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Can Cats Eat Pretzels? Are They Toxic To Your Kitto?

Can Cats Eat Pretzels? Are They Toxic To Your Kitto?

Yes, cats can eat pretzels, but the real question is, should they eat them? At a first glance, this snack seems harmless. Pretzels appear as a way to diminish your boredom, in many cases. Does that mean cats can kill boredom as well by eating pretzels?

Cats are carnivores by nature, which means they need meat on a regular daily basis. Felines get much-needed protein from meat-based food and in that way, they fulfill their nutritional needs. But we humans might be turning them into slight omnivores with all of our diverse food that they’re getting accustomed to.

Giving a carnivore plant-based food might sound silly. But you’d be surprised how many cats find pleasure in snacking away on some of it. Just because plant-based food isn’t adjusted for carnivores, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s harmful.

Just like humans, cats also like to have flavors melt in their mouths now and then. But are pretzels just a meaningless, harmless snack, or could it be putting the cat among the pigeons? We bet you never gave it a thought whether pretzels are safe for you. On the other hand, researching pays off when you have a fluffball eager to find out what’s you’re munching on.

Oftentimes, we’ll treat ourselves to snacks while sitting on a couch, watching our favorite TV show. But with each bite we take, those eyes are shooting daggers at us. Cats’ hidden talent is sitting in judgment of us, although not so hidden sometimes.

And this is a rare case, only if the cat’s being polite. Other times it’s often a standoff between you and the furry monster and we know the outcome. Don’t give up your day job!

How can we know we’re doing the best for our four-legged friends? Don’t worry too much! You that you can stop worrying about getting scratched or trying to fight the fluffy demons off. The reason for this is that pretzels won’t do them any harm when eaten a smaller amount.

Can Cats Eat Pretzels? Are They Toxic To Your Kitto?

What are pretzels made of?

Because of the ingredients that pretzels contain, like wheat and other grains, they are mostly safe for your pet. You should let your cat win a fight this time, but be careful. Your cat should always be under supervision while munching down on these twisted delicacies.

Most of the pretzels are safe for your kitty to enjoy and at first glance, they seem harmless. But, some pretzels can contain ingredients or toppings that could irritate their stomachs. For instance salt, chocolate, garlic, onion, and cheese.

1. Chocolate

Unfortunately, chocolate is toxic to cats. They could easily be poisoned by the intake of small amounts. If you also sprinkled your pretzels with a bit of cocoa, they’re off-limits for your feline. This is because chocolate and caffeine contain two harmful compounds, namely theobromine, and caffeine.

If your cat has consumed any chocolate, especially a dark one, look out for chocolate toxicity. Clinical symptoms of chocolate toxicity include vomiting, diarrhea, and increased thirst and urination. In some severe cases, it can result in tremors, seizures, and coma.

Although this fact might be utterly upsetting for the owners, you can stop holding your breath. Sweets, such as chocolate, don’t naturally draw cats. So, the chance of your cat deciding to eat it on its own is fairly small.

It doesn’t matter that they have 14 times better smell than humans. Felines lack the taste buds that allow humans to taste sweetness.

That said, don’t inspire your cat to eat any chocolate or chocolate-flavored pretzels.

2. Alliums

More sad news is that any form of garlic and onion has a similar effect on cats as chocolate does. Fresh, dry, or powdered garlic and onion are poisonous to cats, too – garlic being more toxic than onion.

Unfortunately, it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows if your cat ingests these ingredients because they could make her sick as a dog (ironic, I know).

Alliums are known for damaging red blood cells in both felines and canines. Red blood cells are important because they contain hemoglobin, the most important protein that carries oxygen. If red blood cell damage occurs, it can result in lethargy, diarrhea, weakness, and abdominal discomfort.

3. Salt

The next thing most owners probably wonder about pretzels is salt. The salt on the pretzels is what makes them unique, together with the funny shape they have.

You may have noticed that sometimes cats will lick your skin after sweating or crying. That’s because the salty taste of it attracts them. While large amounts of salt intake can be harmful, smaller quantities can increase your cat’s need for water. However, cats require both salt and water daily to keep their bodies healthy.

Do, however, keep an eye on your feline for sodium toxicity. You can recognize salt toxicity in your pet if she’s demonstrating any of the clinical symptoms such as excessive thirst and urination, incoordination, as well as tremors and seizures. In that case, we recommend taking your pet immediately to see the vet.

Should you be worried about salt more than about chocolate or garlic? Salt isn’t recommended and can potentially be dangerous to your cat if she ingests it in larger quantities. The amount of it on one pretzel doesn’t represent any harm to your beloved pet.

4. Cheese

Can Cats Eat Pretzels? Are They Toxic To Your Kitto?

Has your cat ever decided it would be a great idea to have some cheese? And then she ended up with tummy issues? If so, that’s because cheese contains lactose. This is a type of sugar found in milk, which cats cannot digest. Felines are mostly lactose intolerant, which means they lack the enzyme in their intestines to break down lactose.

So, if you feed your cat pretzels with cheese toppings, make sure it’s in smaller portions. Cheese can cause gastrointestinal distress and make your pet highly uncomfortable. Given that cheese isn’t the only ingredient in pretzels that could cause her discomfort, the effect of eating these snacks could become even worse.

Are pretzels bad for my cat?

Having a snack from time to time isn’t a serious problem. However, pretzels are grain-based food. This type of food is often used as a filler in many commercial cat foods. While it’s not poisonous to your feline, it doesn’t hold any nutritional value.

Kittos can’t benefit from the nutrients found in grain-based foods because all the needed health benefits come from meat. Because cats are carnivores, they’ll have some issues digesting plant-based food. Therefore, all the possibly beneficial supplements will go to waste.

These snacks can be just that, snacks. Don’t try replacing your feline’s regular diet with a plant one, due to cats having a strictly meat-based diet. Sharing your pretzels occasionally with cats isn’t harmful, but it can be if they eat them more frequently.

In addition to the above-mentioned dietary reasons, pretzels are potentially a choking hazard. Especially watch out if your little monster is a greedy one. Cats eating pretzels can easily become an unwelcome scenario. Don’t let her eat these unsupervised and make sure she doesn’t indulge in them.

What about some other snacks?

Can cats eat chips?

The simple answer to this question is no. Although both are snacks, cats can eat pretzels, while chips are off-limits. Cats can’t eat chips like they can eat pretzels.

If she steals one of our chips from the bag, don’t immediately go into panic mode. She’ll probably be fine, but if she had more than one, that could be an issue.

Chips are usually made out of potatoes and while they aren’t bad for cats, in chip form, they are. They are cooked, fried, and seasoned with a variety of different spices. Chips are salty and even though humans can eat a bag of chips safely, cats can’t.

Eating chips can cause sodium toxicity and major health issues for your feline. Other seasons than salt are the spices we usually find in these snacks. These include hot ones, like chili. Chili is bad for your kitten. Spicy foods like chili contains a compound called capsaicin. This compound can be troublesome for your pet and even toxic if taken in larger quantities.

Can cats eat crackers?

Yes, in moderation. Cats can eat crackers because they are frequently more neutral in taste than chips, for example. Crackers are crunchy as well, which will probably spark your pet’s interest. The amount of sweeteners and salt in crackers isn’t alarming. Yet, make sure you supervise the intake of these snacks.

Even though crackers are a better option for your fluff than chips, they still don’t hold any value to her. You can feed her crackers as long as she doesn’t have any side effects, and it’s probably best you consult with your vet about it. But in conclusion, cats can eat crackers and they are safer than pretzels.

How many pretzels you can feed your cat and when?

Can Cats Eat Pretzels? Are They Toxic To Your Kitto?

Pretzels, in the majority of cases, are nontoxic for our pet companions, and therefore, cats can eat them. But you should remember that plant-based food is not their natural diet. Therefore, food made specifically for cats must be in their daily course of meals, and they can’t go vegan!

So if you want to surprise your furry friend with this human snack, you may. But be alert because cats’ sensitivity to some of the ingredients could result in less than desirable outcomes.

You and your cat should be safe while cuddling or enjoying a TV show after work with some pretzels, but make sure this doesn’t happen too often and always keep an eye out on those greedy little claws. Don’t give in to their cries and Puss in Boots-like eyes – one or two pretzels are more than enough!

So, in short, don’t panic when it comes to pretzels, just make sure the mice don’t play when the cat’s away – that they don’t indulge themselves in these salty and tasty snacks behind your back.

There are many snacks that fit their diet and needs. Even though a way to a cat’s heart is through her stomach, you should remember these tips for her sake the next time you open a bag of pretzels.

Homemade treats as an alternative to human snacks

We know you think about snacks for your kitten all the time. It’s not fair that they can’t enjoy the same treats as humans. This thought becomes unbearable because they really are a member of our family. We want the best for our pets – and that’s where healthy alternatives come in.

Some of these healthy alternatives include homemade cat treats. You can find many recipes online on how to make homemade, healthy cat treats. You can either use salmon, chicken, or some greens, like lettuce!

All of these foods have to be unseasoned and in that way, they’ll become the best option. Cats’ bodies are different than humans’, so our diets differ.

We have to take care of our kitty cats because those cute, little toe beans can’t do it on their own. Make sure your fluff gets all of the best because she deserves it.

To sum up

Cats can eat pretzels, but it’s optional. Felines are carnivores and while they can eat grain-based food, they won’t benefit from it.

Pretzels are a great way to fill your time and hang out with your kitty. But be sure to only give your cat pretzels as an occasional snack – moderation is key.

Make sure this doesn’t happen on a regular daily basis. Pretzels contain lots of spices and sweeteners that can’t be good for your four-legged companion. If taken for a longer period of time, pretzels can cause more discomfort than pleasure.

You should avoid flavors such as cheese, onion, and chocolate. These ingredients cause issues in cats and some of them can be lethal.

Talk to your vet before introducing pretzels to your cat’s diet. Especially if your cat has a medical history and is prone to some allergies. One call could save your furry friend’s life!

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Can Cats Eat Pretzels?