affect different organs but kidneys are the most common victims here. If you notice that your feline has lost her appetite, become lethargic, or has been drinking and urinating more than usual, take these as signs that you should visit your vet right away.

Hip dysplasia is a condition where your cat’s hip joints don’t develop normally which then causes misalignment of their different parts. If your feline is suffering from this condition she’s going to avoid any kind of activity, she’ll excessively lick or chew the affected area and have difficulties getting up.

Again, if you notice any of the symptoms, make sure to take her to the vet and check what’s going on.