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Why Does My Cat Bunny Kick And What Should I Do?

Why Does My Cat Bunny Kick And What Should I Do?

Every new day with our fluffy friends brings new interesting questions. Unfortunately, they make us stressed and worried most of the time. Today we’re here because you want to find out why does your cat bunny kick, and if that’s actually something you need to be worried about.

A cat owner who hasn’t asked themselves this question doesn’t exist. It’s such a common thing for our fluffballs that it’s just impossible to miss seeing this powerful ninja move. But is it dangerous? Can it hurt them? And how bad are the scratches they make?

You’re lucky that you’re here because I prepared everything you need to know about it. And you’ll get a chance to finally understand your kitty even better.

Are you ready to become even better friends? I’m 100% sure that you are, so I suggest you scroll down and find the answers you were looking for.

What is a cat bunny kick?

Why Does My Cat Bunny Kick And What Should I Do

I guess you don’t know much information about that bunny kick move your cat loves so much. When I say bunny kick you immediately think about something cute (if you don’t know what’s really hiding behind it). However, if you already know what it is then you know it’s not necessarily adorable.

If a cat is your roommate then you probably already saw this powerful move during her playtime. It happens when she loops her front two legs around the target (which is usually a toy, or your leg), and then she kicks with her hind legs. It’s one of the best-planned ninja moves in the world.

This move helps them use their strength the right way. So they mostly use it as a defense mechanism or when they want to capture their prey.

If I could choose one master of martial arts, I would choose a cat. They are so unique and perfect if we’re talking about body contortion, jumping, or moving through small spaces. And the bunny kick is just one more powerful move your cat knows how to execute.

If she’s playing with you, then these moves will be harmless most of the time. However, we all know that our fluffy buddies have very sharp claws. They can easily hurt people and other animals if they want to.

So if you want to stay safe from her practicing this move on you, you should act nicely. You don’t want to mess with those sharp claws. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.

Why does your cat bunny kick?

As I said, the first time you hear about the term bunny kick it sounds adorable. However, now that we know what it really is, I think your opinion changed at least a bit. It can look cute sometimes, but it’s also very dangerous.

It’s your cat’s hunting move but also a way she defends herself. There are times when we forget that our fluffy roommate has not-so-distant cousins like tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, and many other big dangerous cats.

It’s only logical to say that they share some moves, and a bunny kick your cat does often is one of them.

The difference appears when we’re talking about the usage of that move. Big cats in the wilderness use it to catch their prey. But your kitty will mostly use it as a form of play. And in some situations a way of telling you that she doesn’t really like something you’ve done.

It’s just one of the things she’ll do if she’s moody.

Cats aren’t big fans of belly rubs, so if you decide to do that, be prepared to face this powerful move. They trained it well for situations that require self-defense. And since their bellies are sensitive they think they need to protect them at all costs.

Sometimes your fluffy friend will just pretend that she’s in the mood for some belly rubs just so she can attack you when you try to touch it. But don’t worry, she’s not doing it because she doesn’t like you. It’s just that she wants to play. And she’ll be very careful not to hurt you!

However, if there’s another animal near and your cat doesn’t like their behavior, she might use the bunny kick to scare that animal away. As I said it’s a move that can be used as both, defensive and offensive methods+. But if your kitty is moody, then it’s likely she’ll use her powerful move as an attack.

How can I make my cat stop doing it?

Why Does My Cat Bunny Kick And What Should I Do

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­I already mentioned that the thing that can easily make your cat moody is petting her on the stomach. Trust me; cats are not like dogs who’ll be thankful for those cuddles. Instead, they will probably start fighting with you until you stop doing it.

It’s not necessarily true that they don’t love us or our cuddles. They do, but no matter how big that love is, rubbing their bellies might still cause them to become very defensive not long after you start cuddling with them.

If you want to stop this kind of action, it’s best to avoid petting your cat in that area and choose another spot you know she likes. If you’ve been living with your cat for a long time, then you definitely already know about everything she loves and hates.

It’s very easy to get annoyed by your cat’s aggressive behavior. However, always try to remember that your cat doesn’t want to hurt you when she uses the bunny kick. Especially if it happens during your playtime.

She’ll probably think it’s all part of the game and she won’t even understand that those scratches can hurt a lot.

One of the best and most efficient ways to stop your cat from constantly doing bunny kicks is to avoid rough play with her. You should definitely forbid her to chew on your fingers or shoulders because it can easily make her think that aggressive actions are allowed.

Then she won’t be able to understand that she needs to change the way she behaves. Therefore, it’s easier to make her stop on time.

Another cool idea is to give her a stuffed toy that she’ll harass instead of you and your hand. It’s true that cat bunny kicks don’t seem harmful at first, but if they are not stopped as soon as they start, they can become worse and worse over time. And it can lead to many different problems afterward.

There’s always a way to keep your cat busy. You can do it with different food puzzles, cardboard boxes, and many more fun games that will help you distract your cat from her aggressive behavior.


A cat and a bunny kick – it’s one of the most common love stories out there. It’s something we can often see, but also a thing that makes us worried if we don’t know a lot about it. If you’re like me (and other 90% of feline owners) then you spent some time thinking that there’s something wrong with your fluffball.

I hope that after reading this article, you finally got all the answers you were looking for. Yes, bunny kicks are one of the most powerful ninja moves in the whole world. Out kitties use them to defend themselves most of the time, however, it’s a good skill when it comes to hunting too.

But is it something you should worry about? Not really. Should you praise it? It’s not recommended. Why? Because you shouldn’t encourage aggressive behavior. If you do, you might have to deal with some other behavioral problems. And definitely some broken furniture and electronic devices.

So, don’t lose any sleep over this topic. But keep in mind that there’s always something better you can do with your cat than provoking her to do a bunny kick.

Yes, it looks cute sometimes, but there are many other cute actions your kitty can do. So encourage those instead. Good luck!

Why Does My Cat Bunny Kick And What Should I Do?