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Black Norwegian Forest Cat: A Pet You’ll Want To Take Home

Black Norwegian Forest Cat: A Pet You’ll Want To Take Home

Norwegian Forest cat (aka the Wegie) has a really interesting background. This breed has a wild history, but nowadays, she’s domesticated and enjoys her time spent indoors. Wegies come in 60 different shades but a black Norwegian Forest cat is particularly appealing. Its mysterious looks make you want to find out more about her.

Black cats are usually ignored due to the color of their fur which is said to bring bad luck. But these felines are captivating and will make you stare, whether you like them or not. There’s something about their appearance that makes you want to take a second look.

If you don’t believe the superstitions and would like to become an owner of this beautiful creature then you probably want to find out more about this regal beauty.

Is your favorite black Norwegian Forest cat any different from her white, grey, or orange brothers and sisters? Is there something that sets her apart? She definitely looks unique. I mean, look at her! She’s powerful and she knows it.

Let’s find out all there is about this fierce and friendly Wegie.

Everything you need to know about a black Norwegian Forest cat

Black Norwegian Forest Cat: A Pet You'll Want To Take Home

Norwegian Forest cats have been through a lot. It’s believed that they originated in cold Scandinavian forests after which Vikings took them on their ships and used them as mousers. If they could speak, I’m sure they would have a lot to say.

Your favorite black Norwegian Forest cat definitely looks like she has experienced many adventures. Her looks tell us that she’s strong and adaptable. But, she’s also mysterious enough not to share all of her secrets with you.

This Wegie has your heart and you would love to take her home. Sharing a bed with such a regal feline truly feels like an honor. But would you be able to take care of her? Are there any particular needs that you’ll have to keep up with?

Let me tell you all the important details about this truly mesmerizing kitty. I’m sure you’re going to fall in love with her even more (if that’s even possible at this point).

1. Appearance

Norwegian Forest cats belong to larger breeds as they can weigh up to 20 pounds. Still, they don’t look chunky thanks to their long, muscular legs.

Their almond-shaped eyes are going to steal your attention and their lynx-point ears will definitely make you think you’re staring at a Maine Coon.

The main star of the show is their coat which consists of two layers. This is the main reason why Norwegian Forest cats look so fluffy and cuddly. You could pet them for hours without getting bored of it!

The thing that sets your favorite black Norwegian Forest cat apart from her other relatives is the color of her fur. It comes in many different patterns but they all have black as their base color.

There is a solid-colored Norwegian Forest cat whose fur is completely black, from the roots to the top. Black Smoke Wegie appears black but as she moves her body, you’ll realize that her undercoat is white.

She can also come in a black tabby pattern and a black tabby pattern with white, but in both of these cases, their black coloring is a bit diluted and doesn’t appear as dark as you would expect.

So, if you’re looking for a black Norwegian Forest cat, you should either opt for a solid black one or a smoked version of black. These are the darkest (and the most mysterious) Wegies you can find.

2. Personality

The character of a black Norwegian Forest cat doesn’t differ from other Wegies that come in different shades. We’re still talking about a friendly and gentle kitty who’s affectionate but independent.

Norwegian Forest cats are good family pets who get along with other people and kids. They’re not vocal and you’ll occasionally hear them meowing. At the same time, they’re not really up to cuddling all the time and will accept to do it only when they feel like it.

They appreciate their peace and quiet and will often leave the room to rest. These cats won’t demand your constant attention and can be left alone for short periods of time. However, they can develop separation anxiety even though it doesn’t happen often.

The thing that these kitties love doing is climbing on high surfaces and exploring their surroundings. We’re talking about an active cat breed that loves to move around. This makes sense since they once used to live in Norwegian forests and they had all the space to run and chase after their prey.

3. Diet

Black Norwegian Forest Cat: A Pet You'll Want To Take Home

If you decide to adopt (or buy) a black Norwegian Forest cat, you don’t need to worry about her diet. As long as you’re feeding her food based on animal protein, she should be just fine.

When choosing cat food, check for the ingredients and see if there are any meat by-products. This is the thing you should avoid as it doesn’t have all the necessary nutrients for your large and noble kitty.

Make sure that your chosen cat food has meat listed as the main ingredient. It can be chicken, turkey, or even beef, it doesn’t really matter. As long as we’re talking about real animal protein, your Wegie will be happy.

Also, make sure that your kitty has enough fiber since it’s going to help her pass hairballs more easily. Norwegian Forest cats are prone to shedding, especially as they transition from their winter to summer coats.

During this time, they’re more prone to licking and grooming themselves and that way, they ingest hairballs which can cause other, not-so-appealing consequences. Eating food rich in fiber is going to make that whole process much easier.

Also, when it comes to the number of meals, your cat shouldn’t be eating more than two portions a day. Free feeding shouldn’t even be an option since this breed is prone to obesity. So, split her daily recommended food intake into two meals and you’ll have a healthy feline.

Don’t forget to always keep your cat’s water bowl full so she stays hydrated. If you notice that she’s not drinking out of it, then consider getting her a water fountain.

Cats are not the biggest fans of still water which is the main reason why they don’t end up drinking enough of it. In that case, a water fountain could be a solution to all your worries.

4. Grooming

Your black Norwegian forest cat has a lot of fur. Her coat consists of two layers: a thick undercoat that’s meant to keep her warm and a water-repellent top coat that protects her from rain or snow.

And even though her thick coat is the reason why she’s so fluffy and soft, it’s also the reason why you’ll be spending hours grooming it. You should comb your feline at least two times a week in order to keep her fur in a pristine shape.

Irregular brushing can cause her coat to form mats and this can be extremely painful for your kitty. That’s why you should give her a helping hand and take good care of her precious fur.

Also, make sure to check her teeth and ears regularly so you can spot in time if there’s any kind of infection preying on your kitty. A healthy cat means a happy owner.

5. Health issues

Wegies are a fairly healthy breed and your black Norwegian Forest cat isn’t an exception. However, there are still some conditions that are typical for this breed such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, and glycogen storage disease type IV.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy causes the walls of your cat’s heart to thicken. This reduces the efficiency of her heart and makes her experience different consequences. The best thing you can do is to get a cat from a reputable breeder who has done all the testing and can state that your kitty won’t develop this condition.

Hip dysplasia is a result of constant pressure on your cat’s hip joints. This is a hereditary disease and the only way to know that your feline won’t suffer from it is to, again, look for a reputable breeder who’s going to give you all the necessary details about your cat’s parents’ hip condition.

Glycogen storage disease type IV is also a hereditary disease that leads to organ dysfunction, muscle atrophy, and eventually death. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for it and you can only ease your cat’s symptoms. So, if you suspect anything, take your cat to the vet right away so he can perform adequate testing.

5. Entertainment

Black Norwegian Forest Cat: A Pet You'll Want To Take Home

Even though we’re talking about a fairly large breed, Norwegian Forest cats love to move their bodies and stay active. So, you’ll definitely have to provide them with different mentally and physically stimulating games.

One thing they love the most is to climb high surfaces. That’s why getting your Wegie a cat tree or installing some cat shelves around the house is a great idea. It’s going to provide her with additional space she can explore.

Due to the fact that these felines used to hunt in Norwegian forests, they now love to play with prey-like toys. So, getting her a mouse toy or something that she can chase around is definitely going to keep her entertained for hours.

If you have a garden, make sure you cat-proof it so your kitty can spend some time running around it, enjoying the grass underneath her paws. This is also a great way to get her to exercise and stay in good shape.

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