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Can Cats Eat Squid? Prepare It Right And Turn It Into A Real Treat

Can Cats Eat Squid? Prepare It Right And Turn It Into A Real Treat

Can cats eat squid? This delicacy is known in many different cultures and your cat can easily get a hold of it. 

If you’re someone who loves Mediterranean or Japanese cuisines, then there’s no way your cat won’t get tempted by the tantalizing seafood you bring home with you. 

Squids are well-known soft-bodied aquatic creatures and they come in many different sizes. But what’s more important is that they’re delicious when cooked right. 

Even though cats aren’t likely to come across squid in the wild, they’re still going to give this exotic seafood a try. 

In order for you to know if you can prepare squid for your cat, you should proceed with caution! Don’t just go into this experiment without actually considering the dangers that come with it. 

Whenever you’re introducing something new to your cat, inform yourself so you can be sure that you’re not making any mistakes that could harm your kitty. 

Can cats eat squid?

Can Cats Eat Squid? Prepare It Right And Turn It Into A Real Treat

Yes. You can give your cat cooked squid in very small and chopped-up portions. Because of the fact that squid isn’t the easiest to chew through, you simply have to slice it up into bite-sized pieces. 

The smaller, the better. This way you’ll ensure that your cat won’t choke on it. 

Still, there are certain dangers to feeding squid to your cat. The preparation process is what’s crucial here because raw squid could be hazardous to felines. 

Raw fish, in general, contains many different bacteria and germs that could easily be harmful to your cat’s gut health. Also, fish usually have small bones that can cause your cat to suffocate. 

Even though squid doesn’t have actual bones the way we know it, it still has bone-like structures that need to be removed prior to cooking. Once you do that, you can be sure that your cat won’t choke.

If you don’t know how to properly do this step, you can always opt for a pre-cleaned squid that can be found on the market. That way, you’ll be sure you’re giving your kitty a safe treat.

Can cats eat raw squid? 

No. You should never feed your cat raw squid.

As with any other food, once it’s cooked in boiling water, it becomes free of bacteria and parasites. Raw squid contains microbes that could cause food poisoning in felines. 

Another thing to worry about is the fact that raw squid could trigger thiamine breakdown, which leads to neurological problems in your cat. 

Thiamine is a vitamin B that’s essential for your cat’s health. If the thiamine in your cat’s body breaks down, she may experience problems walking and balancing. 

Raw squid could also contain salmonella, which isn’t something you’d want any living thing to ingest. 

Another thing is that uncooked squid is too rubbery for your cat to be able to chew through it. She’ll start choking on it before you’re able to react, so it’s definitely unsafe for her. 

So, before you prepare it properly, keep this choking hazard away from her paws!

Can cats eat fried squid?

Fried foods aren’t even good for humans. They’re filled with oils, fats, and calories that our body definitely doesn’t need. The only difference is that we are able to make this mistake consciously. 

We know how bad it is for us, but cats aren’t able to differentiate. When they think that something’s edible, they’ll go for it. That’s why your cat is so curious to try squid, too. 

Fried squid (calamari) is the most common way that people serve squid around the world. The issue here is that it’s usually seasoned and deep-fried. Your cat can get an upset stomach in a matter of minutes. 

And if there are certain seasonings on your squid? Well, then you’re going to have major issues. 

Any type of seasoning could cause severe health problems to your feline friend. It’s really best to take her to the vet before things start to escalate into something more serious!

Can cats eat cooked squid? 

Yes. In fact, the only way you can serve your four-legged friend some squid is if it’s cooked. If you’re dead set on introducing it into your cat’s diet, then go ahead and boil it without adding anything to it. 

Avoid seasoning it. Just give her the plain, boiled, squid that you’ve chopped into the smallest pieces imaginable. This way, it’ll be safe for your cat. 

You just need to remember that there’s not much in the line of nutrients for her here. She won’t sing your praises just because you gave her something new and exciting. If anything, she’ll be indifferent about it. 

As an obligate carnivore, your cat needs actual meat for her body to function properly. Everything else is a treat that she can but doesn’t have to eat. 

How much cooked squid can my cat eat?

Can Cats Eat Squid? Prepare It Right And Turn It Into A Real Treat

Long story short, you shouldn’t feed your cat more than one tablespoon of cooked squid at a time. As said before, huge chunks of it pose a choking hazard. 

Cats have different cravings just like humans do, so it’s not a weird thing that your cat could want more and more as she acquires a taste for it. However, I’ve never heard of a cat that got addicted to squid. 

You don’t have to worry if cats can eat squid as long as it’s in smaller amounts and always prepared in a way that won’t cause her any harm. Your little feline friend will be ever so thankful to you. 

Dried squid may also be fine, as it doesn’t contain any bacteria. However, it could still cause thiamine breakdown with all the side effects following it (as we’ve explained before). 

Is my kitten allowed to eat squid? 

The answer to this question definitely depends on the age of your kitten. It goes without saying that tiny cats can’t eat squid when they’re no more than a few weeks old. 

At the beginning of their lives, kittens shouldn’t consume anything but the milk of their mothers. And if you have a rescue kitten, you should give her foods that are able to supplement the milk of her mom. 

When she starts growing, she’ll start to search for foods by herself. She’ll want to try different things. 

I seriously don’t recommend you give your kitten squid in any shape or form. If she starts munching on it, try to gently take it out of her mouth so she doesn’t accidentally choke on it. 

Her teeth aren’t developed enough nor is her digestive tract able to process this food at such a young age. It’s better to wait until she gets older before introducing this seafood to her. 

Are there any health benefits for my cat if she eats cooked squid? 

Even though squid isn’t and shouldn’t be the main ingredient in your cat’s diet, there are still certain benefits to it. 

When cats eat squid, it can benefit their bodies’ zinc needs. Zinc is an important mineral, because it promotes healthy skin, helps with female reproductive organs, and can give your cat the shiniest coat ever. 

I still want to emphasize the fact that given in moderation, this will be beneficial. If you give your furbaby too much squid, even if it’s cooked, it could lead to zinc poisoning. 

Some of the symptoms of zinc poisoning are shaking, lethargy, loss of appetite, and in some extreme cases, even death. 

If your cat doesn’t enjoy squid at all, it’s still okay. It only serves as a treat anyway – by no means is it a necessity in your cat’s diet.

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What alternative foods can cats eat instead of squid?

Can Cats Eat Squid? Prepare It Right And Turn It Into A Real Treat

If you feel like there needs to be some type of alternative for your feline friend instead of squid, there are many options that you could try. 

Starting off strong, you could always give her commercial treats that are specifically made for cats. Their nutritional profile is designed in a way that benefits her and won’t cause her any type of harm. 

Other than that, I can also recommend Blue Buffalo with a seafood flavor. Most fish-flavored treats for felines aren’t actually manufactured with fish. 

I can honestly say that every cat that I have fostered, including my three little babies, all enjoy these treats. 

Many different canned foods are good, even if they do contain some type of fish in them, because felines are the target consumers, so it’s safe for them. 

At the end of the day, if you’re determined on giving your cat seafood, it’s always best to consult a veterinarian before going to the store to buy it. Your cat won’t love you any less just because you denied her squid as a part of her regular diet.

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Can Cats Eat Squid?