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Can Cats Eat Banana Pudding? Right Or Wrong Choice?

Can Cats Eat Banana Pudding? Right Or Wrong Choice?

Bananas are one of the most popular and most-liked fruits. They are simple, yet delicious. We see monkeys indulging in this food, but what about other animals? Can cats eat bananas or, more specifically, banana pudding?

Bananas are highly nutritional to humans. When it comes to other animals, the same rule may not apply. The good news is that bananas are safe for felines, but what about banana pudding? Is this creamy treat valuable to felines?

Is it dangerous for cats to eat banana pudding?

Banana pudding isn’t safe for your feline. It’s high in calories and fat, which are unwelcome in your feline’s diet. This dessert is calorie-dense and that means bad news for your fluff.

Cats certainly need roughly about 200 calories per day. Anything more than that can cause weight gain, just like in humans. Weight gain is bad for felines as it hinders them from being able to do their ordinary activities. It prevents them from running, playing, jumping, or even hunting.

Not that our furbabies are much interested in these activities. Sometimes, sleeping sounds like a better option, That said, it’s no secret that excess calorie intake impacts their quality of life.

Too many calories can lead to high cholesterol levels. This opens up the path to many more health issues such as an increased risk of heart disease.

Can cats benefit from the fat content?

Can Cats Eat Banana Pudding? Right Or Wrong Choice?

No, cats can’t benefit from the fat found in banana pudding. It’s true that felines need a daily intake of fats. This is a nutrient they rely on to get much-needed energy. Fat is one of their energy sources, but not the kind of fat found in banana pudding.

The fats contained in banana pudding are saturated fats. They are unhealthy types of fats and can cause troubles in your cat’s tummy. They can lead to some stomach problems and result in vomiting and diarrhea.

So, fats are required daily to keep cats’ bodies going, but this fuel isn’t found in banana pudding. If your cat eats banana pudding, it won’t be without risks. 

Disadvantages of cats eating banana pudding

Cats don’t require carbohydrates in their diets. This is mainly because they aren’t super-nutritious. Cats being obligate carnivores means they rely solely on protein intake. Animal-derived protein is what keeps their health top-notch.

Obviously, carbs aren’t capable of fulfilling a cat’s needs. Your feline can’t break down plant material and won’t benefit from intake thereof. Protein is what is needed to fulfill her nutritional requirements.

Unfortunately, no such protein is found in this type of dessert. Your pet is probably attracted to the amount of fat contained in banana pudding. You should know better and prevent your fluff from indulging in this unhealthy treat.


It’s easy to understand why this food is high on the human list of fruits. It’s highly beneficial as it contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Cats can reap some of the benefits of bananas too.

Bananas are found to be non-toxic to felines, which is good news. The bad news is that this fruit is high in sugar. This isn’t a great situation because felines don’t cope well with excess amounts of sugar.

Moreover, it’s not likely you’ll find your cat enjoying the taste of bananas. They are picky eaters and what doesn’t smell like meat, usually won’t tickle their fancy. Maybe your cat will enjoy it as an occasional snack, but be careful.

Don’t overfeed because, in the end, felines need protein. It’s really best if you rather offer her some meat-based cat treats made for her. Your furbaby will be thankful and won’t miss out on anything special.

Can cats eat banana pudding because of custard?

Cats shouldn’t eat banana pudding because of custard. Custard is made of sweetened milk, cheese, or other dairy products. Whether it’s homemade or store-bought, it can keep your cat on her toes.

Custard is full of ingredients cats can’t digest. Therefore, it’s better if your feline stays away from it. If you don’t want your kitten having trouble with digestion, don’t feed her banana pudding.

(Condensed) milk in banana pudding

Can Cats Eat Banana Pudding? Right Or Wrong Choice?

This one might bring back some memories from your childhood. Oftentimes, milk is represented as cats’ main choice of food. This is completely false. Felines can’t digest milk and will often have adverse consequences if taking a sip.

Milk can cause digestive issues in cats in terms of diarrhea. Lactose levels in milk are something cats’ stomachs can’t tolerate and this is why milk isn’t recommended for felines. 

Cats are lactose intolerant, which means they have trouble digesting milk. Felines can’t break down lactose because they don’t have the right enzymes for it. The lack of an enzyme called lactase is what makes milk so troublesome for them.

If you want to offer milk to your pet, make sure it’s lactose-free or almond milk. Any other milk, especially cow’s milk, can leave your cat bloated and gassy. Other than that, some symptoms of gastrointestinal upset may occur, including vomiting and diarrhea.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is a red light when it comes to cats as it’s highly toxic to felines. Ethyl alcohol is found in vanilla extract, which could lead to feline death in cats. The reason behind this is alcohol poisoning which can occur if certain amounts of vanilla extract are ingested.

This is also one of the reasons vanilla pudding isn’t safe for your cat either.

Can cats eat vanilla wafers?

Vanilla wafers are often an ingredient found in banana pudding. Unfortunately, cats also cannot eat vanilla wafers. These treats contain sugar, leavening, salt, and artificial flavors that are harmful to cats.

All of these can be added to the list of foods cats can’t eat. You may have been providing vanilla wafers to your pet as an occasional treat. Now, knowing that cats can’t eat these safely, look for something more cat-appropriate.

What are the dangers of sugar in banana pudding?

Banana pudding contains high amounts of sugar, which is concerning. Cat owners should be careful when it comes to their cats eating sugar as it can lead to some medical issues. The amount of sugar in banana pudding can cause problems if cats eat it.

The good news is that cats don’t express a liking toward sweetness. We know you’re wondering how this is possible, how could they possibly not like the sweet flavor? Must be another piece of evidence your cat has gone bananas!

Jokes aside, cats are incapable of tasting sweet flavor because they don’t have the needed taste receptors. Strange to think, I know, as they usually have better and stronger senses than humans.

However, regular intake of sugar in felines can cause some health problems. Short-term issues include tooth decay, which can affect your cat’s diet and food intake. Also, dental issues are so painful!

In the long run, sugar consumption in felines can cause obesity and diabetes. Just like humans, cats are exposed to chronic diseases and can suffer greatly due to their consequences.

What can happen if my cat eats banana pudding?

Taming these lap monsters and their greed is a tough task. Every cat owner has at some point experienced the wrath of the devil – especially when their feline companion wants a taste of whatever they’re having.

If your cat steals some of your banana pudding, it probably isn’t a big deal. Watch out for any unusual behaviors, but small portions aren’t likely to cause immediate harm to your furkid.

However, any larger amounts can be a reason for concern. Vanilla extract, as one of the ingredients, is poisonous to cats and it’s possible your pet can exhibit some signs of alcohol poisoning. Watch out for any signs your cat isn’t herself, including loss of consciousness or coordination.

Can Cats Eat Banana Pudding? Right Or Wrong Choice?

Wrapping it up

Banana pudding isn’t something cats can safely eat. While bananas are nontoxic to felines, vanilla extract makes up for it. It’s highly poisonous as it contains ethyl alcohol. Bananas themselves are no reason for concern, yet they have high sugar content.

Cats eating banana pudding can be without any consequences if only a nibble. However, it can also result in some serious medical conditions. 

The sugar content in bananas can be detrimental to your cat’s health, leading to dental problems, weight gain, and diabetes. Make sure you prioritize your cat’s health and not her wishes!

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