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Can Cats Eat Cornbread? Stand Your Ground Or Go Ahead?

Can Cats Eat Cornbread? Stand Your Ground Or Go Ahead?

You might be enjoying your soup when you notice your cornbread is missing. There’s only one suspect that is capable of such a crime, but can cats eat cornbread?

These cat shenanigans are always funny and entertaining. You just can’t get mad at those big doe eyes for stealing some of your human food.

However, human love for their four-legged companions might get out of hand. We oftentimes tend to forget just how sensitive our pets can be.

To prove our unyielding love for our pets, we tend to give in to their wishes and desires. This wouldn’t be a problem if we knew the right time to draw a line.

There are times when it’s safe and totally appropriate to treat your feline with some of your delicious snacks. On the other hand, there are also times when you have to tell her no.

I know this is hard to do, especially when she’s giving you the look. But you must think about all of the possible consequences that might occur.

Cat parenthood is never easy, especially if you’ve got a curious and bold pet to look after. After all, she’s the reason you came here to find out can cats eat cornbread, right?

They never cease to amaze us with ways to get into trouble. You might feel like you’re worrying a bit too much because it’s just bread.

However, it’s actually a good thing because you can never be too cautious with these inquisitive creatures. They can set alarm bells at any time and anywhere.

It may feel like you can never catch a break because you’re constantly paying attention to what she’s doing. You don’t really believe in the story of nine lives or just want to keep your pet safe.

Can cats eat cornbread?

Can Cats Eat Cornbread? Stand Your Ground Or Go Ahead?

At first glance, this may not look like food that’s going to drive your cat nuts. You could never suspect that she’d be this interested in trying out a slice of bread.

Well, you love it so what makes it any different for your pet? She’s supposed to be a carnivore, isn’t she? That’s true, but felines don’t mind exploring other diets as well.

We know for a fact that meat-based one is the right fit for them and they’re simply made to survive on it. However, a bit of cornbread isn’t supposed to hurt her, right?

I don’t know about you, but I’m always jumpy around my cat and worried sick. She’s known to get her paws dirty quite often and doesn’t leave me much choice except to constantly be on the lookout.

She gets herself in trouble very quickly and easily and it’s always nerve-wracking when she swallows something she shouldn’t have.

If you’re stuck and need help to find out can cats eat cornbread, stick with me. I’ve been through this before, so there’s no need to panic.

Even though your feline would be better off without it, cornbread doesn’t pose an immediate danger to her. But of course, it’s better to be safe than sorry so let’s see what cornbread has to offer our pets.

What can you find in cornbread?

I know you probably never gave it much thought, but now your pet’s got you intrigued. You know, sometimes I thank her for the things she puts me through.

I can learn so much from her at times. For example, I’d never know just how many ingredients are incorporated into this seemingly simple food.

For us, the flavorful taste is enough to take our minds off of the things that cornbread consists of. On the other hand, we start to look more into it when our felines decide to have a mind of their own.

We go into full research mode because we worry so much about their well-being. Oftentimes, there’s more than meets the eye to some foods.

This can make us feel quite skeptical of the newfound addition to their diet, especially when they add it on their own. A diet is half the health of felines and it should be carefully monitored.

If you seem to fall for their antics and food thefts, it may feel as if you’ve failed as a cat owner. I know this feeling all too well and I assure you it’s not true.

Cats are doing simply what they do best – explore. If she wasn’t granted this opportunity to investigate, sniff around, and try out new foods, then that would be the reason for concern.

They have to quench their thirst for curiosity somehow and somewhere. What better way to do that in the kitchen pantry or fridge?

Well, it’s about time we find out for sure can cats eat cornbread. To do so, let’s dive right into some of the main ingredients.

1. Cornmeal

Can Cats Eat Cornbread? Stand Your Ground Or Go Ahead?

Cornmeal is one of the main ingredients used in making cornbread. It certainly doesn’t sound dangerous, but could you be wrong?

Definitely not. The short answer to the question of whether cats can eat cornmeal is yes. In fact, I believe she’s already gotten a taste of that.

The thing is that cornmeal is actually a popular filler used in cat commercial foods. Do you know those small letters on the back side of the product?

Well, that’s where you can find cornmeal and other grains. Felines are carnivores, so they don’t go much in their favor.

That’s why they put the meat percentage on full display on the front side but tend to hide the number of grains. Felines can’t really benefit from them a great deal, that’s why they’re called fillers.

However, cornmeal isn’t something you should be concerned about. Although it holds little nutritional value, it’s not harmful to your pet.

She can have a bite of cornmeal anytime she likes. It’s just that I wouldn’t be so confident in seeing it happen. Cats aren’t crazy about grains, you know.

2. Can cats eat cornbread because of salt?

You know that recognizable flavor that cornbread has that makes your mouth water? Well, the salt content actually helps with the taste.

This table condiment is one of the staples in every household. Honestly, I have no idea what I would do if my food wasn’t salty enough.

Many people enjoy that sodium taste, but what about felines? Can cats eat cornbread because of its salt content? What are the possible consequences of it?

I don’t mean to scare you, but sodium is no good for your furry friend. It can be poisonous to felines and build up in her body over time.

If your cat manages to swallow a decent amount of salt, it could lead to sodium toxicity. It’s a condition where she starts to exhibit certain symptoms.

These include diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, as well as weakness. A worst-case scenario could take place if you notice her experiencing tremors and seizures. If left untreated, your pet is likely to fall into a coma.

However, Don’t throw away all of the cornbread now. This isn’t really going to happen after a few bites.

Still, you should be really careful when it comes to the number of salty foods your pet is eating. A short-lived pleasure isn’t worthy of such serious risks and consequences.

3. What about butter?

Can Cats Eat Cornbread? Stand Your Ground Or Go Ahead?

Next to the previously mentioned ingredients, butter is also one of the main components of cornbread. When you think about it, what could possibly be beneficial in butter to your cat?

To cut the long story short, there can’t. Butter is a by-product of milk that can seriously shake up your pet. Felines are lactose intolerant so it’s only about time when she’s going to have to run to the loo.

Also, your cat could be allergic to dairy products which could leave her with respiratory problems and skin rashes all over her body.

While these are some of the less likely scenarios, here’s something to be really worried about. The amount of unhealthy fat found in butter and such products is concerning.

What’s alarming is that these saturated fats are known for raising blood cholesterol and causing blood clotting. Over time, your pet may have increased chances of getting heart disease or suffering a stroke.

Just like margarine, it simply can’t find its way into your cat’s diet. There’s literally no reason to incorporate it as an important ingredient.

Still, it isn’t of the life-threatening components of cornbread. However, when you wonder can cats eat cornbread next time, remember some of these ingredients.

Why shouldn’t cats eat cornbread?

Next to the above-mentioned reasons, there are several other facts that make cornbread unwanted food. While this doesn’t bother us the least bit, it might represent an issue for felines.

Besides the amount of sodium found in this treat, there’s also a hint of its counterpart. Sugar is also one of the ingredients that can be found in this delicious snack.

Once again, a few bites of it aren’t a cause for concern. However, you should know that sugar is something your pet should avoid entirely.

Don’t feel sad for your pet because she doesn’t have a sweet tooth. In translation, she doesn’t have the taste buds that would allow her to pick up the sweet flavor.

That being said, she doesn’t crave sugar or sweets. This is good news because sugar could potentially lead to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.

Obesity is one of the leading factors and causes of death in pets these days. The weight isn’t the sole reason, and there are always a number of health issues tagging along.

Following the few extra pounds, more pressure is on the way looking to settle around your pet’s joints. This is the way to develop arthritis and ruin the quality of her life.

Just equally concerning are the potential dental problems. Your cat may start losing her teeth due to all the plaque forming in her mouth.

Now, this won’t happen if she grabs a bite of something sweet while you’re not looking. Thankfully, cornbread doesn’t have pounds of sugar; but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

How can I stop my cat from eating cornbread?

Can Cats Eat Cornbread? Stand Your Ground Or Go Ahead?

There’s nothing of major risk if your pet’s giving it a go with cornbread. As long as she’s supervised and doesn’t go on a feeding frenzy with it, she should be fine.

However, what if she gets ahead of herself and starts liking it a bit too much? You’d never expect that she’d go this crazy over a slice of bread, but I guess felines never fail to amaze us.

If your cat seems to be having the time of her life with this grain product, it might feel a bit weird. You’ve just found out the answer to the question Can cats eat cornbread, but you don’t know why she likes it so much.

Well, there are several options to choose from. Either she’s only intrigued and discovering new foods with her sense of smell and taste or she’s trying to compensate for something.

If you don’t want your cat getting overweight because of the cornbread, make sure to take her attention to something else. Maybe she’s bored with her diet, so try out something else.

Sometimes, cats can get a little carried away in their curiosity and forget the charms of being a carnivore. Perhaps a bowl of chicken liver will remind her of just how much better meat is than grains.

Can Cats Eat Cornbread?