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My Cat Sleeps Curled Up: Is It Purrfectly Fine?

My Cat Sleeps Curled Up: Is It Purrfectly Fine?

A few weeks ago, my friend saved a cat she found near her building. She didn’t really plan on having a pet, but when she saw how cute this kitty was, she figured it was impossible to leave her in this cold weather. But the interesting thing was that she found that cat sleeping all curled up. What does that mean?

I’ve seen my Ziggy and Pearl sleeping like that, but I never really thought about it much. That’s because I believed two cats like to sleep curled up together. But obviously, it was not the case. Of course, I wasn’t gonna stop before I found the answers.

At first, I was hoping that I could reach a conclusion on my own. I observed my two fluffballs for days, but they were always sleeping together. That’s when I finally realized it was time to look for the answers elsewhere.

And after carefully analyzing everything I’ve read, I found the most common reasons for that adorable sleeping position! Since you’re here, you’re probably looking for the same answers. Don’t worry, I’ve prepared everything you need to know. Let’s check it out!

The 3 most common reasons cats sleep curled up

My Cat Sleeps Curled Up Is It Purrfectly Fine

When I first saw Ziggy and Pearl curled up, I was sure it was the cutest scene in the whole world. So I never paid much attention to what’s the reason behind that. I was sure it was just because they are besties and they want to spend as much time together as it’s possible.

Oh, and I have to admit that I actually had a short period in which I believed that they were in love. But that changed when Pearl found her Prince Charming. And I’m sure Pearl isn’t a cheater!

However, when my bestie brought home her first fluffy roommate, I had to go see her. And there she was, a little ginger cat curled up in her new comfy bed. I knew I had to find the reasons why she always chooses that sleeping position. So here’s everything I’ve found out.

1) It’s warm

The first reason I found wasn’t really surprising. The only thing surprising about it was the fact that I haven’t thought of it before. It was such an obvious reason, but I somehow managed not to remember it. Anyways, one of the most common reasons cats sleep curled up is to keep their warmth.

Every cat parent knows that kitties have a short list of things they truly enjoy. Most of the time, it consists of playtime, lunchtime, napping time, and enjoying the warmth time. The first three are familiar even to people who don’t have a cat. But what’s with the warmth?

Cats get cold easily and they hate it. So they’re always trying to keep themselves warm. And one of the best ways to do that is to curl up as it maximizes the body heat. Don’t we all do that sometimes when we feel cold under our blankets?

2) She’s protecting herself

Even though big cats are one of the world’s most famous predators, their smaller cousins aren’t that powerful. Of course, they are still great hunters and experts in survival but living in a house doesn’t require them to be as tough as those kitties who live in the wilderness.

However, exactly because they are aware they are a weaker branch of their family tree, they know they won’t always be predators, as there’s a possibility they become someone’s prey. That’s why they need to be prepared for the attacks and need to learn how to protect themselves.

Felines feel most vulnerable when they are sleeping and that’s why they figured out a way to protect themselves even when they’re traveling through the dreamland. So, how? Cats will do it by sleeping curled up because it helps them protect their vital organs! Aren’t they amazing?

3) Your kitty feels safe and relaxed

And finally, one of the cute reasons for choosing that sleeping position is that your kitty is trying to tell you she feels safe and relaxed around you.

She found the comfiest position and she knows you’ll always be her protector. That’s why she decided her sleeping spot is somewhere near you! No matter how powerful they are, they’re just like little babies when they’re asleep.

Final thoughts

My Cat Sleeps Curled Up Is It Purrfectly Fine

So, what do you think about these 3 most common reasons cats sleep all curled up? Is it something you expected, or were you surprised to see some of them? Whatever the case is, now you know your kitty’s secret recipe for warming and protecting herself.

And you also found out that if she’s curled up next to you, it means she feels safe around you. Isn’t that adorable? Use that and cuddle with your kitty during these upcoming cold winter days. Her beautiful winter coat might even warm you!

My Cat Sleeps Curled Up: Is It Purrfectly Fine?