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Double-Coated Persian Cat: Everything You Need To Know

Double-Coated Persian Cat: Everything You Need To Know

The day you went to your local shelter to adopt a fluffy friend, you didn’t imagine you’d be coming home with a double-coated Persian cat. Or perhaps you secretly wished to find one and you were out of your mind when your wish was granted.

Even if you had no intentions of going home with a long-coated feline, you just couldn’t resist so much of that fluff and that smooshy head. It’s hard to say no to those round eyes and a seemingly grumpy face. If this was the case, maybe you don’t know a lot about this breed.

What their personality is like? How often should you groom them, or whether they get along with other house residents? Well, if it was some other breed than the Persian cat, I’d probably tell you how this wasn’t the best decision to make.

I’d be scolding you and telling you how you always need to do thorough research, especially if you’re aware of what breed of cat you’re adopting or buying. However, when it comes to the double-coated Persian cat, you don’t need to worry much.

This breed is popular because it has such an easygoing nature. You don’t need to worry if your new fluff is going to cause you trouble in terms of wreaking havoc in your house. All these lush beauties do is try to get their beauty sleep.

Well, I say that it’s a lot of hard work since they’re one of the fluffiest and most adorable breeds out there. It might take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a lot of effort to grow up to be the Snow White in a world of dwarfs.

The origins of the Persian cat

Double-Coated Persian Cat: Everything You Need To Know

After getting home with your new furbaby, you sit down and observe the majestic creature lying in front of you. You can’t help but wonder to yourself where this beauty comes from! You need to know your cat’s origins so you’re able to thank them every day for gifting you the perfect companion.

The earliest that this beauty has been recognized is in the 1500s. Sometime later, Queen Victoria fell in love with this breed and since then, the Persian cat has been among the most popular breeds. Well, I think we now understand why these felines expect royal treatment 24/7.

It’s no surprise that the royal families were madly in love with these furry creatures. When you look at your pet, you see a queen, so it’s only reasonable she lives the life she was born for. Also, it doesn’t take long to notice this pet’s posh behavior. God forbid she eats the same meal two times in a row!

With her head always held high and no sudden movements, this feline looks like she came right off the throne. In fact, I don’t think she should ever do that because it suits her so well. The double-coat Persian will swipe you off your feet with its marvelous looks, but what about their personality?

What about their personality?

What about it? There’s not much to say except the fact that they’re simply purrfect! You don’t believe me? It won’t take you longer than a couple of days to really see the inner beauty of your new life-long companion. Trust me, she’ll blow you away!

Perhaps you’ve stacked every corner of your house with brand-new toys for your new feline to play with. Well, I’m sorry to inform you that it was an unnecessary cost. Instead of toys, you should’ve only bought a nice porcelain set.

I might be kidding, but the double-coat Persian cat isn’t the type of feline to prance around the house all day. You might come home to complete silence. Maybe you expect your buddy to wait for you right at the foot of the door, but not Persians!

You’ll oftentimes see your feline lounging on the sofa or purring away in the comfort of her bed… or your bed. The Persian likes a calm environment where there isn’t a lot going on. They’re not made to take in a hectic environment – they’re royalty, for God’s sake!

Therefore, if you were looking to buy a Persian as a Christmas present for your kids, I advise against that. They don’t mind cuddling from time to time, but they aren’t fans of small children who can’t wait to get their hands on them. Instead, they would perfectly blend in with a single person’s lifestyle.

This might sound funny to you, but when you’re getting the double-coat Persian cat, it’s best to think that you’re getting lavish decor for your house. Not that they should be treated as such, but sometimes they can be still for a long time, snoring away their worries and looking like an expensive porcelain doll.

The double-coated Persian cat: what’s with all that fur?

Double-Coated Persian Cat: Everything You Need To Know

So far, you’re not concerned about getting along with new your furbaby. But it’s time that we deal with the elephant in the room. Perhaps you enjoyed some cuddles with your kitty cat and relished the bonding time. But then…

You look down and it looks like your Persian is still sitting on your lap but you don’t feel any weight. What’s happening?! Well, you might be holding a cat, but it’s not your furchild. It’s another cat made out of her hair!

Yes, they shed. A lot. A lot more than an average domestic cat. This might be a downside to some people but others find it desirable. Who on earth would want their house looking messy all the time? Well, trust me, it’s a low price to pay, considering the amount of love you two will share!

Does this double-coat benefit your cat in any way?

I know what you’re thinking. The benefits of the Persian cat’s double coat are strictly her benefits. Your beauty has a double coat of fur for a reason. Actually, for a couple of reasons.

Of course, back in the time, even the Royals didn’t have heaters set up specifically for their furry knights. Therefore, Mother Nature decided to protect the Persians with double-coated fur.

This two-layered majestic coat keeps your feline warm at all times. More importantly, it regulates her body temperature. Therefore, you should never shave her down to the skin.

It’s a myth that you need to do that in order for your pet to cool down. Now, for the shocking part that explains this multitasking fur… Believe it or not, the Persian cat’s double-coated cuteness wasn’t just hanging about in the safety of the castle at all times.

Unfortunately, your pet’s ancestors experienced some harsh climates and the dangers of living in the wild. Yes, the royal cat had to survive on her own. Imagine your feline hunting or fighting other animals in the wild. I can’t either. Thankfully, they had their double coat to protect them from other predators.

Felines also use their coats as a shield to help prevent potential injuries from occurring. Cats’ fights can be dirty and even deadly. Although it’s hard to believe, the Persian cat’s double coat came in handy many times.

So, if you got yourself a Persian cat, then you’ll need to take care of their fur. Make grooming sessions a regular practice so you don’t end up detangling that thick, double coat.

Come on, this is a small price to pay having in mind all the love your adorable pet will give you in return. I’m sure it’s going to be worth it!

Double-Coated Persian Cat: Everything You Need To Know