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Dumbest Cat Breeds: 9 Breeds That Are The Biggest Airheads

Dumbest Cat Breeds: 9 Breeds That Are The Biggest Airheads

Some of the dumbest cat breeds might really surprise you. However, it’s nothing to be ashamed of if you own one of these breeds.

On the contrary, it’s considered cute when your pet can’t find her way out of the room. Sometimes, your cat will act all dumb when she’s really just not interested in anything you have to say. Other times, she’ll act like this on purpose.

Perhaps you’re yelling at her and trying to scold her for something she did and she just decides she won’t listen to you anymore.

Trust me, felines aren’t stupid. It’s just a great tactic for getting out of trouble. Just when you think that she doesn’t have a thought behind those cute eyes, she runs off and does the same thing just to piss you off.

Believe me when I say that they’re smarter than we give them credit for. However, some people will fall in love when they see a pet acting all dumb.

These fluffy creatures might resemble the stuffed animals you had as a child. Therefore, it’s no surprise someone would want to own a cat because of its intelligence.

Seriously, don’t take any offense because we’re sure that even those felines wouldn’t. They don’t have a care in the world already so why would they stress over something so unimportant?

If you’re looking to find a pet that doesn’t do a lot of thinking, you might want to look at some of the dumbest cat breeds. I’m sure there’s enough choice for you because a couple of these breeds are on the list.

What do the dumbest cat breeds refer to?

Dumbest Cat Breeds: 9 Breeds That Are The Biggest Airheads

First of all, we must get something straight – the dumbest cat breeds aren’t the ones who have trouble staying alive for instance.

I personally believe that such a feline doesn’t exist because these creatures are guided by their instincts. We know those natural urges will never let an animal down.

Therefore, if you think of an animal that’s stuck and going in circles all day like in some video game, you’re wrong.

When we say “dumbest cat breeds,” we usually think of those breeds that aren’t as easy to train as others. For instance, they might be a bit slow in picking up some new tricks and learning basic commands.

Plain and simple tasks might require them a bit more time but eventually, they all get the hang of it. Therefore, we can safely say that some felines are a bit slow and that’s about it.

However, this might be just what you’re looking for. You don’t care if your feline has a couple of tricks up her sleeve or if she needs you for guidance with certain things.

If I’m being completely honest, I like when an animal depends on me. There’s nothing cuter than taking care of someone so helpless and adorable at the same time.

If you feel the same, take a look at some of the dumbest cat breeds that walk the earth. I’m sure you’ll instantly fall in love with them when you learn a bit more about these airheads.

1. Persian cat

I know what you’re thinking. “How on earth could this magnificent specimen be one of the dumbest cat breeds?” And I totally agree with you!

There aren’t any tests that we could perform to see just how intelligent a cat breed is. Therefore, this list of the dumbest cat breeds is mostly based on the pet’s laziness and disinterest.

However, if you’re wondering how is the Persian cat one of the dumbest cat breeds, here’s the catch. Persian cats are laid-back felines who like to chill on the sofa most of the day. They aren’t like your usual pet who likes to run around the house and actually break a sweat.

Instead, they prefer their solitude over constant physical touch and affection. Their fluffy looks might give out a cuddly vibe, but this is a rare occurrence with this breed.

A Persian will come for kisses and pets only if she feels like it. She might look like a lap cat, but that’s far from the truth. You have to be her favorite person in order for her to come to headbutt you from time to time.

This feline prefers to live in a household that isn’t busy because they enjoy the peace and quiet. They’re more suitable for someone who tends to keep the noise down or leads a single life.

The only thing this specimen is passionate about is consistency. A Persian cat likes to have a routine and a very simple one. Therefore, they don’t do well with abrupt changes concerning their environment or anything else really.

This laid-back personality is what most people are drawn to. You can go out and run some errands without worrying she’ll feel lonely because she’ll probably be sound asleep the whole time.

2. Exotic Shorthair

Dumbest Cat Breeds: 9 Breeds That Are The Biggest Airheads

The nonchalant Exotic Shorthair cat might’ve gotten the title of one of the dumbest cat breeds because of its easy-going spirit. Their temperament might resemble a lot of the Persians’.

A fun fact is that this breed has a nickname that’s rather self-explanatory: the lazy man’s Persian. You might’ve guessed where it comes from… you’re right!

The Exotic Shorthair earned this name from their Persian cousins because they both have similar personalities. And if you take a closer look, you’ll see that their physical resemblance is uncanny as well.

The only major difference is that the Exotic Shorthair’s fur is shorter than the Persian’s. However, unlike Persians, this cat breed isn’t a fully committed couch potato.

They like to engage in play sessions from time to time but not to an extreme. Cat breeds with such personalities are suitable for both calm and busier households.

The Exotic Shorthair feline’s character is often described as a mix between the Persian and American Shorthair. It’s kind of the best of both worlds, honestly.

So why would they be titled as one of the dumbest cat breeds? Well, it probably has something to do with their looks.

At first sight, these felines don’t look like highly intelligent creatures. Their pushed-in faces and googly eyes might make them look like they don’t have a lot going on in their minds.

However, we can never judge a book by its cover, right? So, don’t be surprised when your Exotic Shorthair comes up with a solution on her own.

Still, we can see why people would name them one of the dumbest cat breeds. They’re related to Persians, so they’re definitely one sluggish loaf of bread!

3. Himalayan

Perhaps you’ve never wondered where this breed comes from, but you’d be surprised when I tell you about its ancestors. Once again, we can thank the Persian cat for gifting us this beautiful specimen!

It feels like Persians like to get involved in a lot of stuff. Their docile personality is a big plus and a great joy to have in every household. So, why couldn’t there be more cats with such characters but in different colors and shapes?

You don’t have to ask twice. Next to the Exotic Shorthaired cat, Persians have granted us yet another magnificent feline: the Himalayan cat. However, they don’t get to keep all the credit for this creation.

You might guess what other cat breeds took part in designing such a beautiful feline. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, but in case you couldn’t guess: the Siamese, of course!

This perfect blend of two distinct personalities had the best ending results. Persian’s easy-going character and laziness mixed with a high-drive, mischievous furkid? A dream come true!

To be completely honest, we’re super thankful that the Himalayan cat mostly resembles the Persian. Siamese felines can sometimes be handfuls and imagine an energy bundle like that in a bigger size!

But why are these pets nicknamed the dumbest cat breeds when the Siamese cat is definitely the one with the brains? Well, I think it’s safe to say that we can attribute this to their inherited sluggish behavior.

It’s no secret that Siameses can be naughty from time to time, so they really aren’t a pet for everyone. However, thanks to this heavenly mix, let’s say that the Himalayan cat is a dream come true for some people.

You’re head over heels for the Siamese cat but don’t have the guts or experience to deal with its shenanigans? No problem, here’s the Himalayan cat!

4. Birman cat

Dumbest Cat Breeds: 9 Breeds That Are The Biggest Airheads

This beautiful cat breed might share those beautiful looks with the Siamese cats. However, their personalities say that these two are polar opposites.

The typical cat, the Birman, is unconcerned with the outside world and prefers to keep to herself. You know those cats who, after a long day at work, will utterly ignore you? Yep, that’s the Birman.

This breed appreciates solitude and serenity. Birmans simply like spending time alone, sometimes on a windowsill, observing the birds and squirrels.

Sure, they might occasionally love a snuggle, but that’s about it. They aren’t the kind of cats that will stalk you around the home, begging for your attention every single day.

Birman is ideal for someone who lives alone or in a family that’s quiet enough and moves at a leisurely enough pace for this cat to adapt to.

They do, however, like some fun because they are rather energetic. It’s hard for the Siamese’s hectic behavior to be wiped out just like that!

But why are Birmans considered to be one of the dumbest cat breeds? Well, here’s the thing.

Imagine the Persian cat who has such a docile personality and seems unbothered all the time. Then, consider the high levels of the Siamese feline’s energy. Oh, let’s not forget the amount of curiosity this cat has. When you combine the two, you can get a pretty confused pet.

Birmans are known to get themselves in trouble in the weirdest ways. For instance, you can oftentimes find them stuck in the corner of the house. When laziness and curiosity mix together, it might be a hard task to get yourself out of trouble.

Therefore, they give us the vibe of a helpless animal who always needs a savior looking out for them. This is just too darn cute and something that makes you wish to own one of these.

5. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair cat is one of the ancestors of the Exotic Shorthair breed. It’s obvious that they’ve inherited the coat from the American Shorthair, but what else?

This breed is the perfect example of why the title of the dumbest cat breed doesn’t actually mean that. Sure, some people might think of the American to be an airhead. However, it’s not for the same reasons why they believe the Birmans to be bobbleheads, for instance.

The American Shorthair feline is actually pretty smart. So why would we put them on the list of the dumbest cat breeds? It’s because they use their brains in order to look dumb. This might sound weird and funny to you, but it makes a lot of sense.

For instance, let’s say you’ve been calling your pet to come for the past few minutes. She’s nowhere in sight and you don’t have a clue where she might be.

She must not be so intelligent then, right? I can’t tell you how wrong you are. Your pet chooses not to come and uses the tactic of selective hearing.

The American Shorthair hears only the things she wants to, such as the rustling of the bag of treats and wet food can opening. She can sense you’re in a bad mood and need her to cuddle with you in order to make you feel better.

Perhaps she already saw that you ran a bathtub for her and are trying to lure her to come and take a bath. Well, let me tell you that’s not happening anytime soon.

Therefore, some people might think of the American Shorthair to be one of the dumbest cat breeds. In reality, she’s just ignoring you or giving you the silent treatment.

These cats are smarter than you think, they just don’t want you to find out. Who’s dumb now?

6. Snowshoe cat

Dumbest Cat Breeds: 9 Breeds That Are The Biggest Airheads

Why is the Snowshoe cat considered to be one of the dumbest cat breeds? Well, long story short, this case is similar to the American Shorthair’s one.

You see, Snowshow cats resemble Siamese felines and it’s not hard to see some of the similarities. But what other cat has got its paws dirty?

Well, of course, the American Shorthair one. Perhaps you notice how the list of the dumbest cat breeds has some connecting points. All of these felines either stem from the Persian, Siamese, or American Shorthair cat.

So why would the Snowshoe be considered one of the dumbest cat breeds? As I already mentioned, the American Shorthair just doesn’t give a monkey’s and is hence regarded as not intelligent.

On the other hand, the Siamese feline can make your life a living hell with all the behavior problems and high energy levels. So we can definitely see how these two can balance each other out.

What happens when you combine an indifferent personality with an enthusiastic and overly achieving one? Well, all you have to do it to just take a close look and observe the Snowshoe’s personality!

Usually, these pets can come off as pretty stubborn. They’re not as lazy as Persians for instance, but they definitely refuse to cooperate from time to time.

This means that their stubbornness will often get in the way of learning new tricks or doing basic, daily tasks, such as using the bathroom. This cat isn’t less intelligent than the rest, she just chooses to not care about what you think.

Therefore, it’s easy to see how this unruly behavior earned them the spot on the list of the dumbest cat breeds.

7. British Shorthair

I know what you’re probably wondering at this point. “Does the length of the coat have anything to do with the intelligence?” It’s safe to say that this definitely doesn’t play any role.

However, once again, there’s a breed of the cat that has its paws intertwined in the making of the British Shorthair. Nope, it’s not American Shorthair and neither is the Exotic Shorthair cat.

Lo and behold, it’s the Persian cat! You might be surprised because they don’t really have many similarities. However, remember when we said that it’s not all about looks?

The British Shorthair cat definitely shares some of its docile personality with its ancestors. Their laid-back and casual character is pleasant for many households.

They don’t require lots of exercise or attention. Therefore, this cat would make a perfect pet for those who lead a single life and some of the busier households with children.

If she doesn’t feel like engaging in human interaction anytime soon, she’ll most likely resort to her own ways of entertainment. Perhaps she’ll play by herself and sometimes pick up a random toy.

Maybe this is the reason why people characterize them as one of the dumbest cat breeds. However, it’s really smart of them. They don’t want to be bothered so they’ll gladly just have fun on their own.

When humans see their pets playing without their help, they usually feel proud and leave their furbaby alone. Instead of smothering them, they choose to just enjoy the view and observe their pet’s behavior.

I must admit, it’s definitely a great strategy to have some alone time for yourself. She doesn’t have to run around the house like a madman. All it takes is for her to grab a toy and perhaps only pretend she’s interested in it.

8. Scottish Fold

Dumbest Cat Breeds: 9 Breeds That Are The Biggest Airheads

I’m not going to lie, the name does sound a bit weird. This might make some people instantly think of one of the dumbest cat breeds because what does this name even mean?

The Scottish Fold is easily one of the cutest-looking pets out there. One thing they’re really recognizable for is their folded ears, hence the name.

This physical trait led many people to see the similarities between this cat breed and an owl! How adorable is that?!

As you might’ve guessed, the Scottish Fold had some help throughout history from other feline species as well. This breed’s ancestors are the British Shorthair and American Shorthair cats.

Because of this mix, they’re just destined to be low-energy. This implies that they’re also never in haste to learn some unnecessary tricks just for fun.

The Scottish Fold will gladly spend her day lounging around on the sofa or cuddling with you. I think they definitely know just how cute they are and they’re using every second of it to their great advantage!

Therefore, once again, we can’t say that this breed of cat isn’t as intelligent as the rest of them. It’s rather that they enjoy keeping to themselves and not doing any hard work.

After all, this is what their cute looks are for, isn’t it? Being this adorable is a hard enough task so they don’t need you demanding any more things to be done by them!

9. Ragdoll

As for every feline on this list of the dumbest cat breeds, we’re going to say little something about Ragdoll’s ancestry. This will help you understand why they would be nicknamed this.

Ragdolls are the ideal cat for most pet owners, unlike their distant cousins, Birmans. Surprise! They are the kind of cat that follows you around the home and begs for more cuddles and kisses.

Just picture arriving home after a long day at work to find your pet waiting to shower you with affection and help you forget about the struggles you face every day. Amazing life!

Ragdolls get their name and earn their spot on the list of the dumbest cat breeds because they frequently go limp when picked up. Like stuffed animals, they are just ready to savor all of your love and compassion.

If you’ve ever seen a Ragdoll, you may have observed how she just flopped down on her tummy. Ragdolls are more tolerant than Birmans due to their laid-back personalities.

It’s no surprise when it comes to this point but I just want to let you know that there’s also some Persian blood in the Ragdoll cat!

Therefore, their tolerance is unquestionably advantageous to families with young children who enjoy exploring and stuffing their noses up animals’ necks. These lovely dolls are created to please the sight, not to work themselves into a sweat!

Dumbest Cat Breeds: 9 Breeds That Are The Biggest Airheads