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Meet The Fluffiest Leopard Ever: Bengal Maine Coon Mix

Meet The Fluffiest Leopard Ever: Bengal Maine Coon Mix

When you’re on the market for an affectionate feline that adores running around, playing fetch, walking on a leash, and keeping you on your toes, a Bengal Maine Coon mix might be the one. With a wild-looking Bengal on one side and a gentle giant Maine Coon on the other, what’s not to adore?

Bengal Maine Coon mix cats are a mysterious bunch, that’s for sure. Although Maine Coon cats are one of the most prominent and popular breeds out there and Bengal cats are becoming more and more sought-after by people obsessed with wild cats, the mixed breed’s pretty new to the scene.

We know that Maine Coon cats are affectionate, appreciative, and mellow and that they’re obsessed with hanging out with humans, following them around, and spending every moment of their waking hour with them. Bengal cats are fun, friendly, and physically active. So when you combine the two, you get absolute perfection!

Mixed breeds are unpredictable considering that they’re capable of inheriting traits from both breeds or growing up to resemble one parent more than the other. When you get your hands on a mixed-breed kitten, you don’t know what you’re getting. We’d argue that’s the fun part of owning a Bengal Coon.

What are you supposed to do then? Well, you can always get to know each breed better and decide whether you’re happy with the appearance and purrsonality traits your Bengal Coon might end up sporting. With that out of the way, we’ve rounded up a few fun facts about the mix down below!

What’s a Bengal Maine Coon mix?

Meet The Fluffiest Leopard Ever: Bengal Maine Coon Mix

Bengal Maine Coon mix cats are sometimes referred to as “toy leopards,” and here’s why that makes purrfect sense. Bengal Coons are a gorgeous, gentle breed created through the process of breeding Bengal cats with Maine Coon cats.

Considering the Bengal cat’s wild origins, they’re known to resemble leopards, too. When referring to a Bengal Coon’s appearance, these beautiful beasts typically grow between nine and eleven inches and weigh between twelve and seventeen pounds.

While they’re not the biggest breed out there, they’re certainly on the hefty side.

Bengal Coons are a healthy breed that, with proper nutrition, physical activity, and quality of life, reaches a ripe age of twelve to sixteen years. However, we do need to underline that mixed breeds sometimes experience unexpected health niggles that might affect the overall outcome.

Bengal Maine Coon mix cats that resemble both parents typically end up with perked-up, tufted ears, bright blue, yellow, or amber eyes, and bushy tails. Coat colors can vary, but the most common colors are tan, black, orange, gray, charcoal, seal, lilac, blue, and cream.

Bengal Coons are wild-looking kitties, but to get to know them better, you need to know more about both parent breeds.

About Bengal

Bengals come with wild origins, that’s for sure! When you catch a glimpse of a Bengal cat roaming around your apartment, you might mistake the curious creature for a leopard or an ocelot. Because of the spectacular spotted or marbled coats, Bengals cats look like they belong in the jungle.

But although they’re a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat, they’re far from wild – they’re affectionate, fun, and friendly, and they’re more than happy to hang out with humans.

Asian leopard cat and domestic cat crosses appeared around the 1800s, but the first Bengal cat was created by a breeder and conservationist Jean Mil around 1963. By 1966, the bundles of cuddles were formally accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and the International Cat Association (TICA).

About Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are native to the state of Maine, but they’re surrounded by a veil of mystery. When referring to the origins of Maine Coon cats, most cat connoisseurs agree on three theories that explain how these fluff puffs reached Maine.

First things first, Coons are believed to be a crossbreed between a raccoon and a cat – which wouldn’t be biologically possible, right? Furthermore, they’re rumored to have descended from Marie Antoinette’s Turkish Angora cats.

When Marie was getting ready to flee France, she boarded her Turkish Angora cats on a ship that was supposed to take her to Maine, USA. Marie never made the ship because she was arrested, but her fluffy friends reached US soil and started the Maine Coon breed by mating with local cats.

Finally, a theory that most breeders and conservationists agree on states that an English seafarer, Charles Coon, brought a bunch of fluffers on a sailing trip that ended up mating with local cats and giving birth to “little Coons.”

Whatever the case might be, Maine Coon cats became one of the most popular, prominent breeds out there, and we’re not surprised that breeders decided to cross them with the outgoing Bengals. What’s there to know about the Bengal Maine Coon mix before getting one, though?

What’s there to know about the Bengal Maine Coon mix before getting one?

1. Bengal Maine Coon mix cats are a true “wild card”

We mentioned beforehand that you never know what you’re getting when you adopt or purchase a Bengal Maine Coon mix kitten.

Mixed breeds are unpredictable because they’re able to look like both parents at the same time or take after one parent more than the other. Maine Coons and Bengals aren’t similar when talking about appearance, right?

Maine Coons are big, bold, beautiful, and fluffy, while Bengals are sleek, slender, and muscular. Bengal Maine Coon kittens can take after both parents and be stocky with long, luscious coats and rosette markings or slender with a face that resembles a bobcat.

2. Bengal Coons are a mysterious bunch

Meet The Fluffiest Leopard Ever: Bengal Maine Coon Mix

Right now, we don’t know enough about the crossbreed’s origin. We don’t know whether the two were bred together because they’re the purrfect match or because a breeder was playing with different breeds, trying to see what would happen.

Whatever the case might be, Bengal Coons are considered an American hybrid, but they’re yet to be recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Asociation (CFA) or the International Cat Association (TICA).

3. Maine Coons mixed with Bengals can come with a “glittery” fur

When the light hits them from the right angle, Bengal cats are known to showcase a shiny sheen that makes them look like they’re sporting glittery fur. What’s up with that?

A Bengal cat’s coat can be made up of hollow hairs that can catch and reflect light. When the light reflects off of the coat, the curious creature appears shimmery. A Bengal Maine Coon kitten can take after the wild side of the family and grow hollow hairs that further enhance her natural beauty.

4. Two Bengal Maine Coon cats are better than one

Bengal Maine Coon mix cats can be extremely expensive, especially when you remember the fact that they’re pretty freakin’ rare. Maine Coon kittens go anywhere between $1,200 and $2,000. Bengal kittens go anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000.

Now, Bengal Maine Coon kittens aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, at least when we’re talking about price points. But we do need to underline that these cuties aren’t meant to be alone. Bengal Coons are sociable, and they’re always on the hunt for someone or something to play with.

With two Bengal Coons, you won’t need to worry about whether they’re taken care of – they’re going to take care of each other.

5. Bengal Coons adore water

That’s right, Bengal Coons are cooperative when you’re trying to bathe them, watch over them when you’re showering, or even play with them on the beach. Bengal Coons adore water, and they’re more than happy to get wet.

When you get your hands on one of these mysterious moggies, make sure you purchase a motion-sensitive faucet or a pet fountain. Other than that, don’t be weirded out when your Bengal Coon enters the shower (or even the pool) with you.

6. Bengal Coons are highly trainable hunters

With a Maine Coon and a Bengal for parents, we’re not surprised that Bengal Coons are an incredibly intelligent breed.

They’re excited to do whatever you want them to do because they’re obsessed with humans. They’re happy to perform commands, execute new tricks, and put a smile on your face. They crave mental stimulation and that’s why they’re always ready to go outside, play, and obey.

But they’re natural hunters, too, and you need to keep an eye on them when you’re spending time in your backyard or your local park. They’re equipped with a high prey drive and they’re quick to attack smaller animals like hamsters, bunnies, or guinea pigs.

7. Bengal Maine Coon mix cats are family-friendly

Although Bengal cats are soft and sweet, too, we’d argue that Bengal Coons are family-friendly thanks to the Maine Coon side of the family. Maine Coon cats are referred to as “gentle giants of the feline world,” because they’re cute, cuddly, and make for the purrfect pets.

Bengal Coons are attached to humans, and they’re likely to follow you around, nap on your lap, and spend every moment of every day by your side. But there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Whether you’re a wild Bengal enthusiast or a sweet Maine Coon connoisseur, we’re sure you’re going to adore these precious pets even more.