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Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone? Making Of The “Home Alone”?

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone? Making Of The “Home Alone”?

Can Ragdoll cats be left alone? You might be a first-time cat parent who has this question lingering at the back of your mind. It’s your first pet, so it’s understandable why you would have such concerns.

Everything is new to you and you want to make sure you’re doing things right. However, it’s inevitable you make some mistakes raising your furry pet. Still, doing thorough research even before bringing your pet home is crucial.

Of course, we never stop learning, especially when it comes to these fascinating creatures. It’s true that felines can be kind of generalized and put into certain categories based on their breed.

We shouldn’t assume that each cat will have the same traits that are ascribed to the breed it belongs to. However, this generalization can help us big time in deciding whether it’s the right cat for us.

Perhaps you were blown away by the beauty of a Ragdoll and her docile nature. She’s the type of pet that you can leave home by herself while you run a few errands. Or at least you thought so…

You quickly came to realize that your new companion is a bit too dependent on you. She’s following you around the house and doesn’t seem to take her eyes off you.

While this might be every cat owner’s dream to have a cuddly and clingy cat, you start to worry. Therefore, you question yourself and wonder if Ragdoll cats can be left alone in the house.

We know felines usually enjoy having some alone time and basking in the sun all day. They don’t like to be bothered and appreciate when we give them some space. However, things just seem a tad bit different with your current house resident. What should you do?

Can Ragdoll cats be left alone in the house?

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone? Making Of The "Home Alone"?

Here’s the thing. You researched a bit and came to the conclusion that Ragdoll is the best breed for you. They like cuddling and lots and lots of kisses. This seems like the perfect match!

Their docile nature is suitable for a single person who has enough time on their hands to spoil these babies rotten. Also, they do great in homes with children because they like getting all the attention.

Most cat parents would like a feline who greatly depends on them. There isn’t a better feeling than knowing you’re taking care of a creature so small and helpless.

However, this might sometimes turn back to bite you in the face. Having a Ragdoll in your home is like living with a toddler because they need constant supervision and attention.

Ragdolls are known for their “puppy-like” nature. They earned this description because they like to follow their owners everywhere they go. Yes, bathroom included, don’t ask me why.

Therefore, it’s only reasonable to wonder if Ragdoll cats can be left alone. You’re concerned your pet will get stressed or do something she isn’t supposed to.

Will she vandalize the whole house in terms of protest? Will your neighbors come knocking at your door because they heard child-like screams earlier before?

There are so many questions in your mind at this point. Is there something you should know about this breed before getting your life-long companion? Is your work schedule going to interfere with your relationship?

What you should know before getting a Ragdoll cat

When deciding between feline and canine companions, this is one of the factors that could lead someone to choose a cat. You don’t need to worry if your pet is home alone for too long while you go outdoors to conduct your chores.

However, when it comes to Ragdolls, things are a little different. This breed, especially in the mornings, can be somewhat dependent. We all know that cats are insatiably greedy, and most pet owners struggle with the same issue of getting up too early.

Cats will howl for her food bowl to be filled with kibble at abnormal hours and come to your room. However, this behavior issue is unique to each person and isn’t entirely related to the cat’s breed. Except if you have a Ragdoll cat.

Some people may find the clinginess of these lovely animals to be too much. I’m referring to climbing on your bed when you are still asleep and then lying on your face.

Although it seems odd, they find that this tactic really does get their human’s attention. Well, I guess it’s on you because you wanted a needy feline.

Actually, there isn’t much you can do about it. If you want your pet to sleep in during the early hours, try wearing her out at night. Maybe this can help you sleep better!

This doesn’t seem like a good enough reason why your cat wouldn’t be able to be left home alone. But when you think about it, all this neediness and desire for constant affection might influence your pet.

All of the attention is making her used to having you around. So what happens when you have to leave the house for a couple of hours? Is she going to be confused and search around looking for you?

How long can Ragdoll cats be left home alone?

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone? Making Of The "Home Alone"?

If you don’t want to come home to one of the scenes from the movie “Home Alone,” then I suggest you don’t leave your purrincess by herself for too long.

We’ve already established that this cat breed doesn’t enjoy spending too much time all by herself. Therefore, you really shouldn’t test her limits when it comes to this.

We know that felines can take care of themselves for at least one working shift before we come back. Usually, they just lay around the house or watch the birds on the windowsill.

But when it comes to the Ragdolls, you should consider working from home. Seriously. This breed cherishes the time spent with its owner and relishes seeing them again.

Have you ever seen how a puppy greets its owner when they come from the store? Well, it’s safe to say that the Ragdoll cat shares the enthusiasm.

Ways to know if your Ragdoll is lonely

Usually, cats shouldn’t be left home alone for more than 24 hours. This may not apply to every feline and is largely meant as a precaution to look out for wounds, spilled water, or other unforeseen occurrences.

Most cats will find ways to entertain themselves when their owners are gone but not Ragdolls. They might feel a bit too sad to engage in playtime all by themselves and won’t quite enjoy their toys the same way.

1. Refusing to eat

Ragdolls are usually picky eaters, so any unexpected change in their feeding habits warrants scrutiny. Trust me, you don’t want your already finicky cat’s behavior to become worse.

If your pet’s sad, she might refuse to eat altogether. For instance, you come home after working an eight-hour shift only to find your cat’s bowl untouched.

This is unusual for your gobbler because she loves food so much. Well, what cat doesn’t love food? This strange behavior makes you instantly think that there’s something wrong with your furry friend.

A Ragdoll might give up on her lunch today because she felt lonely. If this situation made you think about how long can Ragdoll cats be left alone, wait until you see some other signs of loneliness in these felines.

2. Avoiding contact

These cuddly creatures just love being showered with attention all the time. They live for climbing up and purring away in your lap forever.

Ever wondered why they were named Ragdolls? Well, you go to pick them up and they just flop down like a stuffed doll. So this goes to show you just how much they like being adored and cradled like a baby.

If your pet’s been acting weird lately, she might be experiencing some stress. Perhaps you came home from the store only to find your cat giving you “the look.”

“Where have you been? It’s been ages!” Usually, after she’s done scolding you, she runs straight into your arms and lets you kiss her. However, this time there’s something different.

She turned around and walked out of the room. You’re left baffled and you’re trying to comprehend what just happened. The truth is that your cat might be stressed.

Stress is probably to blame if your typically gregarious Ragdoll suddenly starts giving you the cold shoulder. You could also hear some wailing and screaming before they start ignoring you since Ragdolls often aren’t subtle in expressing their discontent.

If your cat, whose life depends on cuddles, doesn’t come to you for pets and kisses, then there’s probably something wrong with her. Could it be that you just left her home to grab a coffee? Sure.

3. Hiding away

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone? Making Of The "Home Alone"?

Generally speaking, Ragdolls may be found anywhere. Also, you can find them getting stuck in places from time to time.

A Ragdoll hiding out in a dark place is a solid indicator that something’s wrong. Most likely, it’s a response to your extended absence.

When there’s something or someone close that worries your cat, they will hide. They could be apprehensive or afraid of something new, so they might wish to stay out of the way just in case.

On the other hand, if there’s something missing from her environment, such as yourself, she might act the same way. Felines are sensitive and every change in their surroundings might trigger their stress.

In most cases, if you let her calm down and come to you on her own, you’ll see that she will emerge from hiding once the threat has passed.

Perhaps she thought you were someone else or she just realized that she isn’t alone anymore. The longer your cat stays hidden, though, the more likely it is that she’s worried about something else in her house.

As I’ve said, they can really be sensitive, so anything can be the trigger for such behavior. Let your pet recollect her thoughts and approach you on her own terms.

4. Excessive grooming

The amount of fur that Ragdolls have is one feature that is quite evident. You want to curl up in this wonderful, cuddly-looking coat and snooze the rest of the day away.

You can’t help but notice how adorable she looks when she is peacefully asleep on the couch since she resembles a beautiful, fluffy cushion. But there is a cost associated with this beauty.

The Ragdoll cat requires routine combing and brushing to maintain her coat healthy and glossy all year long. Some people may find the lengthy coat to be a deal-breaker because not everyone is equipped to handle it.

The Ragdoll cat occasionally could have behavioral issues related to its hair. This suggests that your cat could overgroom herself. She could overdo the licking and biting of her fur.

What’s the issue, because cats are meant to wash? Yes, these careful animals work hard to keep themselves groomed and spotless all day. Since they appreciate every little thing, it ought to be commonplace, right?

It isn’t natural behavior for your pet to groom herself to the point that she may itch her skin or even pull off some of her furs. She might have an underlying disease or have just experienced stress.

This may be problematic in any case. Additionally, all of this licking and washing can cause her tummy to fill with hair. She will vomit hairballs or clumps of the coat because the fur can’t be digested.

As a result, be careful to give your pet frequent brushings and take good care of her coat. If you find this to be a difficult effort, I advise going to the groomer sometimes. This could reduce your pet’s overzealous grooming.

5. Aggressive behavior

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone? Making Of The "Home Alone"?

Aggressive behavior isn’t something this breed is known after. But will that change if they spend some time on their own? Can Ragdoll cats be left alone without any consequences?

If you come home and notice some of the signs of fear and aggression in your feline, it might indicate that being by herself was stressful for her. You might be met with hissing sounds, flattened ears, and a raised tail.

It’s kind of similar to the behavior she exhibits while at the vet. But why is your cat expressing fear and aggression signals when she was only alone for a couple of hours?

Well, as I said, she may not be the biggest fan of solitude. Perhaps she just got startled when you came back home because she was on the edge the whole time.

We already established that Ragdoll cats don’t like when they’re companionless. So it’s possible you notice hostile behavior in your cat until she calms down and relaxes.

How to keep your Ragdoll cat entertained when left alone

I know, no one wants to leave their pet by themselves. We wish to be by their side in every moment because they’re such a joy to be around. Also, if you’re a Ragdoll cat owner, you’re probably worried about your pet being left alone in the house.

I used to postpone my business as well as private meetings because of my furry friends. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave them all alone. Whenever I did, I would spend the whole time thinking about them.

Therefore, I started researching a bit more about different ways to entertain them while I’m gone. Some of these strategies definitely wipe out the boredom and give them something to focus on while you’re away.

This is especially great for felines who tend to get a bit mischievous and let themselves loose. It keeps them occupied for a certain amount of time. This doesn’t really guarantee that they will stay out of trouble but it’s worth the shot.

Also, if you have a Ragdoll cat that you’re worried about leaving alone for a couple of hours, these tips and tricks will help make her more comfortable during that time.

1. A “furriend”

“Can Ragdoll cats be left alone if you get them a companion? Technically, that way, they actually won’t be all by themselves, right?”

Well, this one was obvious. If your Ragdoll cat is the only furry resident in the house, perhaps it’s time to think about adding members to the family.

The good news is that a Ragdoll’s docile nature can tolerate another animal in the household. Additionally, this implies that you aren’t supposed to get another feline friend.

Instead, feel free to look up some dog breeds that are easy-going, just like your cat. Ragdolls would do best with some laid-back dogs who don’t bother them too much. Perhaps adopting an older dog is a good option because a puppy might be too much for this lazy cat.

This way, your feline won’t be on her own, and having some company around might make the experience less stressful for her.

2. A pet nanny

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone? Making Of The "Home Alone"?

Thankfully, there are many options nowadays when it comes to having to leave your pet by herself. There are also some apps to help you look for a pet nanny.

If you’re worried about how this is going to turn out, don’t stress too much. A Ragdoll cat’s friendly and sweet nature is the one thing you should be thankful for.

These felines don’t have trouble meeting new people and getting into their laps the second they sit down. So, getting a pet sitter might not be such a bad idea.

However, you should always be careful when it comes to your choice. Even though Ragdolls are easy to look after, you should still look for someone who’s more experienced.

3. Best seats on the window!

Make sure your Ragdoll has access to a window since she could be more interested in guarding the home than in playing with her toys. There are several inexpensive and do-it-yourself choices available if there isn’t a ledge nearby for her to unwind on.

Invest in a cat tower, a floating shelf, a suction-cup cat hammock, or something even more cost-effective to provide your furbaby with pure joy!

I’m a huge fan of window perches since all three of my cats seem to love them. This one from Zakkart is amazing as it comes with a warm and comfy bed that your feline is going to adore. It’s a perfect spot for birdwatching and sunbathing.

Also, just a quick reminder that humans tend to forget how routinely structured their cat’s life is. It’s ideal to ease your cat into a sudden change in your schedule, such as a new shift at work.

To minimize the shock your cat will feel before the days off, try to at least start the change in the middle of the week.

4. Interactive toys

Although not all cats may want to play while you’re away, interactive toys might help keep your cat occupied.

To make the toys even more cognitively interesting for your cat, alternate between using and not using them on a regular basis.

5. A friendly visit

“Can Ragdoll cats be left alone only for a few hours? My friend will pay her a visit, but I’m worried about that time period when my kitty will be home alone.”

A daytime visit from a friend or relative may not be feasible for everyone, but it might do wonders for your Ragdoll. The visitor should also undertake a fast litter scoop, even if it could make it harder to recruit a volunteer.

To soothe your cat and keep them company, you can play music or films. Despite how absurd it may sound, some cats have favorite shows while others could choose classical music.

6. Lock the doors!

One thing you don’t want to do when leaving your Ragdoll cat is to let her have the choice to go outside.

This cat breed has poor protection skills and isn’t suitable for outdoor life. Unlike other felines, her survival instincts don’t really kick in on the spot.

Instead of fighting back or running away, your pet is likely to just plop down on the ground before her threat. Also, they have minimal hunting skills and abilities.

They’re used to having a private chef at home so they don’t feel the need to get their paws dirty. Therefore, always make sure you lock the doors when you leave your Ragdoll cat alone in the house.

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone? Making Of The "Home Alone"?