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Can Cats Eat Twizzlers? Will They Make Your Cat Sizzle?

Can Cats Eat Twizzlers? Will They Make Your Cat Sizzle?

If you’re wondering can cats eat Twizzlers, it’s probably because she’s been sneaking into your pantry lately. Don’t tell me I’m wrong because I’ve been there quite a few times.

Cats are curious creatures, so it’s only natural for them to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. They can come off as rude sometimes, but it doesn’t matter. We love our furry friends to bits, so it’s no problem sharing our food with them!

That is until it becomes a problem.

Some human foods are fine for felines to consume, but others aren’t welcome in the cat world as much. It’s because people and cats are built differently.

The stuff we eat can’t suit our pets’ diet and it certainly can’t replace their natural choice of food. They have their own dietary requirements and every responsible cat parent should follow them.

You may think that snacks won’t do them any harm, but unfortunately, you’d be wrong in many cases. Although a stolen bite or two isn’t likely to cause immediate damage, it’s still a reason for concern.

Moreover, cats can easily get hooked on sweets and junk food just like we do. Once the seal is broken, it’s hard getting them back on regular cat food.

Can cats eat Twizzlers safely?

Can Cats Eat Twizzlers? Will They Make Your Cat Sizzle?

These sweet snacks hold no nutritional value for cats. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that they are unnecessary in their diet.

However, if she sneaks off with some Twizzlers or you drop some on the floor, it shouldn’t bother you. Small and unintentional amounts can be forgiven and it’s not likely to provoke problems right away.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should continue dropping these on the ground on purpose. Cats are carnivores who follow a strict diet to help them grow and develop. She won’t get any needed nutrients from plain sweets such as these.

If you’re wondering whether Twizzlers are safe for cats, the short answer would be no. There are a lot of health concerns when it comes to these stringy-looking sweets. It doesn’t help that the shape and the color are attractive to your furball.

Just as we all know, felines aren’t hard to entice. They’re drawn to literally ANYTHING that they can play with and investigate further.

However, it’s safe to say that Twizzlers shouldn’t be a part of a cat’s diet.

What are Twizzlers?

The name is often mixed with licorice candy because of the black Twizzlers. It contains extracts of the licorice plant, hence the dark color of the sweets.

Probably the most popular ones are strawberry red Twizzlers. Other flavors include chocolate, grape, cherry, as well as watermelon. They’re fun-looking, they taste good, and they’re nice to the eye. You’d think these are a real catch for your furry companion.

However, you’re deceived because there isn’t anything good coming out of cats eating Twizzlers. They contain a range of ingredients that don’t have any health benefits for felines.

Moreover, if your cat indulges in these, they can be the reason behind various health problems. It’s not an easy job being a cat parent and you must always beware of the dangers certain foods pose.

What are the health concerns?

So, can cats eat Twizzlers? The short answer to this question is no. Why is that? Thanks to all of the ingredients found in these snacks, Twizzlers are off-limits for cats.

They can be tough on your pet’s digestive system which isn’t built for breaking down candy. If the food doesn’t have nutritional benefits, then it’s unnecessary.

When you think of it, cats are pretty simple creatures. They don’t digest things that aren’t meant for them. However, this calls for major trouble later on.

1. Loads of sugar

Sugar is one of the main reasons why cats should stay away from the Twizzlers. It’s abundant in candies like these, gummy bears, and others.

However, it’s detrimental to a feline’s health. It’s nothing other than carbohydrates which aren’t necessary for a cat’s health.

Actually, quite the opposite. If your pet has regular access to sweets and loads of sugar, then she could be in real trouble. Sugar is known to cause dental issues in pets such as tooth decay. Besides, we all know what follows with excessive carbs and calorie intake.

Chubby pets are an attraction, but have you ever wondered how they feel trapped in their own body? Also, it’s not as cute when you find out it can lead to the development of diabetes.

2. Artificial flavors and sweeteners

When your pet comes across sweets such as Twizzlers or jelly, there’s a lot you should be concerned about.

Next to the sugar, they’re packed with artificial flavors that don’t have a place in your cat’s tummy. Moreover, they can be poisonous.

One of these toxic sweeteners is known as xylitol. In most cases, candies cause a stomach upset in pets and you’ll be thankful if it stays that way. Xylitol can build up in a cat’s digestive system and cause problems. It decreases blood sugar levels, and in severe cases, causes liver damage and ends up in seizures.

The best way you can avoid this tragedy from taking place is to refrain from feeding your cat Twizzlers or any other store-bought candies.

3. Can cats eat Twizzlers because of the licorice?

Can Cats Eat Twizzlers? Will They Make Your Cat Sizzle?

Black licorice is used for making the black Twizzlers, hence the name and the color of the candy. While they’re perfect for our taste, I’m not sure your pet will agree with you.

Even though felines are curious, it’s usually the form and the shape of the food that draws them in. The flavor probably isn’t the reason why they’re so keen on taking a bite or two.

The thing is, cats can’t taste the sweet aroma of these licorice candies. They lack the required taste buds that would allow them to pick up the flavor. Don’t be sad because this can only come in handy to you as a cat parent. Sweets aren’t natural to pets, so it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Some argue that licorice can have particular health benefits to felines; e.g. the licorice root contains anti-inflammatory properties. On the contrary, others strongly deny it. Whatever it might be, the good news is that it’s not poisonous to pets.

However, you’re still not out of the woods. Black licorice contains glycyrrhizin, a compound found in it that works as an emulsifier. This chemical is known to decrease the levels of potassium while causing high blood pressure.

Consequently, this can lead to certain health issues. Potassium is a mineral that is essential for the growth of the muscles and the development of nerve functions. In severe cases, hypokalemia may occur as a consequence of glycyrrhizic acid poisoning.

Can cats eat red licorice candy?

Red licorice isn’t actually made from licorice, it’s just a name that’s caught on. Instead of licorice extract, we can find various flavors in red Twizzlers.

Can cats eat red Twizzlers if they’re natural? Well, the word natural here seems to be a bit deceiving.

Red licorice candy is made from ingredients such as cherries, strawberries, and watermelon. These are mixed with some wheat flour and corn syrup. Even though some of these sound healthy, the candy is not what it seems to be.

The ingredients used in the Twizzlers are highly processed and packed with different preservatives. They contain additional artificial flavors and sweeteners.

Therefore, while they may sound healthy for your cat, they certainly are not!

To sum up

Can cats eat Twizzlers? I hope I got the weight of this question off of your shoulders. As a cat parent, it’s already a given that certain foods will be a burden because they pose health hazards.

However, it’s up to us to protect our furry friends from the dangers of human foods. Besides causing weight gain, junk foods like candies can cause lots of other health issues later on.

Can Cats Eat Twizzlers?