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Can Cats Eat Cheetos? All You Need To Know!

Can Cats Eat Cheetos? All You Need To Know!

Everyone likes to hang out on the sofa with their cat after a stressful day. It doesn’t even have to be stressful to enjoy some snacks. Can cats eat Cheetos with you?

This isn’t something that frequently crosses your mind, but only because you don’t eat these often. If you did, trust me, you would constantly think “Can cats eat Cheetos?”

This might be out of pure curiosity or because you saw how your pet’s been looking at your bowl of snacks. Deep down, you know what’s the right thing to do.

However, you’re too weak for some reason, just like any of us. You simply can’t help but give in when she looks at you with those beautiful round eyes. Still, should you comply with her wish or try to ignore her?

I know that both options are hard choices, but you must decide. What’s it going to be – her health or her short satisfaction?

Can cats eat Cheetos?

Can Cats Eat Cheetos All You Need To Know!

You don’t really have to be an expert for these things just to understand that cats and snacks don’t really match well. Our furry friends probably don’t share the same opinion.

However, sometimes you need to take over the control. Be in charge of the situation and tell her no. This might be a challenge since we all know that felines are really the big boss around the house.

Still, you must always think about what’s best for her. Is it a bag of Cheetos? Well, probably not. Can cats eat Cheetos? If you asked them, I’m almost sure it would be a positive answer.

Unfortunately, these snacks aren’t really made to be suitable for our feline companions. They might get a taste of them, but it certainly isn’t recommended.

Cheetos are snacks, which means fast food, which also implies they’re packed with calories, fats, and carbs. There’s nothing nutritional for felines in a bag of Cheetos.

Also, cats don’t really look for something to snack on. They need full and cat-appropriate foods that are going to give them all of the nutrients they need.

Therefore, cats can’t really enjoy Cheetos. Now, I don’t want to be the bad guy who brings this distasteful news, so I’m going to break it down for you.

The downsides of cats eating Cheetos

Obesity is among the top reasons as a cause of various illnesses in animals. Humans tend to love on them a bit too much and then disaster strikes.

Before you know it, your good intentions and acts of affection towards your cat turn out to get a different name. It’s called obesity, diabetes, dental decay, and so on.

Yes, it might sound a bit unbelievable, but those are all the possible things that could happen to your pet. That is if you don’t stick to her regular diet.

Therefore, makes sure you don’t jeopardize your cat’s health just because you want to see her happy. Cheetos are no good for your pet, trust me.

1. All the fats

Usually, fat is what every animal needs, and so do cats. When you think about it, how else would they survive out in the wild? There’s no central heating or warm blankets out in the woods in winter.

Therefore, felines and other four-legged friends need fat in order to keep them warm throughout this harsh period. We wouldn’t want them to freeze to death, right?

However, the fat they get from animals and their flesh and the one they would get from eating a bag of Cheetos can’t really be compared. The first one is healthy and much needed.

The other one, not so much. When you wonder can cats eat Cheetos, you must first ask yourself what she could possibly gain from it. Well, let me cut you some slack and tell you spot on.

Nothing. Unfortunately, snacks aren’t made to fulfill dietary requirements, especially those of a cat. Therefore, without any benefits, Cheetos are definitely unnecessary.

The healthy fats that your pet could get from animal-based foods are unsaturated fats. These feed her skin, bones, and fur, and give her energy.

It holds many advantages for a feline, unlike saturated fats. On the other hand, saturated fats are also called unhealthy fats. You want to know why?

Well, in contrast to healthy ones, saturated fats are known to create many medical issues for felines. They might cause blood clotting, high cholesterol levels in the blood, and so on.

But what’s more terrifying is the fact that it increases the chances of a heart stroke. Moreover, it raises the risk of other cardiovascular diseases as well.

All in all, cats cannot eat Cheetos because they’re packed with fats. And these are not the good ones either, trust me.

2. Carbs and calories

As if the bad fats weren’t enough to ruin your day, a bag of Cheetos has yet another surprise. I know you don’t like these kinds of surprises but bear with me.

If you want the best for your cat, you’ll try to keep her away from human snacks. The real trouble with these delicious foods is the high amount of calories and carbs.

Well, they’re snacks, so what is there to expect? Of course, they’re packed with calories and carbs! It’s something we love about them, right? They make us feel full in no time.

However, we know when it’s time to stop, but our fluffy pets may not know that. Be honest with me, if your cat was to get her paws on a bag of Cheetos, would she know when to stop?

We’re no saints either, I admit. I also tend to lose control sometimes, especially when it’s movie night. So who am I to judge? But we must keep our pets safe and healthy all the time and that’s not an easy task.

Carbs and calories not only can but will make us fat if we indulge in them. The same goes for our pretty babies. Unfortunately, it’s easier gaining those extra pounds that shedding them, right?

Therefore, our pets are also prone to becoming overweight. If your cat doesn’t get the right nutrients and doesn’t spend the right amount, it’s bound to happen.

Now, you’d think that cats are agile creatures and it just can’t happen to her? Well, watch and see. If you keep thinking that cats can eat Cheetos, you’ll soon become aware of just how detrimental it can be.

3. Can cats eat Cheetos because of spices?

Can Cats Eat Cheetos All You Need To Know!

This is definitely a major red flag when it comes to these snacks. Felines and spices don’t match, and if they did, it would be a pure disaster.

Cats can’t eat spices, therefore, they shouldn’t be trying out these snacks. Cheetos come in different flavors and that’s one of the reasons why we love them so much.

On the other hand, this variety isn’t suitable for your furry pet. Cats are pretty simple creatures and they don’t need spices and seasonings. Actually, some of the might even be toxic.

For instance, Cheetos are packed with salt which, if consumed in large quantities, can be deadly for your feline companion. It causes vomiting, diarrhea, as well as tremors, and dehydration.

Next to salt, Cheetos contain garlic and onion powder which are both poisonous to pets. The members of the Allium family (garlic, onion, chives…) destroy red blood cells which leads to anemia and other health conditions.

Also, they contain some ingredients that might be repulsive to cats, such as black pepper. Therefore, don’t forget what dangers a bag of Cheetos poses for your cat.

4. Different artificial flavors

Spices are one way to add natural flavor to snacks. However, people got dissatisfied with that over time. That’s why we nowadays have different artificial flavors.

These are totally safe for human consumption. On the other hand, they might be damaging to felines. Cats aren’t wired to consume human foods.

Therefore, it’s to be expected that your pet has some problems if faced with our food. Usually, cats get stomach pains followed by diarrhea and vomiting.

However, these are only short-term effects. Unfortunately, the consequences of artificial flavors might be long-term for our pets.

Some of the artificial flavors might be poisonous and you can never know for sure just how your pet’s going to react to a certain one.

What’s even more concerning than that is you can’t know the exact amount it takes for a pet to get sick. If you notice your pet behaving any differently, you should call your vet.

You never know when she’s been bad or done something she would later regret. She might’ve chucked down some Cheetos without you even knowing.

Can cats eat an alternative to Cheetos?

Of course, as every cat parent, you’re sad every time you hear the bad news. Usually, it’s when you figure out you can’t share something with your beloved pet.

However, you shouldn’t worry about not being able to share a bag of Cheetos. Instead, treat your cat with some cat-appropriate treats that you know she’ll like.

You don’t have to buy all of those expensive ones! You can even offer her some homemade cat treats, such as dried anchovies or some veggies snacks.

There are even a number of fruits that are totally safe for your cat’s consumption and I’m sure she’ll like them. You never know if you don’t even try right?

Whatever it may be, cats can’t and shouldn’t be eating Cheetos. They aren’t healthy for her and don’t offer her any nutritional benefits.

Moreover, they can be extremely dangerous for her. Some spices might be poisonous and your feline could be in danger.

Thankfully, cats are usually picky eaters and won’t grab everything off the floor, unlike canines. The smell might even be deterring enough, but you never know.

It’s best to keep an eye out and keep your pet out of your pantry. The next time you wonder “can cats eat Cheetos”, remember this piece of advice.

Can Cats Eat Cheetos?