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Can Cats Eat Syrup? Will This Food Stir Her Up?

Can Cats Eat Syrup? Will This Food Stir Her Up?

You can’t eat your pancakes without some maple syrup. It adds a distinct flavor to this treat; but what about your furry friend watching you from afar? Can cats eat syrup with some pancakes?

I don’t know about you, but I’m serious when it comes to my pancakes. They have to be purrfectly put together and only then can I relish in their magnificent flavor.

However, whenever I’m making these treats, I always sense some kind of presence with me in the kitchen. It’s like a shadow lurking from behind…

Sooner or later, the dark knight shows herself and I’m met with tiny pawprints all over the countertop. Now, this isn’t an issue as I love sharing food with my pet.

But we’re not so sure whether cats can eat these homemade or store-bought sweets. I know human food differs a lot from cat food, but what could possibly happen?

If you’re having the same thoughts as me, you might as well check out some interesting facts about syrup and cats!

Can cats eat maple syrup?

Can Cats Eat Syrup? Will This Food Stir Her Up?

If you and your pet share the habit of having breakfast together, then I’m sure she’s encountered the deliciousness called pancakes.

You may have a picky eater, but I can’t relate to that. My furry devil will gobble down any food that comes his way. But it’s usually her that makes sure the food comes.

Sometimes, it seems as if she forgets that she’s an obligate carnivore. I’ll find her indulging in some grains or plants, so why not try out some pancakes with syrup?

Carnivores aren’t supposed to eat these treats, but what’s stopping them? Well, I should be the one to interfere whenever I see the thief committing a crime, but she’s so fast!

Before I can get to her, she devours the leftover pancake and waffles with maple syrup on them. The dough isn’t really the reason for concern, but what about the toppings?

You’re thinking how you must be a terrible cat owner to allow that to happen, but don’t worry. Cats are devils and stealthy little creatures.

I’ve never met an animal that has so many tricks up its sleeves. So, don’t take the blame for your furchild’s behavior. Instead, let’s find out can cats eat syrup!

What are syrups made of?

When I say pancakes, I just know you’re clearly thinking of maple syrup, right? Well, this may or may not be the case.

You can find regular pancake syrups that differ a lot from maple syrup. So, what’s the difference?

They might look the same, but they’re certainly not. Regular syrups that are store-bought are highly processed condiments.

Maple syrup is made from maple tree sap that goes through the process of caramelization, giving it its distinct color and flavor.

On the other hand, store-bought ones consist of simple high-fructose corn syrup. However, both of these sweeteners have certain ingredients that can be a step backward for your cat’s health.

So, when we ask “can cats eat syrup”, the answer leans more toward the negative.

Can cats eat syrups safely and do they like them?

If you have a furry friend like I do, it’s inevitable she’ll stick her nose in this sweet sauce. However, the sweet flavor isn’t what attracts your feline pal.

Small quantities aren’t likely to be a reason for immediate concern but that’s only if she has a lick or two.

A small piece of pancake or waffles with maple syrup on it should be okay every once in a while, but don’t get ahead of yourself.

Although it’s not poisonous to felines, it’s not on the completely safe side either. Sugar levels found in these table condiments aren’t beneficial to your cat’s health.

Pet owners are sometimes not aware of this fact. Make sure you do your research for the sake of your friend’s health.

Felines don’t have a sweet tooth as we do. They lack the receptors needed to detect the sweet flavor of sugar.

Now, this isn’t life-threatening but it could surely cause some health problems in the long run.

If you have a kitten that isn’t quite of age yet, make sure she stays away from these human foods. Small cats need a specific diet to help them fully grow and develop.

So, make sure you stick to her natural choice of food, which is meat of any kind. Consult with your veterinarian if your kitty’s had some of the forbidden food products.

Are there any health benefits of cats eating syrup?

We know that sweets aren’t a carnivore’s natural choice of food. When you really think about it, it’s hard to find a place for carbs and sweets in a cat’s diet.

Meat is at the top of their menu, so we can only assume that maple syrup, or any syrup for that matter, is nowhere near.

Therefore, highly-processed corn syrup isn’t necessary for her diet. While it contains some health benefits, they come in really small quantities. These include traces of minerals such as manganese, calcium, and some amino acids.

What about maple syrup?

Can Cats Eat Syrup? Will This Food Stir Her Up?

Although it’s high in sugar and calories, we can say that maple syrup has a lot more health supplements for your feline friend.

Some of these include certain nutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphor, zinc, potassium, as well as manganese.

These minerals play an important role in keeping your cat’s health top-notch. They boost the immune system, strengthen bones and teeth, and give a fuller, shinier look to her coat.

Next to these, maple syrup has an abundance of omega-6 fatty acids. While these are more likely to be found in meat such as sardines, it’s one of the pros of this syrup.

They are types of polyunsaturated, healthy fats., and help regulate metabolism and various bodily functions. These healthy lipids lower the cholesterol levels in the blood, which decreases the risk of your cat developing certain heart diseases.

However, this isn’t enough to supply your pet with all the needed health supplements. It goes without saying that protein is an essential part of a feline’s diet and it’s nowhere to be found in pancake syrups.

What are the downsides to pancake syrups?

Unfortunately, there are a lot more downsides to these delicious flavors than health advantages. It’s mainly because of the high sugar content found in these sweeteners.

Both maple syrup and regular, highly-processed corn syrup, are packed with natural and artificial preservatives.

Sugar could become a real problem for your cat’s health if she consumes it over a certain period of time.

It can cause tooth decay in felines and other dental issues. Moreover, it’s the leading cause of obesity in felines and one of the reasons why they struggle with various health issues.

High sugar levels can set the foundation for diabetes as well. Besides weight gain, sweet foods that have high sugar content are often detrimental to your cat’s digestive system.

In severe cases, your pet has the risk of developing pancreatitis. This medical issue can be exhibited in common symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

However, sugar isn’t the main reason for concern.

Artificial sweeteners

Many products consist of artificial sweeteners, such as xylitol. This chemical compound is mainly used in processed foods like gummy bears.

Pure maple syrup is supposed to be stripped of this harmful ingredient, whereas other types are loaded with it.

Unfortunately, xylitol is extremely dangerous for felines because it’s toxic. It’s often found in many sweet treats and even small amounts of it can lead to death.

It decreases the levels of blood sugar which can lead to certain diseases. If your pet eats sugary foods on a regular basis, you’re basically setting her up for failure.

Besides having no nutritional benefits, sugar and sweeteners can make your pet suffer from hypoglycemia and liver failure.

Moreover, the number of carbohydrates found in maple syrup, as well as regular ones, is concerning, to say the least.

Carbs don’t hold any nutritional value for felines and are, therefore, unnecessary in their diet. However, if she continues to feast on them, she’s likely to struggle with weight.

Can cats eat sugar-free syrup?

You might think this would be an excellent substitution for sugary ones, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

When you’re offered a product that’s labeled as “sugar-free”, it’s usually anything but. Sure, there are no traces of actual sugar found, but where is that sweet flavor coming from then?

The answer lies in artificial sweeteners, yet again. They’re used to enhance the flavor that will appeal to the customers.

Also, some of the preservatives and additives serve to prevent the product from going bad. They secure their long shelf life, but just how healthy can this be for felines?

Well, it can’t. I’m sorry to break the news to you, but these artificial sweeteners are toxic to most pets. Next to xylitol, the one often found in sugar-free foods is maltitol.

Sounds familiar, right? Unfortunately, this is another chemical compound found in syrups that cats aren’t allowed to eat.

These sugar substitutes are perfect for adding flavor, but it’s not worth the risk.

To sum up

Can Cats Eat Syrup? Will This Food Stir Her Up?

In summary, cats shouldn’t be indulging in these sweets, as they can be quite detrimental to her health.

High sugar levels are what pose a threat to your furry friend. They can be the reason for dental problems, obesity, diabetes, pancreatitis, liver damage, and so much more.

Besides, store-bought syrups often use artificial flavors and sweeteners in order to emphasize the flavor of the product. Some of them, known as xylitol and maltitol, are extremely toxic to felines.

Other than that, your pet can get used to consuming these calorie-dense foods and refuse to devour her cat food. This can become a problem for both of you as she’ll soon fall sick.

In conclusion, don’t inspire your feline to test out boundaries and indulge in these pancake toppings, ever!

Can Cats Eat Syrup?