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Can Cats Eat Slim Jims? Leave Them Or Give Them?

Can Cats Eat Slim Jims? Leave Them Or Give Them?

You’d think Slim Jims are an amazing, meaty treat for your cat. While some cats may like it, the real question is can cats eat Slim Jims?

Slim Jims aren’t just meat, which is unfortunate for felines. So, you might want to think twice before bringing some of these snacks home to your fluff. There are plenty of cat-friendly treats and unfortunately, these aren’t one of them.

Are Slim Jims bad for cats?

The short answer is yes. Cats shouldn’t eat this snack because of all the ingredients contained therein. Slim Jims are made of beef, pork, and chicken. While cats are carnivores, this isn’t the best food choice for them.

Due to all of the additional artificial compounds that are added to snacks and commercial foods, Slim Jims are off-limits for your fluff. It’s best if you avoid any commercial foods and human snacks that aren’t suitable for cats.

What about beef?

Beef is an excellent source of protein for felines. However, let’s not forget the amount of fat it also contains. Fresh or cooked beef is an amazing source of nutrients your cat needs.

However, the beef in these snacks is highly processed. Lots of artificial compounds are also added to the meat to keep its color and fresh look, one of them being salt.

One of the results of salt consumption is excessive thirst and urination, meaning your cat can get dehydrated. If you wonder can cats eat Slim Jims because of beef content, it is not recommended.

Beef jerky also contains high levels of salt which can result in sodium toxicity. This excess amount of salt is dangerous for your feline. Next to being poisonous, large amounts of salt can result in kidney damage.

So, it’s always better to cook some beef for your kitten and make sure she maintains a healthy and balanced diet.

Can Cats Eat Slim Jims? Leave Them Or Give Them?

Cats can eat chicken, right?

Yes, cats eat chicken. Poultry is the most widely spread meat next to pork. Its fast production and easy preparation are what make its presence on our menu very frequent. Besides that, chicken is also a great source of protein.

Cats need animal protein for survival and the good news is – chicken has lots of it! It is also low in fat and sodium. This is good news because you don’t want your fluff becoming obese. Plus, it contains minerals and vitamins that are good for your feline.

All of the above facts are reasons why your cat should receive meat on a regular daily basis. However, that doesn’t mean you should feed Slim Jims to your pet all the time. Chicken percentage in Slim Jims is not high enough to serve as a full meal for your cat.

These meat sticks contain only poultry scraps. Combined with too much salt and other preservatives, these aren’t suited for cats. Cooked meat will always be better than already processed, store-bought one. So if you feed your cat chicken, that’s great just make sure it’s cooked and without bones or any additional seasonings.

Can cats even eat pork?

Pork is also found among the ingredients of a Slim Jims content, next to beef and chicken. It’s great for uses like this because of its high fat content. Cats sure love this meat, but is it safe for them?

Unlike chicken or turkey, pork is insufficient in protein. Where there’s a lack of protein, it’s compensated by fat. Eating pork more often could lead to some health problems. Besides becoming overweight, your feline could end up with blocked arteries as well.

Alongside fat, pork is also high in sodium. This isn’t good news for your feline either. High amounts of salt can easily lead to sodium toxicity. Although this meat contains some health nutrients like vitamins B, poultry still outrivals pork in this one.

So to be fair, pork isn’t the best choice for your cat, although feeding some occasionally won’t hurt.

Can cats eat Slim Jims because of salt and spices?

Slim Jims are snacks made for humans. This means there could be some ingredients that felines won’t profit from, like salt and other spices which are often found in these meaty snacks.

High salt content is bad for your cat because it leads to a number of health issues. One of them is sodium toxicity which can occur if your pet has been exposed to these salty snacks for a while. The most easily recognized symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, and others.

Spices shouldn’t be allowed to your cat either. They can result in your feline showing similar signs to those of sodium toxicity.

Oftentimes, these spices are something that turn down your cat’s curiosity since a strong smell is something your cat will probably run away from. They have stronger smell sensors and therefore, foods that are appealing to us won’t be as appetizing to them.

Corn and wheat

Can Cats Eat Slim Jims? Leave Them Or Give Them?

Corn and wheat aren’t poisonous to cats or anything like that. Even though they are commonly added to commercial cat foods as fillers, they can’t benefit the felines.

These don’t contain any protein needed for cats’ diet so your pet can’t get her pack of nutrients from plant-based food. She can eat some but her body isn’t capable of breaking down plant material properly.

Therefore, these ingredients will be of no use to your furkid. 

Soy sauce and corn syrup

Soy sauce isn’t something your feline will benefit from. It doesn’t have the same effect it has on humans. Other than having no nutritional value to cats, soy sauce is a common food allergy in the cat world.

In addition, soy sauce contains high levels of sodium which can be toxic to your pet. You shouldn’t panic instantly if she’s licked some of the soy sauce. That is, unless your cat’s allergic to it.

Just as is the case with soy sauce, corn syrup should also be avoided. It isn’t necessarily harmful to your cat but it’s useless. Corn syrup serves as a sweetener in human food. It doesn’t hold any nutritional value and therefore, should not be on your pet’s menu.

Do cats like Slim Jims?

Most of the cats like eating Slim Jims. This is because of the amount of fat that it contains. However, some kittens may turn their heads away from it due to all the spices and smells that are found in this snack.

Regardless, you should refrain from feeding your cat Slim Jims. It holds no nutritional value to your fluff and is likely to cause her harm. By now, it’s more than obvious that high salt content and artificial flavors and compounds are dangerous for your kitten.

Bottom line

Slim Jims are made for human consumption and their entertainment. While it may be hard to let your kitten watch you snack away on these, it’s for their own good. 

There are plenty of cat treats that are safe for them and can benefit them. Cats can eat Slim Jims but there is no guarantee there won’t be any downsides to it.

Be careful when feeding your cat Slim Jims because of a couple of the ingredients that could cause harm. Salt and spices, as well as soy sauce and corn syrup are your enemies.

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Can Cats Eat Slim Jims?