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Black Persian Cat: A Captivating Dark Beauty

Black Persian Cat: A Captivating Dark Beauty

Even if you are a superstitious person, you won’t be able to resist the beauty of a black Persian cat. As a member of one of the oldest breeds in the world, this kitty’s mysterious appearance will leave you in awe.

Persian cats have a long history and they’ve been loved by royalty (and everyone else) for quite a while. That explains why this is probably the most popular breed nowadays.

Everyone wants to get a chance to at least pet a black Persian cat. And if they could, they would love to share a home with her.

If you’re an avid lover of Persian cats and want to find out more about the darkest of them all, then keep on reading. Let’s find out all there is about this uniquely colored furry friend.

All you need to know about a black Persian cat

Black Persian Cat: A Captivating Dark Beauty

Persian cats originated in Persia (today’s Iran) and they were brought to Europe sometime during the 17th century. From that point on, the world hasn’t been able to stop obsessing over them.

There’s something about their looks and personality that makes you love them. They will find a way to your heart and from that point on, you’re enchanted. You’ll no longer believe that there’s another breed that can be more impressive.

The biggest fans of Persian cats – please gather so we can tell you everything there is about this sweet and gentle breed.

1. Appearance of a black Persian cat

This dark beauty is going to take your breath away from the moment you look at her. She’s mysterious and somehow rough-looking but the moment you pet her, you’ll feel the softness of her fur.

Medium to large-sized, black Persian cat is a bit on the chunkier side with thicker body and legs. But still, she knows how to walk like a diva.

She has a flat face with chubby cheeks, big round eyes, and rounded ears. Her head is also completely round and for a second, you may feel like you’re looking at a teddy bear and not a cat.

What’s particularly mesmerizing about this feline is her long, luxurious fur that’s extremely soft to the touch. The moment you pet her you’ll feel as if you’re touching a cloud.

The reason for this is the fact that Persian cats have two layers of coat – an underlay and a top coat. That’s why their fur is so thick and fluffy.

Now, when it comes to the color of their hair, not all black Persian cats are completely black. They can be solid-colored but it’s a rare occurrence since it requires the absence of any other shade of hair on their whole body.

Black smoke is a bit more common. In this case, a feline has black fur but the root of the hair is white which gives her this smokey appearance.

Your Persian cat can also be black and white. This means that her fur will have both patches of black and white. And then there’s black smoke white which is a mixture of black smoke and solid white.

So, if your Persian cat sports any of these fur colorings, she’s still considered a black cat even if she’s not completely black from head to paws.

2. Personality

Black Persian Cat: A Captivating Dark Beauty

A black Persian cat has all of the personality traits of a Persian breed. This feline is sweet and gentle and is a great indoor cat. She loves affection and won’t run away from you when you start cuddling with her. Instead, she’ll appreciate every second of it.

Persian cats are pets that aren’t very active and they enjoy napping around the house. They won’t keep scratching the door until you let them roam around the garden. Instead, they’ll be lying in their corner enjoying the peace.

These cats are all about a relaxed life where they don’t have to do anything. It’s enough that they exist, right?

So, if you lead an active lifestyle and love to take your cat on trips with you then this breed isn’t the best choice. Persian cats would rather chill at home than spend their time walking in nature.

They can get along with children if there’s no rough play involved. When it comes to dogs, they’re not really BFFs so if you already own a canine friend, maybe it’s not the best option to bring a Persian into your home as well.

All in all, this is a quiet, chill, and mellow breed of cats that’s a great indoor pet. She won’t destroy your house the moment you walk out of the door and can be left alone for some time. Just make sure to shower her with love and affection and you’ll always have a furry friend in her.

3. Health issues

Even though Persian cats can live up to 15 or 20 years, they’re still prone to certain diseases. Some of the most common ones are heart and eye issues, respiratory problems as well as certain kidney diseases.

Some of these conditions are inheritable so if you decide to buy or adopt your Persian cat, make sure that you get all the papers that prove the state of your cat’s and her parents’ health. This is the exact reason why it’s important to find a reputable breeder who can provide you with all the necessary details.

Yes, cats sold by such professionals are usually a bit more expensive but at least you know you’re getting a healthy and happy feline.

Another important thing when you own a cat that’s prone to certain conditions is to take her to the vet for regular check-ups. Just because your furry friend seems fine, it doesn’t mean that you should skip her doctor’s appointment.

Also, to prevent the possibility of eye or ear infection, clean her face regularly and check the state of her ears. If you notice any kind of discharge or redness, take your cat to the vet so he can check what’s going on.

Your feline depends on you and the quality of care you provide her with will dictate the quality of her life.

4. Diet of a Persian cat

Black Persian Cat: A Captivating Dark Beauty

Another important factor in your cat’s development is the quality of food she eats. Your black Persian cat needs well-balanced meals that are based on protein and low in carbs.

She needs to eat two times a day, and if you own a kitten then make sure to feed her three times a day. This way, you’ll ensure your feline is not over or under-eating.

Persian cats can suffer from obesity so giving them proper meal portions can save them from this condition. It can also prevent them from developing diabetes which is a common consequence of obesity.

Chunky felines may look adorable but we should care more about our cats’ health than about their looks. So, do whatever you can to provide your furry friend with proper and nutritious meals that are good for her.

Also, make sure your cat drinks enough water. We know that our felines don’t enjoy drinking from water bowls so maybe you could invest in a water fountain that’s going to entice your cat to drink more liquid.

5. Grooming

The hardest part of owning a Persian cat is the whole process of grooming. Even though these cats are gentle and won’t dislike the idea of you brushing them on a daily basis, the fact that they have such thick fur is going to give you a headache.

Due to their two-layered coats, Persian cats require daily brushing and combing. This is not optional and you have to do it each and every day, even if you’re tired of it.

You don’t want your feline to develop hair mats so you have to keep her coat in pristine condition. Besides all the brushing, your Persian cat will require regular baths. Since her fur is so long, it can quickly get greasy so you have to wash it often.

If you notice hair mats, don’t try brushing them out since this can be too harsh and uncomfortable for your kitty. Rather take her to a grooming professional who will get rid of all the mats pain-free. If needed, he may also recommend giving your cat a haircut that’s going to prevent potential mats from forming.

Besides your feline’s fur, you also need to take care of her nails. Clipping them is necessary especially if you don’t have a scratching post that your cat can use to keep her claws in good shape.

6. Entertainment

We’ve already told you that Persian cats are real snuggle bugs that don’t like too many activities. They’re not the best jumpers so they won’t appreciate cat trees or shelves that require them to jump up and down.

But they will surely use scratching posts in order to keep their nails sharp and in good condition. So, if you plan on buying something for your Persian cat, let that be a good vertical or horizontal scratching post.

Don’t go too wild on toys since your kitty is probably not going to play with them a lot. You can try getting her a regular ball she can chase and see if she’s going to like it. It may take a while for you to realize what your Persian cat prefers but once you figure it out, you’ll have a happy kitty in your home.

And we all know that happy pets mean happy owners!