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Far From A Black Sheep: Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

Far From A Black Sheep: Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest cats are one of the most beautiful breeds. With strong, sturdy bodies, long, luscious coats, and striking almond-shaped eyes, Wegies are a sight to behold! While all color combinations and patterns are stunning, black smoke Norwegian Forest cats are something else.

Whether you’re a Halloween enthusiast or someone who simply prefers black cats because they’re mysterious and scary, you came to the right place. Black smoke cats seem to have earned quite a bad reputation over time, but we’re here to clear their name once and for all.

Black smoke Wegies are far from bad luck, far from witchcraft, and far from being the black sheep of the feline world. We’re aware that they’re much more mysterious than tabby or tortoiseshell Norwegian Forest cats, but that’s what makes them stand out and demand attention.

Black smoke Norwegian Forest cats are some of the most affectionate, appreciative cats we’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging out with and we’re more than happy to help you get to know them better. What are black smoke Wegies? What’s the history of the black smoke Wegie? All that and more down below!

What are black smoke Norwegian Forest cats?

Far From A Black Sheep: Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

Black smoke Norwegian Forest cats are what dreams are made of. With beautiful, bold fur covering their mesmerizing, muscular bodies, a fluffy collar, and equally fluffy tufts at the tip of their ears, Wegies look like they’d be better off living in a forest – which they probably would be.

Now, we do need to address the elephant in the room which is the color of the black smoke Norwegian Forest cat’s coat. Wow, that was a mouthful!

Norwegian Forest cats can assume pretty much every color of the rainbow. White, black, blue, red, cream, silver, and golden are the most common colors with solid, shaded, tortoiseshell, calico, and tabby patterns. Black smoke Wegies, as you might have guessed, look like they’re predominantly black.

Smoke Wegies are oftentimes confused for solid-colored Wegies because that’s what they look like when they’re resting. When they’re on the go, though, you can notice little glimpses of a lighter undercoat peeping through. Smoke Wegies can be black, blue, cream, cameo, and blue cream.

Black smoke Wegies feature a white undercoat with black tipping on the entire body. Not all black smoke Wegies are the same, but more often than not, the areas around the chest, back, and tail are lighter than the rest of the body. Needless to say, some black smoke Wegies even have white chests.

What’s the history of the black smoke Norwegian Forest cat?

Norwegian Forest cats might not be as popular and prominent as Maine Coon or Ragdoll cats, but they’re an exciting and intriguing breed. Wegies, black smoke or otherwise, are considered a natural breed which means they weren’t crossbred with other breeds.

Norwegian Forest cats are OG cats rumored to have been around for centuries. Now, that’s where the mystery starts. We know that Wegies were (and are) a huge part of Norwegian history, but we’re not sure whether they were born there or brought there by a third party. We’ve got theories, though.

First and foremost, there are Norwegian myths and tales aplenty talking about large, long-haired cats great at climbing, hunting, and surviving winters.

Wegies fit the bill perfectly and that’s why people believe that they’ve been roaming around the Norwegian forests for thousands and thousands of years where they evolved into the large, dense-coated animals we know and love today.

Furthermore, Wegies might be related to black-and-white, short-haired cats from Great Britain that were found on Viking ships at the time. Finally, they might be descendants of long-haired cats brought to Scandinavia by the Crusaders. What do you think? Where did black smoke Wegies come from?

What’s there to know about black smoke Wegies before getting one?

Physical traits

Far From A Black Sheep: Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

Whether you’re planning on getting a black smoke Norwegian Forest kitten or you’re already fighting battles with a Wegie cat, you might want to know more about these mysterious moggies. We mentioned beforehand that Norwegian Forest cats are big and that’s one of their defining characteristics.

Although they’re equipped with quite a few muscles, Wegies appear bigger because they’re covered with layers and layers of thick fur. At the end of the day, Norwegian Forest cats are smaller than Maine Coon cats with the average specimen growing 9 to 12 inches tall and weighing 12 to 16 pounds.

While that’s hefty, we can’t say that Norwegian Forest cats are the biggest breed out there. We can, however, say that Norwegian Forest cats come with one of the warmest coats we’ve ever seen.

Wegies, black smoke or otherwise, are blessed with a longer, coarse, and water-resistant outer coat that embellishes the cat and a short, dense undercoat that provides warmth and protection from Scandinavian winters. With that out of the way, Wegies feature a ruff at the chest, a collar at the neck, and a bushy tail.

Personality traits

Now that we’ve talked your ears off with how remarkable black smoke Norwegian Forest cats are, we do need to circle back to the personality traits that make them – well, them. Wegies are known as sweet, affectionate, and extremely family-oriented which means they’re the perfect pets.

Whether you want to play with them all day long, take naps with them after a hard day at work, or even go out with them when you’re down and depressed, Wegies are more than happy to accompany you.

Sure, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to come to you first, but that also doesn’t mean that they’re not happy to make you happy. Norwegian Forest cats are pretty self-sufficient and they’re not the type of cat to lay on your lap every time you sit on the sofa.

They’re much more chill than that. They’re fine on their own, but they’re happy to keep you company when you want them near you. Gorgeous and gentle, black smoke Wegies are great around people, children, dogs, and other cats.


Black smoke Norwegian Forest cats are high maintenance, to be completely honest. With waterproof coats and dense undercoats, these fluffers require regular grooming, brushing, and occasional bathing. Wegies shed more than average cats and that’s why you might need to work around the clock to keep them tidy.

When we’re talking about a specific routine, you might want to brush your Wegie’s fur two to three times a week, and even more during times of heavy shedding (typically in the spring and fall). You can groom your Wegie every single day, but you might not want to bathe her more than two to three times a month.

Norwegian Forest cats require a healthy diet and regular exercise, too. Wegies, like all cats, are obligate carnivores which means they’re the healthiest when they’re fed meat, animal protein, and animal-sourced nutrients. We suggest going for commercially available cat foods and cat treats, or an occasional chicken.

Wegies need plenty of room to run and play. Whether you opt for a cat tower or a scratching post, don’t forget that Wegies need to climb on high spots and go outside from time to time to hone their hunting skills. Norwegian Forest cats might be high-maintenance, but a black smoke Wegie makes it all worth it.

3 fun facts about black smoke Wegies

1. Wegies are mythical creatures

We’re not kidding! Black smoke cats are connected to witchcraft, black magic, and Halloween, but black smoke Norwegian Forest cats are actual mythical creatures. Norwegian Forest cats are a part of numerous Scandinavian superstitions and are believed to have been connected to Scandinavian gods.

Freya, the Norse goddess of love and beauty, adored Wegies, took care of them and allowed them to provide the necessary “horsepower” for her chariots. Thor, the god of thunder, was believed to have lost a contest of strength against Jormungand because Jormungand disguised himself as a Wegie.

2. Norwegian Forest cats are a part of numerous Scandinavian superstitions

Far From A Black Sheep: Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

While we’re on the topic of superstitions, we can’t forget about some of the most common beliefs passed from generation to generation. We mentioned that Norwegian Forest cats were beloved by Freya, the goddess of love and beauty.

We didn’t, however, mention that people used to go out of their way to please Freya by taking care of Norwegian Forest cats. Couples wanting to marry sought approval from Freya and her cats. Farmers fed milk to Freya’s cats hoping to be blessed with a bountiful harvest when she passed through their fields.

3. Black smoke Wegies can change color

Black smoke Wegies can appear lighter or darker depending on the circumstances, but that differs depending on the situation. When black smoke Norwegian Forest cats spend time outside, take a nap on the scorching cement, or lounge in the sunlight, more often than not, something out of the ordinary occurs.

When black smoke cats spend too much time outside, the UV rays can break down the black pigment in their fur and change it to a rusty color. Black smoke Wegies remain rusty for the time being, too. When they’re done shedding, though, the rusty fur is replaced by fresh black fur once again.