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Are Your Cats Sleeping Together? Does It Mean They’re In Love?

Are Your Cats Sleeping Together? Does It Mean They’re In Love?

Hi, I’m Kelly and I have two kitties. I named them Pearl and Ziggy because my niece said so, and you can’t complain when she demands something. I got them two beautiful comfy beds and they enjoyed them! But one day, I saw my cats sleeping together like the cutest couple ever.

They were curled up next to each other and they looked like the happiest kitties on Earth. I thought it was just a one-time thing because the winter is getting close, and they were probably cold. But no! Ever since that day, they never slept in their two separate beds again.

At first, I was just obsessed with how cute they looked and I couldn’t wait for them to fall asleep so I can take hundreds of photos. Guess who even came to see that cute scene! My niece, of course. One day she just call me and said, “Auntie, we’re having a sleepover, I wanna see P and Z!”

It’s funny that she named them but now she’s just using two letters to talk about them. Kids… As I said, you can’t complain when she wants something, so she came in a visit. Don’t get me wrong, I adore her, but sometimes she asks too many questions and goes to bed very late.

But one of the questions she asked made me think. She took a picture of P and Z and she asked me, “But why are cats sleeping together at all, are they like a couple or maybe besties?” And in that moment, I started asking myself the same thing and I knew I had some research to do.

Since you’re here, you’re probably interested in the same thing, so let’s see everything I’ve found out!

Why are cats sleeping together?

Are Your Cats Sleeping Together? Does It Mean They're In Love?

When my niece asked that question I just stood there and wondered how I never thought about it. Are they in love? Is it just because it keeps them warm? What’s so special about scooching together on one small bed, when you have your own?

And after I read tons of research and talked to a few professionals, I finally made a list of the most common reasons cats like sleeping together. So, here are the top 6 ones. Enjoy!

1) They feel safe

Imagine a huge storm outside. The rain is pouring and you can hear thunders every few minutes. The lightning lights up your room a bit too often, and everything seems so scary. The wind is strong, and it feels like it’s the apocalypse outside.

Your partner is watching a movie in the living room, but you’re in the bedroom trying to fall asleep. What do you do next?

a) Try to sleep alone, even though you’re afraid.

b) Ask your partner to cuddle with you until you fall asleep.

I think most of us would choose option b. Maybe your kitties aren’t scared of storms, horror movies, or scary stories, but there’s definitely something that they’re afraid of. And when two cats are sleeping together they feel much safer.

That’s because they know there are two of them and they’re much stronger when they’re together than on their own. Feeling safe is one of the most important things to felines, and they’ll always take the opportunity to do things that make them feel that way. And sleeping together is definitely one of them.

2) They appreciate the warmth

I’m sure that as a cat owner, you already know that there are a few things that felines find really important. It’s their playtime, their meals, their sleeping schedule, and finally the warmth! Yes! It’s almost as important as these first three activities.

But wait, what do I mean by warmth? Felines get cold much easier than us, for example, or let’s say dogs. Therefore, sometimes we believe it’s warm enough in our house, it would actually be a bit cold for our kitties.

Of course, cats can’t talk to us so they always need to find another way to communicate their needs. So they’ll go sit on the floor in the spot where the sun rays hit and make it warm. Or they’ll just crawl into our bed and hide under the blankets.

Luckily for them, if they have a cat buddy they’ll have someone to sleep with. And when cats are sleeping together they feel much warmer and more pleasant than when they’re on their own.

3) They’re bonded

Have you ever heard of bonded cats? To help you understand it better I want you to imagine your bestie. You adore spending time together, right? You probably know everything about each other and you would never trade them for anything in this world, am I right?

But that’s not everything. Your bestie is also most likely the person you always want to have next to you, and you feel so nice and comfortable around them. Now, did you know that cats can also have their own BFF? Well, you can look at bonded cats as two BFFs.

If they’ve been together ever since they were just little kittens, it’s likely that you’re living with two bonded cats. And one of the main ways they show love to each other is by curling up together and falling asleep that way (although, they usually first groom each other for a few minutes).

4) It’s comfy

Are Your Cats Sleeping Together? Does It Mean They're In Love?

Is there a better feeling than waking up next to the person you love most in this world? And no matter how uncomfy the bed is or how little space the two of you have, you still wouldn’t trade that for anything else.

Well, cats also think that sleeping together is one of the comfiest ideas ever. It’s probably because they place their heads and tails on each other, and it’s so fluffy and warm. Basically, it has everything they need to sleep well.

A friend they feel safe next to, comfiness, and warmth. Wow! They’re almost just like us. Cuddles for the win, I say!

5) They want to protect each other

Two fluffballs who live together usually care about each other a lot. Especially if they’ve lived together ever since they were little kittens. It’s like the best and strongest friendship in the whole Universe, and something all of us would actually like to have.

If there’s real love between them, it’s logical that they’ll always try to protect one another. Cats feel most vulnerable when they are sleeping or eating. But since we’re talking about sleeping today, we’ll use that as an example.

If a kitty wants to protect her best friend, she’ll go to sleep next to her so she can fight off all the enemies that try to take away her BFF. Isn’t that adorable? Everybody deserves a friend like that, and there are actually so many things that we can learn from our fluffy friends.

6) It improves the quality of sleep

And finally, the last reason why you caught your cats sleeping together is the improvement in the quality of sleep. But how does that work exactly? Just take a look at all the reasons we’ve already talked about. Cats are feeling safer and warmer, protecting each other, and are close to their best friend…

Those are all feelings that make you relaxed and help you get rid of all the anxious thoughts. And all of that has enough power to help you sleep better. When we feel like everything around us is beautiful and peaceful, and there’s no need to stress about anything, the quality of sleep improves a lot.

And who wouldn’t like to spend nights dreaming about their favorite things instead of having constant nightmares caused by stress and anxiety?

What to do if you have cats who love sleeping together?

Great! Now we know the most common reasons why cats love sleeping together, but what should we do when we see them doing that? Should we separate them into two comfy beds so they have more space? Or should we maybe just let them choose their preferable spot?

Is sleeping on one small bed gonna hurt them in any way? Maybe it’s too small? Or it’s actually great for them since it keeps them warm at night? But what if it gets too warm and something bad happens to them? These are just some of the questions I’ve heard people asking. Are you one of those people?

I believe that all of us pet owners always have tons of questions, so you probably do too. Don’t worry! I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

If you have two little cats who just adore sleeping together, there’s no need to separate them. Sleeping together can’t hurt them and as you could conclude from the reasons we’ve mentioned, it can even be beneficial! It helps them sleep better, it’s comfy, they feel safer, and it keeps them warm!

But wait, there’s something you should actually do for them. Don’t let them sleep on one tiny bed. It’s comfy, but sleeping on a bed that’s big enough for two of them is a much better option. Just imagine you and your partner sleeping on a single bed every night. Wouldn’t you prefer a double bed?

It’s not a difficult task for you and it’s gonna mean so much to your fluffballs. Choose the comfiest bed and if you can, buy them a small fluffy blanket. You’ll see how much they’ll enjoy it and that will make you happy, too.

Final thoughts

Are Your Cats Sleeping Together? Does It Mean They're In Love?

Unfortunately, we’ve already reached the end of our short conversation about cats sleeping together. I hope you had fun and that you learned many new things about your fluffy roommates.

The next time you see them sleeping together, keep in mind that there’s nothing to worry about. Just enjoy one of the cutest scenes ever. Don’t forget to buy them a bigger bed, though!

P.S. In case you’re still looking for the coolest name for a pair of kitties, I can help you! And don’t worry, I won’t send my niece to your place. Instead, you can take a look at this list of purrfect twin cat names for feline besties. Enjoy!

Are Your Cats Sleeping Together? Does It Mean They're In Love?