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Brown Maine Coon: Everything You Need To Know

Brown Maine Coon: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever seen how majestic a brown Maine Coon actually looks? It’s one of the most beautiful cats out there, so it’s understandable that you’d want to know more about them.

Maine Coon cats are the biggest domesticated cats that can grow up to 16 inches and can weigh up to 25 pounds. That may sound a little bit intimidating, but they truly deserve their nickname of gentle giants.

They’re intelligent, cuddly, playful, and extremely loyal. They’re the perfect pet for people who have a big family and are afraid that a cat could harm their children.

Maine Coon cats are very gentle and they’re extremely patient. It doesn’t matter if your kids like to play a little bit rougher with a cat, because this one won’t lose its temper that easily.

All of these things are a great reminder of why these cats are absolutely perfect house pets.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the brown Maine Coon and how mesmerizing she can be. If you choose to get one for yourself, then you should know a couple of things.

What is a brown Maine Coon

Brown Maine Coon: Everything You Need To Know

When you think of a brown Maine Coon cat, you probably envision the perfect shade of brown. However, that’s not always the case.

They actually have a coppery brown base color, and they come with tabby patterns most of the time.

The color brown is due to a browning gene that produces eumelanin. If it’s dominant, the color of the fur becomes black, however, if it’s recessive it looks more like the color of chocolate or cinnamon.

Another gene is responsible for the tabby pattern in cats. It’s called the agouti gene. The dominant form of this gene produces black fur, but it’s lined with orange and reddish-brown patterns.

It’s a beautiful mix, considering that the cat has a long coat and an undercoat. You may be surprised that the undercoat is a slightly different color than the coat itself. This makes the brown Maine Coon absolutely astonishing and perfectly unique.

Types of brown Maine Coons

There are a couple of different types of brown Maine Coon that you can look out for. Some of them are extremely rare, and you’d have to look more thoroughly to find one. Others are more common and don’t need that much effort.

However, it’s good to know that you can look for a brown Maine Coon that is aesthetically pleasing.

1. Solid brown

Solid brown Maine Coon cats are the rarest. Usually, you’ll bump into cats that have some type of pattern in their brown fur, which is because of their genes.

Solid brown cats, not just Maine Coons, are one of the rarest in the world. So, don’t be surprised if you can’t get your hands on one.

2. Tabby

The tabby pattern is the most common in cats. They have fur that is filled with lines and spots of different shades of brown, orange, red, and black.

They’re most known for the little M-shaped mark on their forehead.

3. Spotted

With spotted brown Maine Coon cats, you’ll see that the tabby pattern on them actually looks like big freckles. They may even look like wild cats with those.

These spots can be small and shaped like perfect circles, or they could be elongated.

4. Patched

A brown Maine Coon with patched fur usually has big chunks of fur that have a different color. Most commonly, those patches are black or white. They can, sometimes, even be silver or reddish.

They’re not as rare, but you won’t find them as easily as a normal tabby Maine Coon.

Facts about a brown Maine Coon you should know

1. She’ll make the perfect pet

A brown Maine Coon is the perfect pet. They don’t shed too much, even though their long fur may lead you to believe otherwise. And, what’s great is that these cats are very easy to domesticate.

This little lady will groom herself, and she’ll always find a way to entertain herself. Which means that she won’t need too much of your attention.

She loves to be cuddled, she loves to play with everyone. Even though she’s not very trusting when it comes to strangers, it won’t take too much time for her to get used to new people.

All of these things make her the absolutely perfect pet!

2. She’s family-friendly and playful

Brown Maine Coon: Everything You Need To Know

The most common reason why families opt for a brown Maine Coon is that she’s gentle with kids. I know, how can an animal know these things?

Well, even though her size is quite intimidating, she’s still very patient and can handle some rough play with children. She won’t lose her temper easily, nor will she become aggressive.

Your kids are safe with her! However, you have to understand that this doesn’t apply if your kids do become abusive towards her. That’s when she’ll let her instincts take over. She will bite and scratch to protect herself.

Another thing that makes her so good is that she’s extremely cuddly and playful. She’ll want to jump around and play games, and cuddle with you and your family afterward.

Brown cats are usually known for being the most playful ones. There are many studies that support the claim that the color of a cat’s coat actually determines its personality. With this one, they were spot on.

3. She’s extremely intelligent and easy to train

I already mentioned that brown Maine Coon cats are very easy to domesticate. What I didn’t mention is that they’re so intelligent that you can actually train them!

I mean, you can’t train her as easily as you can train a dog, but they’re the most intelligent of all cat breeds. You can teach her to sit, speak, roll over, and so many other things.

This also includes teaching her that she’s not allowed to jump on the counters and so on. People believe that cats are just stubborn and do whatever they want, but that’s not always the truth.

This breed, besides being stunning, is also able to learn quickly if you give her the time of day.

4. She’s good with other pets

I know that the size of a brown Maine Coon cat can be quite intimidating to people. Nonetheless, these gentle giants are respected by other animals exactly because of that.

Smaller cats won’t attack her, because they know that they’d lose the fight. Even if an animal tries to attack her, she’ll have the patience to simply endure this little playful moment without becoming aggressive.

Because of her size, a Maine Coon is also good with dogs. If you have a dog in your home, you won’t have to worry about the cat scratching or biting him. If anything, they’ll become best friends.

The playful nature of a brown Maine Coon will also help your pets feel less lonely when you’re not around. They’ll find ways to play around without needing your attention.

5. She’s very independent

My friend owns a brown Maine Coon. His name is Wolverine, and he’s one of the most independent pets that I have ever seen in my entire life. She installed cameras to keep an eye on him while she was at work.

The only thing that she noticed is that he plays around without having the need for anyone’s company. When she’s not around, he finds ways to entertain himself. If he’s not playing with his toys, he’s either eating or sleeping.

This means that you won’t have to spend your entire time worrying if your cat will become depressed because of your absence. She’ll find ways to entertain herself and stay active.

She’ll know how to use her little toilet and eat whenever she feels hungry without overeating or under-eating.

6. She loves water

Brown Maine Coon: Everything You Need To Know

This is one of the most interesting traits of a brown Maine Coon that sets her apart from other cat breeds.

Usually, cats are scared of the water. They genuinely hate getting wet, and they don’t like being around water!

That’s not the case with this gentle giant. Because Maine Coon cats have a thick undercoat, they don’t experience water the same way other breeds do.

They love playing in the water and being groomed.

Considering that you’ll have to brush your cat’s thick fur quite often, this is a great thing to know. She won’t run away once you take out the brushes, she’ll actually enjoy it.

She may even want to bathe and play in the water, without making a big fuss about it.

7. She’s not prone to health problems

A brown Maine Coon cat won’t have health problems like some other cat breeds. The only issues that she could encounter would be dental problems or obesity.

The best way to stop dental problems from developing is to introduce dry food into her diet and to brush her teeth regularly. Also, taking her to the vet now and then for a checkup is very much recommended.

Other than that, obesity is a risk for every pet. I know that you want to give your cat a treat every time she asks for one, but that can lead to serious health problems.

So, my advice would be that you regulate her diet and play with her every day. That way she won’t develop any health issues!