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Do Cats Like Fans? The Best Ways To Keep Your Fluff Cool

Do Cats Like Fans? The Best Ways To Keep Your Fluff Cool

Days are getting hotter and hotter, and you can’t help but worry about your furbaby. You probably think she must be boiling under all that hair, so you start coming up with ways to keep her cool. Anything that improves airflow seems like a logical solution, but do cats like fans? Will it be too much for your fluff?

Although our feline friends absolutely love feeling warm, they can overheat, especially during summer. Because of that, it’s good that you’re thinking about ways to keep your purrer cool. A fan is a great solution because it also helps the air circulate, which is crucial during hot weather.

We know fans can be life-changing during the summer heat, but do cats like them? They absolutely do! It will make their naps a lot more comfortable, and we all know how important sleep is for our fluffy friends. But, what’s the best way to use a fan around your kitty to make it more enjoyable for her?

Well, I’m here to answer that question and many more! After this article, you’ll be able to provide your fluff with the most enjoyable summer experience so far. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Do cats like fans blowing on their faces?

Do Cats Like Fans? The Best Ways To Keep Your Fluff Cool

So you’ve found the right way to keep your fluff cool, but do cats like fans blowing on their faces? Listen, if our feline divas are bothered by a fan, they will simply walk away from it. However, if it’s too strong, it can be quite uncomfortable for your furbaby.

The best way to know if your kitty enjoys the experience is through her body language. If she’s lying down in front of the fan, she probably enjoys the slight breeze she’s getting from it. She might even close her eyes to feel it on her cute little face, and you’ll melt away from the sight alone.

In fact, feeling the fan blowing on your furbaby’s face can be quite comforting for her. It’s like feeling the natural breeze as if she’s lying down in the shade of a tree outside.

Do cats like the noise fans make?

So, yes, they like the breeze on their faces, but do cats like fans that make loud noises? Absolutely not. Our feline friends are always on alert, listening to the world around them, and always being aware of the things that are happening in their environment. As natural predators, it’s in their blood.

Any kind of loud noises or activities can stress out your kitty, including the noise your fan makes. When cats are often exposed to loud noises, it affects their behavior and mental health. On top of that, it can lead to hair loss, sadness, aggression, lack of appetite, over-grooming, and more.

If your fan is too loud, the constant noise could impact your cat’s mood and behavior. In case you have guests over or you’re doing anything that causes loud noise, I recommend you keep your fluff in a quiet and isolated place where she can rest.

Can your cat get a cold from a fan?

Many cat parents are worried about introducing a cat to a fan because they’re scared their fluffs might get a cold. However, there’s a small chance of this happening.

Unlike humans, cats don’t sweat, which is why they won’t be affected by a fan as much. Because fans create a breeze rather than modify the air temperature, your cat won’t be at risk of getting a cold since her body is completely dry.

Should you leave it on for her?

Turning on a fan for your cat isn’t necessary, as it won’t make a huge difference for your fluff. If anything, leaving your cat alone with a fan puts her at risk of injury. In case your cat likes to climb, she might jump on top of your fan and tip it over.

Instead of leaving your fan on while you’re away, dim the sunlight with blinds or curtains, and you’ll create a cool and relaxing environment for your fluffy bestie. She’ll probably enjoy it more, too! Provide her with plenty of water, and she’ll be good for a few hours.

To avoid your cat tipping the fan over, consider getting a heavier device or one that you can anchor to the floor. On top of that, make sure the blades of your fan aren’t exposed and that your cat can’t put her paws between them.

How to keep your fluff cool during summer

So, if fans don’t make too much difference in how your cat feels during a hot summer day, how do you keep her from overheating? Luckily, our feline divas originated in the desert, which means they can tolerate heat quite well.

Still, it’s good to know how to keep your fluff cool during extremely hot weather. Here are some ways that my furbaby enjoys the most, so you can try them out with your kitty, too.

1. Ice can become her new best friend

Do Cats Like Fans? The Best Ways To Keep Your Fluff Cool

Don’t be scared to give your cat some ice cubes on a hot summer day. They can’t get ice cream, so this is the next best thing! Pop a few of them in her water bowl when you’re noticing her drinking, and it will give her the refreshment she needs.

If she’s not big on drinking water like my cat, but loves to play with random objects in your home, give her an ice cube instead of a toy! She’ll have the time of her life running after her new slippery toy. Okay, she might make a bit of a mess, but it’s just water, so don’t worry. It will dry out pretty quickly!

Your fluff’s paws are an important part of her cooling system. That’s where they absorb most of the heat and cool off the most. Playing with ice cubes will help her stay cool, while still having fun!

If you’re in the mood for a small DIY project, you can make her cat-friendly popsicles. Mix wet cat food with some cat milk, and pour it all into an ice cube tray. She’ll have her very own cat-friendly ice cream!

2. Use a cooling pad

Cooling pads are also a good idea when you don’t know how to freshen up your fluff during a hot day. They love napping in cool places, so try giving your kitty a cooling pad to lay on. Place it in her favorite napping spot and she’ll probably love every second of it!

There are different brands that offer different cooling methods, but one thing’s for sure: they’re all designed so that your cat is comfortable. Plus, they’re often really cheap and inexpensive! If she doesn’t like the one you got her, it won’t be a huge investment to get a new one and try it out.

3. She should always have fresh water

This is kind of logical, but always worth mentioning. No matter what, your feline friend should always have plenty of fresh water, especially during hot summer days. Make sure she can reach it easily, and place a couple of bowls in different areas of your house.

If your kitty is anything like mine, she’s not a huge water drinker. Sometimes, cats prefer running water over the still one they find in their bowls. If that’s the case, consider getting your fluff a water fountain. It might encourage her to drink more, which is crucial when the temperature is high.

This NPET Cat Water Fountain is an affordable option that will certainly feel appealing to your feline. Plus, it’s see-through which will make it easier for you to know when to clean it and add more fresh water to the tank.

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4. Groom her frequently

No, you’re not imagining things. Your cat really is grooming more frequently during hot summers. That’s nothing unusual, don’t worry! She’s just trying to get rid of the excess hair that’s making her feel even warmer. Imagine if you had an extra coat on your body when you were already feeling too hot!

Give your fluff a helping hand and groom her regularly. This is especially helpful for cats with long hair, but they might need to visit a professional groomer, too. They’ll trim all the extra hair that might cause her to overheat.

Not only will her new haircut help her stay cool and comfortable, but you’ll also prevent many skin conditions and rashes that are often caused by heat in long-haired felines.

Another thing you can try is damping a washcloth and running it over your furbaby’s coat. It will have a refreshing and cooling effect on her skin and she will be very grateful!

5. Close your blinds and let her roam around your home

The worst thing you can do is close your cat in one room. Leaving her in a non-air-conditioned space could lead to fatal consequences. Always keep the doors open and let her roam around the house. That way, she’ll be able to find the coolest and most comfortable place where she can nap.

The main source of heat in your home is the sun that’s coming through your windows. To make your place a bit cooler, keep the curtains or blinds closed, at least in the places where your kitty likes to sleep. She’ll love having a nice shade where she can rest.

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Do Cats Like Fans? The Best Ways To Keep Your Fluff Cool