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The Astonishing Black Maine Coon Cat – How Rare Is It?

The Astonishing Black Maine Coon Cat – How Rare Is It?

I know you’ve probably heard of a black Maine Coon cat. Well, to be honest, who hasn’t? They possess such beauty that simply radiates. We can’t keep our eyes off them!

This breed is special in many ways, from their magnificent appearance to their gentle nature. They’re a dream come true to many cat owners.

However, the truth is that this breed of cats just isn’t the right fit for every person out there. Although we’d love to take care of them, Maine Coons can sometimes be high-maintenance.

Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the breed of Maine Coon cat has been widely distributed in all parts of the world. This wouldn’t be an issue if the breeders kept to their original form and structure. A sudden boom in popularity in any breed of feline can be both advantageous and devastating.

However, if you’re looking for a specific cat, such as a black Maine Coon, you’ll want to do your thorough research. Most people are just dumbfounded when they see such a beautiful animal and want to have it. Well, I don’t blame them at all.

They truly are a sight to see. However, they oftentimes forget that looks can be quite deceiving. While they may look cuddly and soft, you maybe won’t have much luck with your feline companion.

People often forget that these cats are also living beings who have distinct personalities. This is where they make their biggest mistake as Maine Coons aren’t really the type of cats to sit on your lap all day long.

The Maine Coon cat doesn’t only come in black color. This majestic creature comes in all different tones such as white, bronze, red, blue, and others. Their fur is also a distinct character with a wide range of patterns.

A detailed guide on black Maine Coon

The Astonishing Black Maine Coon Cat - How Rare Is It

All in all, the Maine Coon breed has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. But, what about the black Maine Coon specifically? Does it differ from the rest?

You know that there are many superstitions about black cats and how they’re bad luck. Well, for anyone that ever owned a black cat, this is proper nonsense.

Some people even claim that black cats are known to be more intelligent and loyal than others. Although there are no real confirmations of these statements, the owners gladly think so.

The black Maine Coon cat isn’t any less beautiful or less clever than other felines of a different color. Moreover, its looks give out a powerful vibe.

Some people even say that the black Maine Coon looks much like the black panther. Well, let me tell you something. If I was to stumble upon this specimen outside of my house, I’d definitely have to look twice.

They’re big in size, with glorious and lush fur, and those big paws. All in all, the black Maine Coon’s only difference from others is their color.

However, some people might tend to believe that the pigment has something to do with their personality and other key features.

Others believe that the black Maine Coon is a totally different breed of cat that just happens to look a lot like an American longhaired cat.

Trust me, their origins are the same and there’s really no contrast in the roots of these felines. They’re all magnificent creatures and they all deserve the same amount of respect and love.

If you’re wondering about the black Maine Coon’s origins and their majestic looks, there’s quite the tale that explains it. Let’s take a quick look at their history.

The origins of the Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon cat is the only breed of longhaired felines that’s native to the United States of America. However, its origins are still unknown to this day.

Maine Coon gets its name from the state of Maine, where it was originally found. However, there are different beliefs as to how this cat got there.

Some people believe it came along with settlers like the Vikings. That would explain their size and their thick fur as the Vikings’ habitat was a really harsh climate.

On the other hand, some think that this specimen is just a descendant of other cat breeds. For instance, most people confuse the Maine Coon with a Siberian forest cat.

I see why they would because they’re both big and have dense coats. Therefore, it’s easy to believe that the Maine Coon cat’s here thanks to the Siberian forest cat or even a Norwegian cat.

Mother nature really blessed the black Maine Coon in those factors needed for survival. In the wild, cats hunt at night and sleep through most of the day.

Therefore, a black Maine Coon is almost totally unnoticeable and very stealthy. This guarantees them a successful hunt, and consequently, survival.

However, there are still a couple of variations of the black Maine Coon, thanks to different patterns and slight varieties in color.

Black Maine Coon variations

If you’re a cat lover, you probably like all furry companions, no matter their size or color. Well, the fact is that most people adore the Maine Coon breed.

There are many variations of black Maine Coon cats or different categories if you’d like. So, if you can’t really decide on whether you should get a totally black cat or a completely white one, this might help you out.

These slight differences in the color and the pattern of the fur can bring out a completely unique look for the cat. For instance, grey ones might look a bit bigger than a black Maine Coon.

Light ones might look a bit more approachable and friendly. However, it’s all about the looks and we know they can be deceiving.

So, as the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover. A lot of the time, it’s the black Maine Coon that’s the biggest cuddle bug of them all.

1. Smoke black Maine Coon

You can probably guess where this exact variation of color got its name from. It might be a funny name, but trust me, it explains it very well.

The smoke black Maine Coon doesn’t really differ a lot from the ordinary black Maine Coon cat. However, these slight differences earned it a special name. While the latter one is completely black with no admixtures of other colors, the former might not appear so.

The thing is that their fur is very light at the roots and it gets darker closer to the ends. Many people call it an “ombre” effect.

Sometimes, if the distinction is very clear, some people may think that it’s just gotten its fur dirty. However, this isn’t the case. Just like any healthy cat out there, black Maine Coon cats really care about themselves and bathe themselves regularly.

It’s just that this pattern is so cool and fascinating that you may think she actually has a dirty coat. Not many cat breeds have this smoke pattern, so it’s also one of the things that make a black Maine Coon so special.

2. Solid black Maine Coon

The Astonishing Black Maine Coon Cat - How Rare Is It

The solid black Maine Coon name is kind of self-explanatory. If you’re looking to get a feline that’s all pitch black, then this is the right one for you.

However, as time progresses, you might notice your pet’s fur becoming reddish or brownish. This is nothing to be concerned about, however.

If your cat likes to sunbathe or chill out on the windowsill all day long, this might be the reason for the change in the color of her fur.

Just like humans, long exposure to sunlight can affect the color of their fur. It lightens out and gets this rust-colored look from the completely black one.

When my pet started getting reddish streaks, I freaked out. As an inexperienced first-time cat owner of a completely black feline, I thought she developed some kind of skin and fur condition. I won’t even start to tell you how worried I was!

3. Other types

The intriguing world of Maine Coon cats is a really colorful one, in every aspect. A trip to a Maine Coon breeder equals a trip to the candy shop, and I’m not even exaggerating.

It’s almost as if you’re looking at a rainbow but a fluffy one that can sometimes be loud. However, right now we’re interested in finding out about all the color variations of the black Maine Coon cat. We’ve learned of some of the most frequent ones, but let’s dive in deeper.

Maine Coons will never let you down when it comes to their diversity, especially the black cat. Next to the solid and smoke patterns, we have a fascinating bunch of others. This consists of bi-colored cats which are, as the name says, two colors with black being the majority, of course.

Next up, we have the tuxedo cat, and the name is as cute as the one who wears it. You might want to guess where this name comes from. This type of cat is mainly black with a white chest, hence the name. It truly looks like they’re wearing one. Too cute!

Besides white, a color that can appear next to black is silver. Black Maine Coon cat might not be that rare, but silver black definitely is. Also, to make life more interesting, there are black silver tabbies!

Additionally, we have black tabby with brown colorings and black tortoiseshell with red patterns. Talk about color! There’s a whole specter of colors that you perhaps weren’t even aware of. I guess that the black Maine Coon cat is one of the most fascinating breeds out there.

How is the black Maine Coon different from other Maine Coons?

Well, I’m not going to say that it’s too obvious, but when it comes to their appearance, black Maine Coons display only one tone from head to toe. Other cats, with different colors, will usually have a few different colored spots here and there.

When I say they’re black from head to toe, I really mean it. Black Maine Coons will most often have black paw pads, whereas other felines can have pink or a mix of the two.

As far as appearance is concerned, their eyes will also be a darker color. Some black cats can have blue eyes, but this is a really rare occurrence. Other Maine Coons can have slightly lighter eyes, such as amber or green.

I’m telling you, there’s a chance that you won’t even be able to see this cat in the dark because she blends in so well! I’m not joking, even their whiskers are black!

Most of the cats have white whiskers, but not the black Maine Coon cat. I guess you could say that they really live up to their name. Do you know those cute, little pink noses that we adore so much?

Yes, that also comes in black color. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re any less cute than those pink ones. Heck, even those ears and tufts are so adorably black!

I wanted a strictly black cat but I never knew that she would be dark as night! However, I’m not complaining, it’s just that I’m afraid of tripping over her in the dead of the night.

The elephant in the room: where do they get the black color from?

Black is represented by the allele B of the color gene. It is dominant to the b and b’ gene variants, which result in the hues of chocolate and cinnamon, respectively.

But keep in mind that tabby is the most common cat hair color pattern. In order to prevent the appearance of the tabby pattern, a cat must also possess the non-agouti (a) recessive gene in order to be solid black.

In cats with the dominant agouti gene, the tabby pattern will remain. This leads us to our next point. You might be able to detect spectral tabby stripes on your black cat if it carries the black allele but the expression of the tabby gene isn’t entirely suppressed.

If the cat’s resting in direct sunlight, you could notice tabby stripes on the tail or legs or the traditional “M” pattern on the head. A Maine Coon cat’s fur can become rusty reddish with prolonged sun exposure.

A lack of an enzyme called tyrosine may also cause your cat to seem rusty in regular lighting. The pigment that gives your cat’s hair its black color, eumelanin, is produced only in the presence of tyrosine.

Whether your cat is rusty and black, ask your vet if it would be okay to give your cat a tyrosine supplement to see if she becomes black once again.

While all cats age and get white hair, black cats seem to show them more prominently. There is no need to be concerned about this natural occurrence.

Although some cats begin to become gray sooner than others, it’s quite improbable that your cat will become all gray.

According to the National Institutes of Health Research, black cats appear to have genetic changes that make them more resistant to diseases like the feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV.

Are black cats bigger than the rest of the Maine Coons?

The Astonishing Black Maine Coon Cat - How Rare Is It

The size of the Maine Coon is without a doubt one of its most distinguishing characteristics. They are among the largest domestic cat breeds, and some of them can appear incredibly large.

They have been referred to as “dog-like” and given the moniker “the gentle giant” for this reason, among others that we will examine below.

The Maine Coon family has a broad range of sizes, despite the fact that they all tend to be rather large. Males often weigh 13–18 pounds (6-8 kilograms), and females typically weigh 8–12 pounds (3.5–5.5 kg).

The average height of a Maine Coon is between 10 and 16 inches (25 and 40 cm), and its length, including the tail, can sometimes exceed 3 feet.

Their long, tapered, and very hairy tails are particularly unusual, resembling a raccoon’s tail in many ways (hence the name). They may reach a length of 14 inches or about 40 cm.

To give you an idea of how magnificent this breed can be, Stewie, a purebred male Maine Coon, was named the world’s longest cat in 2010 by Guinness World Records. Stewie measured 48.5 inches (123 cm) from the tip of his snout to the tip of his tail.

Another Maine Coon called Barivel, who measures 47.2 inches, or 120 cm, is now the longest cat alive. Barviel’s front paws almost reach a short human’s shoulders when he stands on his rear feet! That is one large indoor cat!

If I wasn’t aware of these facts, I’d definitely believe my kitten to be the biggest fluff out there. She especially appears bigger in size when she lays down on me and puts all her weight on my chest. Talk about relaxing!

What about their personality?

The Maine Coon is not very vicious or aggressive despite its big size. The trust is that they behave opposite of this. Throughout their whole lives, they are renowned for having a lively, almost kitten-like temperament.

The active, friendly, and gregarious Maine Coon cat is at ease among both children and other animals. That is if you respect their boundaries.

Before bringing a Maine Coon into your home, keep in mind that this breed needs regular exercise and cannot be left alone for extended periods of time. These are a few other explanations for why the Maine Coon is like a dog.

The royal, even arrogant aspect of black Maine Coons gives them the impression that they are more serious or enigmatic than other colors.

Their smoky fur, however, does not really represent their personality. Like other cats of their species, black Maine Coons are affectionate and vivacious.

Unless your home has an adequate area for them to be physically active, you should think about letting your Maine Coon play outside under supervision every day to keep them healthy.

You must get a sizable indoor cat tree if that’s where she’ll spend most of her time so she may climb, scratch, and stretch her muscles.

People don’t usually see felines as active pets, but oh boy are they agile! When I first got my black Maine Coon I was wheezing for air for a couple of days straight! I thought I was prepared but I was so out of shape.

But maybe it’s just my fluff as she probably runs on batteries! She only stops to take a sip of water or a small break and then she’s back to her shenanigans.

Do black cats require special care?

Black Maine Coons require proper dietary intake, grooming, attention, medical treatment, and exercise. While they share many requirements with other cats, this unique breed of cat has some particular requirements that should be taken into consideration.

Even as kittens, black Maine Coon cats are naturally huge. However, it’s still crucial that they maintain a healthy weight. Since they don’t reach their full size until they are around three years old, this can be quite challenging while they’re developing.

They should be provided a carefully balanced diet that’s high in protein, with an emphasis on portion management. Depending on their age, this will prevent excessive weight gain.

Your black Maine Coon will also require routine grooming as do other Maine Coons. They should ideally be groomed every day because of their lengthy fur. If impossible, try to brush your pet at least twice or three times a week.

Due to their huge size, Maine Coons do develop several ailments more frequently than other cats. One of these is a vestibular disease, which may make a person unsteady and clumsy.

Due to their wide ears, they are more prone to foreign objects entering and throwing off their equilibrium. Maine Coons frequently exhibit this behavior, and it may manifest in terms of falling over, vomiting, darting eyes, or a tilted head.

You may give your black Maine Coon cat as much love as you want to! However, make sure you’re always mindful of her boundaries and don’t try to cross them.

What I like to do with my pet is play fetch. Yes, they’re that “dog-like”. I like to take her out in the garden so she can bask in the sunshine and get all that vitamin D. Also, she’ll have lots of fun and engagement just sniffing the grass and climbing smaller trees.

How rare are black Maine Coon cats?

Black Maine Coon cats are indeed uncommon. There are fewer black Maine Coons than there are tabby ones. With the probable exception of the hair at the ends of its ears, a black Maine Coon’s three layers of fur are all genuinely black.

The black Maine Coon is a rare and unique creature since black cats of any breed are already extremely uncommon.

Due to the belief that black animals bring ill luck, black Maine Coons are not as sought after as the other hues. Therefore, black Maine Coons have been bred less frequently since there isn’t enough demand.

Thankfully, the superstition surrounding black cats is starting to disappear, and the remarkable appearance of the black Maine Coon is growing in popularity.

Black Smoke is another shade that Maine Coon cats may be seen in and it’s also somewhat rare. The cat’s lengthy fur is multi-layered with its extremely purposefully cultivated coloration.

Their fur will have roots that are very light or white and tips that are a typical black hue that gradually fades into a lighter tint.

Therefore, the black Maine Coon cat isn’t really the rarest breed in the whole world. On the other hand, it’s also not something you’ll come across very often. If you’re looking to get one, you’ll have to put in the work!

Bottom line

The Astonishing Black Maine Coon Cat - How Rare Is It

The black Maine Coon is the perfect pet for everyone seeking one! Black Maine Coons, like those of their breed in other colors, are lovely pets despite the fact that their black, glossy hair and piercing eyes give them a mysterious appearance.

In the cat world, they have even been referred to as “the dogs”. Due to their great intelligence, Black Maine Coons are simple to teach and can recognize cues from their owners.

They are wonderful family pets in large part because of this. Your gentle giant is unlikely to become agitated by the addition of a new family member or by kids who want to play with them. They’ll definitely like the attention a lot!

Additionally, Black Maine Coons are devoted to their owners and are likely to follow you around the home while pleading for attention and hugs. This is an indication that your cat likes you, even if it might not always be practical.

Give a black Maine Coon a puzzle or catnip toy if you need them to keep them occupied for a while; they’ll like it a lot.

Surprisingly, despite shedding, Maine Coons leave no more of a mess than typical cats do due to their fine hairs. Additionally, they are not disruptive, and although maybe be hesitant around strangers, they gradually open up.

The laid-back nature of Maine Coons also makes it possible for them to travel and adapt to new environments.

Maine Coons don’t require a specific diet other than high-quality food to maintain their health and provide them with energy. To keep your cat’s color and prevent sunburn, look for cat foods with a taurine supplement.

The Astonishing Black Maine Coon Cat - How Rare Is It?