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9 Inspirational Cat Haircut Styles For Your Feline

9 Inspirational Cat Haircut Styles For Your Feline

Cats love looking clean and tidy; and even though they’re good at DIY-ing it, sometimes, you want to treat them and take them to a groomer. You already booked an appointment but there are many different cat haircut styles and you have no idea which one to go for.

Regular hair trims are a must when it comes to taking care of your furry friend. Especially if you have a cat with thick fur and an undercoat.

Trimming her hair will reduce the chance of matting and prevent the formation of hairballs. Also, giving your cat a haircut during summer will help her regulate her body temperature. You can only imagine how hot it can get under all that fur.

However, before you take your cat for a grooming session, you first need to figure out which hairstyle to go for. So, how do you know what will work best for your little ball of fluff? Is there a haircut that’s recommended for a certain breed? Let’s find out!

How to choose the right haircut for your cat?

9 Inspirational Cat Haircut Styles For Your Feline

Taking your cat to a groomer doesn’t seem like a hard task. It’s definitely much easier than doing it on your own since these guys are trained professionals and you’re just a pet owner who does his best to keep their kitty happy.

However, making a decision on how to trim your cat’s fur isn’t the easiest thing ever. There are many things you have to consider and keep in mind before letting your groomer know what’s the selected haircut.

I’m sure you need some help as you don’t want this trimming session to go wrong. That’s why I’m about to give you a few tips on how to make the right decision and choose the right hairstyle for your furball.

1. Know what your cat needs

Each cat is unique, but generally speaking, some breeds have longer fur while some don’t have it at all. Some have an undercoat while others have two layers of it. These are just some of the things you should have in mind when taking your cat to a groomer.

You need to be aware of what your cat’s fur is like and choose a haircut that’s going to work for her. You also need to pay attention to your cat’s grooming habits. If your feline spends hours a day grooming herself, you shouldn’t give her a lion cut since it’s only going to make her feel uncomfortable.

Also, if you know that a certain haircut would make your cat’s life easier, then you should choose practicality over looks. For example, if your feline’s long fur has been bothering her when peeing or pooping and she’s unable to keep herself clean, then getting her a sanitary cut will work wonders for her.

So, don’t make a choice based on how you’d like your cat to look but instead make sure to take her lifestyle into consideration. Her fur, her rights!

2. Keep an eye on the season

It’s winter and you have a Maine Coon. Do you give her a full-on shave or do you just slightly trim her coat? Well, shaving her fur right before winter would be crazy since Coons need their coat to keep them warm during colder months.

But once it gets sunny, you should consider giving her a shorter haircut since she won’t be able to keep her body cool under all that fur.

So, it’s important to be aware of the season of the year before cutting your cat’s hair. You don’t want to negatively affect her life by making a wrong decision.

Another important thing is to consider your climate. If you live in a colder area, then you should leave your cat’s fur a bit longer. On the other hand, if you reside in a sunny and warm climate, then you should consider going for a shorter haircut that’s going to keep your feline cool.

3. Listen to your groomer

You may have had an idea to turn your feline into a dragon when booking your cat for a grooming appointment. But your groomer then explained to you that this haircut would be of no use to your cat.

You may feel disappointed, but the person standing in front of you knows what he’s doing. He’s a professional for a reason and he knows best what hairstyle works for each breed, their lifestyle, and personality.

So, instead of ignoring his opinion and doing whatever you fancy, you might want to take his advice into consideration and listen to what he has to say.

You want your cat to feel good in her own skin, and not just look cool.

9 different cat haircut styles to choose from

9 Inspirational Cat Haircut Styles For Your Feline

Okay, now that you know what are some things you should pay attention to when getting your cat a haircut, you’re still left to make a decision. How to trim your cat’s fur?

There are many different options and I’m about to list them all for you so you get an idea of what are your possibilities.

1. The lion cut

This is probably one of the most popular haircuts that cat owners tend to go for. It requires completely shaving your feline’s torso and leaving fur on her head, feet, and tail. In the end, you end up with a kitty that looks like a lion (hence the name).

A great thing about a lion cut is that it removes all of the matted fur that can feel highly uncomfortable. Once your cat’s torso is shaved, your cut isn’t left with much fur to groom. This means that it’s unlikely that she’ll end up forming and swallowing hairballs.

If you don’t enjoy grooming your cat or if you have a senior feline who’s too lazy and doesn’t care about the way she looks, a lion cut could be a great alternative for both of you.

Some of the breeds that are suitable for a lion cut are Persian, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, Ragamuffin, Somali, and Himalayan cats.

Just bear in mind that this haircut makes cats more prone to sunburn and it reduces their ability to keep their body cool or warm (depending on the season).

2. The tiger cut

The tiger cut evens out your cat’s fur all over her body. She’ll look neat and tidy from the top of her head to the bottom of her paws.

This haircut usually leaves 1/4 out of your feline’s fur but you can go longer or shorter than that. Just bear in mind that it’s not possible to use this method on matted and aggressive cats. It’s too risky so groomers choose not to do it.

3. A teddy bear cut

Do you want to have a cat that looks like a plush toy? Then choosing a teddy bear cut is the right option.

This haircut is done with scissors and a comb or a clipper that has a comb attachment. The main reason for that is that a groomer wants to even out the top coat of your cat’s fur. This style is similar to the tiger cut but it’s a bit longer.

It also requires the shaping of the fur on your cat’s head which will make her look like a round fluff of joy.

A teddy bear cut is particularly useful if your cat doesn’t tolerate heat well and gets hot under her fur. Also, if you have a feline who doesn’t enjoy grooming herself, this haircut could be of huge help.

It’s suitable for breeds such as Persian, British shorthair, Abyssinian, and Chartreux.

Just bear in mind that this haircut can’t be done on aggressive cats since it requires patience. Also, if you’ve noticed that mats have been forming on your feline, then choose another hairstyle since they can’t be reduced with a teddy bear cut.

4. The Asian lion

If you have an older cat who isn’t the best at cleaning herself around the back area, then this haircut could be your saving grace. It’s also a good option for long-haired breeds that don’t enjoy grooming around their butt.

The Asian lion cut shaves all the fur from the middle of your feline’s stomach to her back legs. The other part of her stomach, her head, and her front legs remain untouched. When it comes to her tail, you can choose not to shave it or you can go for a cute pom-pom.

5. The kitten clip

9 Inspirational Cat Haircut Styles For Your Feline

This style of haircut is great if you want your cat to look like a tiny, adorable kitten once again. It trims down the fur all over your cat’s body, leaving her looking as if she just came into this world.

This cut prevents mats from forming and leaves your feline looking tidy. It works great on breeds such as Ragdoll, British shorthair, Siberian, Manx, and American Curl.

6. Butterfly cut

This haircut is about cutting the shape of a butterfly (or even any other shape) into your feline’s fur. There are no specific benefits to it besides the fact that it looks cool and unique.

7. Panther cut

This hairstyle shaves as much fur as possible and leaves only a small amount of it on your cat’s head and legs. It’s great for cats who suffer from matting and different skin conditions that may worsen because of their fur.

8. Sanitary cut

If you have a cat that doesn’t know how to keep herself clean or has a tendency to suffer from urinary tract infections, a sanitary cut could be a great option for her.

This haircut trims the fur around your feline’s groin, genitals, butt, and tail base providing her with an area that’s much easier to clean.

9. Belly shave

Another great option for cats that tend to get matted fur all over their belly. It shaves your feline’s stomach and while it isn’t the prettiest look ever, at least you know that you did the right thing and saved your kitty from uncomfortable situations.