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Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes? Is This Food Allowed?

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes? Is This Food Allowed?

I really don’t know what made you go: Can cats eat sweet potatoes? However, I might take a guess, and I bet it’s going to be a good one.

You’re enjoying yourself some sweet potatoes with something on the side but this moment of satisfaction is short-lived.

I love my cat but I really want to be left alone when I’m eating. However, she somehow tends to find me wherever I am and beg for some of what I’m having.

I don’t know about you but I got used to it as long as she doesn’t scream at me which she used to do. But does this mean we should give in to all of their wishes and demands?

Either way, we must find out can cats eat sweet potatoes. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Why wouldn’t they be able? I just saw mine do that!”

Sure you did. They can do anything they put their mind to. That’s one thing, but the other thing we should pay close attention to is whether she should’ve done that.

Unfortunately, there are foods that cats can’t eat for their own safety. Sometimes, it’s hard for humans to understand that even though they wish them all the best.

Can cats eat sweet potatoes?

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes Is This Food Allowed

We tend to get confused because we seem to humanize our pets. It feels like the only right thing to do but then the harsh reality reminds us that they’re just animals.

Given that fact, they also need to be treated like ones. I mean that we should provide them with the best care possible but we shouldn’t become selfish along the way.

We think of our felines as our best friends which is true, but we must be aware that they’re built differently than us. I’m saying this because people often tend to offer them human foods.

While some of them are totally safe and can even be quite beneficial, others are not. Most human food is okay for cats to eat, but there are also some exceptions.

Can cats eat sweet potatoes or is it one of those veggies your pet should steer clear of? Let’s find out so we can stop worrying about it!

Do sweet potatoes benefit your cat?

As a veggie, it’s guaranteed that sweet potatoes are going to have certain health benefits. You wouldn’t think that a plant material could benefit a carnivore, but here we are.

Life is sometimes full of surprises and this is one of them. Yes, cats can eat sweet potatoes, but only in moderation. But first and foremost, I’d rather consult with your vet before doing anything new.

Introducing new foods is an even harder task, especially when you have spoiled pets that are only used to expensive foods. However, it surely wouldn’t hurt you if you tried.

1. Protein

It’s something that’s really not that expected of sweet potatoes, but they actually contain an amount of protein. So, not only can cats eat sweet potatoes, but they might be quite beneficial!

Protein is an essential nutrient that obligate carnivores simply can’t live without. It fuels their body and helps them in a range of other bodily functions.

It gives your pet the needed energy, a full glow with her brand-new coat, as well as bone strength. Without this magnificent nutrient, your feline would probably become ill too soon.

2. Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin C, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 are just a few of the other nutrients we can find in sweet potatoes. If you’re wondering “can cats eat sweet potatoes“, the health supplements say yes.

All of these fantastic benefits work together to keep the body healthy and happy. For instance, vitamin C repairs the body tissues and supports the immune system in check.

Calcium and vitamin D work in pairs as this combination is crucial to your cat’s health. It feeds her bones which is essential for their growth and strength.

Did you ever wonder what makes her teeth and claws so sharp and dangerous? Of course! You should be thankful to these health supplements for all of the scratches and bite marks on your arms.

Jokes aside, all of these vitamins and minerals work together to keep your pet safe and healthy. Sweet potatoes have a good amount of them, but this doesn’t really mean you should feed them to your cat.

3. All the fibers

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes Is This Food Allowed

Another health advantage of cats eating sweet potatoes is dietary fiber. It’s a nutrient that helps regulate your pet’s digestive health. Trust me, fiber plays a big role.

It helps your feline break down, and process the food. Dietary fiber might help with constipation and ease stomach pains. On the contrary, it might also have an adverse effect.

If you overdo it and your cat gets to indulge in foods that are high in fiber, she may get diarrhea and stomach pains. It’s a thin line, I know.

Therefore, don’t feed your pet too much fiber because it isn’t a pleasant case scenario. Veggies can be great, but don’t overdo it.

What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, just like it has something beneficial, every food has a downside to it. And so do sweet potatoes.

Humans can’t really single out an issue when it comes to this delicious food. However, the tables might be turning when it comes to cats.

You see, felines are obligate carnivores and this means something. It implies that their natural choice of food is meat.

This, of course, doesn’t include vegetables or fruits. The thing is that animal-based foods provide your cat with essential nutrients such as protein.

Sure, we just saw that sweet potatoes contain traces of protein. But is that enough to keep a carnivore satisfied? Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near. Although cats can eat sweet potatoes as an occasional snack, they’re not as beneficial or valuable to your pet as meat is.

Therefore, sweet potatoes shouldn’t be anything more than an occasional snack. Otherwise, you might even jeopardize your feline’s health.

If your pet just had one sweet potato, it’s no biggie. However, she might have some trouble breaking it down because she isn’t wired to digest plant material.

Also, the protein and other health supplements found in this veggie probably won’t be used to their full extent. Felines are made to digest meat, not greens.

Calorie and carb-dense food

Unfortunately, even with certain benefits, sweet potatoes have another side to them. I know you just got your hopes up, but there’s always a but…

The but that we’re talking about here are calories and carbs. Sweet potatoes are packed with them so it’s hard to say that it’s healthy food.

Humans don’t have many problems with digesting carbs and losing the calories later on. On the other hand, cats do.

Just like they’re not wired to break down the protein that comes from plants, felines might also struggle with digesting the carbs from sweet potatoes.

Sadly, your cat could quickly feel the consequences of this food intake. What I mean to say is that your pet would probably become overweight if she continues to eat these.

Next to obesity, there’s a risk of dental decay, as well as diabetes. A bowl of sweet potatoes just isn’t worth it, trust me.

Can cats eat cooked potatoes?

Although sweet potatoes aren’t poisonous to cats, regular ones are; especially raw potatoes. Therefore, we pose a question: Can cats eat cooked potatoes?

You see, raw potatoes contain a chemical compound called solanine. This might bring your cat a lot of trouble if she decides to feast on it.

However, there’s a simple method that makes potatoes safe for cats to eat. Thankfully, it’s quite simple, it’s called cooking.

Generally speaking, high temperatures kill off any germs, bacteria, as well as parasites in raw food. With that same method, you can easily get rid of solanine.

Still, don’t get ahead of yourself. By losing a dangerous threat, you might gain another – spices. Cats can’t eat spices because some of them are poisonous.

Therefore, if you want to know can cats eat sweet and cooked potatoes, stick to these steps. Peeling, cooking, no spices or seasonings, and no frying in oil.

This way, the delicious food will be ready for you to share with your feline companion. The most important thing is that it’s going to be a carefree share that you two can enjoy together.

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes?