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The List Of Top 5 Trending Cat Breeds In Australia

The List Of Top 5 Trending Cat Breeds In Australia

If you’re searching for popular cat breeds in Australia, you must be thinking of getting a furry companion sometime soon, right? Or maybe you just fell down the internet rabbit hole again? Either way, learning more about cat breeds is never a waste of time.

It’s always best to research your country’s popular breeds so you have some solid options in mind. This helps you get a sense of what breeds are most likely available to you. No one wants to set their mind on one breed only to then find out they’re impossible to get.

Knowing what the most popular breeds are might also help with the price. The rarer a cat is, the more expensive it will be to source from a trustworthy breeder. In that sense, certain cat breeds might be cheaper if they’re sold often. There are other factors that come into play as well, though (breed status, coloration, etc.)

Most Popular Cat Breeds in Australia: The List Of Top 5 Trending

Trends change from year to year, but luckily, the most popular cat breeds in Australia don’t. Their ranking order fluctuates, but the list stays pretty much the same. Here are the 5 most popular cat breeds in Australia according to a study done by Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia.

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are not only one of the most popular cat breeds in Australia but the whole world! They usually weigh in the 13-17 pound range and can reach up to 4 feet in length. They also tend to be fairly muscular, so yes! That is one big feline!

Not to worry though, they look nothing like bodybuilders. They have long, fluffy coat that gives them a cloud-like poofiness. Their coat is water-repellent with a thick undercoat. The fur varies in color and can come in almost any shade.

They also have big, tufted ears and a long bushy tail. It kind of makes them look like a mix between a squirrel and a lion. It’s no wonder this kitty is known as America’s first show cat! And the best part? Grooming this feline isn’t half as hard as it seems! Brushing once a week should be fine.

Maine Coons are the perfect cat for working professionals and families! They’re highly sociable and get along well with animals and children. But thanks to their intelligence, they’re also able to entertain themselves when you’re away. They learn tricks easily and – big bonus – they love water.

2. Bengal cat

Bengals are known not only as one of the smartest, but also wildest breeds! They were created by breeding domestic cats and Asian leopard cats together. The outcome was an absolutely gorgeous feline with the most unique fur pattern of any housecat.

Their coat is dense and soft with a spotted or marbled pattern (truly like a mini-leopard!) Ever dreamed of owning a little wildcat? Then out of all the most popular breeds in Australia, this is the one for you. Not only do they look like it, but their personalities are totally wild too.

They’re a very active breed that needs constant attention and stimuli. You can be sure that you’ll never get bored with them around. It’s only a question of whether or not you’ll be able to match their energy. They might not be the best fit for someone who’s always working.

Because of their high intelligence and curiosity, it’s easy to teach them tricks. Some often compare them to dogs. However, their cleverness might cause some trouble if you don’t give them the love they need. They’ll quickly realize that nothing grabs your attention better than getting up to mischief!

3. Ragdoll

One of my personal favorites – the beautiful Ragdoll. With a luxurious long coat and piercing blue eyes, this cat truly looks like something from a fairy tale. Although it requires constant grooming, their silky fur might be one of the softest things you’ll ever touch.

They’re incredibly friendly cats and are perfect for first-time owners. Agreeable by nature, these are the ideal felines to have by your side as you do chores or relax. They would rather sit close by and watch as you work than play around with you.

As laid back as they are though, there is one game they can’t resist. Fetch! Even a lady or gent needs to blow off some steam, right? Expect them to follow you around with their favorite toy in mouth.

Have you ever wished that kittens wouldn’t grow up so quickly? Well, Ragdolls are the closest you can get to that! Since they’re very slow to mature, most won’t fully grow until they turn 4 years of age – some might even take longer.

4. British shorthair

Most Popular Cat Breeds in Australia: The List Of Top 5 Trending

Want a fluffy cat but can’t handle grooming long coats? Then this is the perfect floof for you! They have a short but dense coat that is easy to take care of but is still soft like snow! Initially, you could only find this breed with blue fur, but now there are plenty of color variations to choose from.

Every part of their body is rounded which makes them look a little adorable chubber, almost like stuffed toys. And luckily for all cat lovers, these felines are true snuggle buddies. They’re super affectionate and calm, making them perfect for cuddling.

British shorthairs get along well with both children and other animals. However, their gentle nature might not be suitable for kids who like a bit of rough play. As soft as they are, never forget that felines aren’t stuffed animals. They require calm and caring handling.

5. Sphynx

This beauty is definitely not for first-time cat owners. They’re special in many ways but their most striking quality is definitely their lack of fur. This makes them a bit harder to take care of than other cats. Their skin gets oily, so they need weekly baths to keep it healthy.

They’re extremely lively and they require constant care and affection. They might get into trouble if you don’t give them what they need. However, their nature is exactly what makes them so lovable, too. They’re very loving and loyal and are sure to follow you around everywhere.

While they’re great with other cats, they’re not recommended for people with children. They like to be the only ones causing all the noise. They require a lot of interactive play so don’t be afraid to get creative with the games!

Cat breeds originating in Australia

Since you’re thinking about the most popular ones, why not take these cats into consideration, too? Wouldn’t it be cool to have an actual Australian feline in Australia? They might not be all that popular, but we encourage you to give these down-under beauties a shot.

1. Australian Mist

This lovely kitty is a cross between the Abyssinian, Burmese and Australian tabby cats. They have a very short coat that comes in three aspects. The ground color, the usual pattern, and the appearance of wearing a misted veil. Hence the name.

They’re perfect for first-time cat owners. Their tolerant nature makes them great for families with kids of all ages. The Australian Mist tends to be highly affectionate and calm. A word that best describes them is moderation.

2. Russian White, Black, and Tabby

These breeds were derived from the beautiful Russian Blue. Although they inherited a lot of traits from their ancestor, the country of origin is not one of them. (Though the name can be deceiving) But their beautiful short fur definitely is.

They’re playful and affectionate, while not prone to trouble-making. They love pleasing their owners, so they’ll quickly adapt to any environment. It’s easy for them to get the hang of tricks and good behavior. Their highly sensitive nature makes them unlikely to cause trouble.

They’re good with other animals, especially well-behaved dogs. But they can feel a bit uncomfortable around strangers. They’re great with busy individuals because they’re more than happy to keep themselves entertained.

How to choose the best cat for you?

Most Popular Cat Breeds in Australia: The List Of Top 5 Trending

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on a furry companion. The most important one is seeing if the breed is the right fit for you. Don’t get a cat that requires a lot of attention if you’re always working. It could lead to unwanted behavior.

Also, keep track of your budget. You might get an expensive breed and only later find out you can’t afford all her needs. Cats need regular grooming, vet visits, toys, and food. It’s easy to get lost in the growing numbers.

Whichever feline you choose from this list of the most popular cat breeds in Australia, you’re sure to have fun. Each of these furballs has a unique personality and quirks that make them irresistible. Best of luck choosing and have fun getting to know your new furriend!

The List Of Top 5 Trending Cat Breeds in Australia