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7 Ways To Keep Bengal Cat Entertained And In High Spirits

7 Ways To Keep Bengal Cat Entertained And In High Spirits

This leopard-like kitty will definitely steal your attention and make you fall in love with her. If you already have one roaming around your house or you’re thinking of adopting her, there’s probably one thing you’re worried about. How do you keep your Bengal cat entertained and provide her with the best life possible?

You’re aware that your pet depends on you and you want to make sure that you improve the quality of her life as much as you can. But sometimes, this is easier said than done since you don’t know what changes to make.

As a cross between an Asian leopard and a domestic cat, your new Bengal pet seems like a real challenge. Once upon a time, she used to chase after the prey and now you have to entertain her in your humble adobe. Will you be able to do that? Can you provide her with a happy life?

Here are all the tips you need when you’re worried about your cat’s quality of life.

How to keep your Bengal cat entertained?

7 Ways To Keep Bengal Cat Entertained And In High Spirits

Even though they look wild, Bengal cats are actually sweet and loving. They will demand all the attention from you, so be ready to spend all of your free time playing with them.

Also, you should keep in mind that these cats are highly active and intelligent. They need a ton of physical and mental stimulation to stay in good shape and they will expect you to meet their needs.

As you can see, making your Bengal cat happy is going to be a real task. However, with these following tips and tricks, you should be able to provide your feline with the life she deserves.

1. Spend some quality time with your cat

Bengal cats aren’t your typical lap pets that are going to cuddle with you all day long. However, they will ask for your attention which means that you’ll have to play with them and make sure you’re doing something fun.

As soon as you get home, be ready to keep your Bengal cat entertained. Your Bengal kitty is going to appear at the door meowing for your attention. From that point on, she’ll let you know what she wants to do. Sit down for a second to get some rest and she’ll jump into your lap, trying to tell you it’s time to play.

So, be ready to do as she wants because that way, you’re providing her with the entertainment she needs. This will also allow you to strengthen the bond between the two of you which is a great way to make your kitty happy.

2. Provide her with mentally stimulating games

Intelligent cats need to play mentally stimulating games that are going to keep their brain in good shape. I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but your Bengal cat is highly intelligent and she’ll need something fun and motivating to keep her entertained.

Puzzle toys are one of the best things you can buy for your Bengal kitty. They’re going to keep her interested as she’s trying to solve them and find her way to a treat.

You can get her a couple of different versions and see which one she likes the best. That way, you’ll know what sparks her joy the most and you’ll be able to get her a similar toy next time she needs it.

Seeing your Bengal cat entertained and happy is going to be your biggest reward. At the same time, you’ll love the fact that you’ve provided her with something good for her and that will additionally improve her skills.

3. Make sure she has all she needs to stay in good shape

7 Ways To Keep Bengal Cat Entertained And In High Spirits

Your Bengal cat is one active pet and you’ll notice that from the moment you get her. She loves climbing vertical spaces and exploring her surroundings from the very top of the furniture. She also loves running and jumping around the way her ancestors used to do it.

So, a good way to keep your Bengal cat entertained is to provide her with some cat shelves and a cat tree that she can use to climb up and down. This will allow her to stay active but at the same time, it will ensure she lets go of all of that accumulated energy.

You can also get her a couple of prey-like toys that she can chase around the house. This will sharpen her hunting instincts and ensure she stays in great shape.

If you have enough free time, you can always join her during her playtime. Find a plush toy she likes and throw it away somewhere so she has to overcome certain obstacles to find it. Do it and observe how her whole body changes once she realizes that she has to catch her prey.

You can also get her some kind of wand toy with attached feathers. Move it around and let her chase after it. This is another great way to keep her busy and physically stimulated. At the end of the day, she’s going to love these moments because she had a chance to play with you.

4. Find a way to let her play with water

Bengal cats love water. Even though felines are usually afraid of it, this leopard-like kitty is going to enjoy every little game that includes water. So, a great way to keep your Bengal cat entertained is to find some kind of water activity she can enjoy.

The easiest way to do that is to get her a water fountain. The moving liquid is going to keep her busy for a while, and she’ll enjoy touching the water and seeing how it moves.

You can also get her some kind of tub she can play in. Fill it with water and even add some toys inside of it so she can chase them around the tub. Everything she touches will eventually get wet but at least you’ll have one happy pet, living her best life.

Honestly, you don’t even have to try hard about it. You can simply let her play with the faucet and she’ll be happy. But if you want to treat your Bengal like royalty, then you have a couple of other options on how you can do that.

5. Train your Bengal cat

Another great thing that you can do for your cat is to teach her some tricks. From simple ones such as sitting when you tell her or responding when you call her name to the more complex ones such as walking on a leash. Your Bengal is an intelligent feline and she’ll respond well to different tricks.

However, you have to keep in mind that she has to be in a good mood in order to learn something. Also, your lessons shouldn’t last long as she can get frustrated.

So, grab a clicker, get some of her favorite treats, and arm yourself with patience. Take things easy and don’t rush the process. Your Bengal cat is a great learner but she doesn’t like being pressured into something. If you realize that she’s getting tired, stop the learning process and continue with it some other day.

6. Take your kitty for a walk

7 Ways To Keep Bengal Cat Entertained And In High Spirits

If you successfully teach your cat to walk on a leash, you can easily include some walking around the neighborhood into your daily activities. I’m sure your feline is going to love it and you’ll be safe since she won’t be able to run away from you once she spots a bird in her close proximity.

This is a great way to keep your Bengal entertained. At the same time, it will help you get more active and breathe in some fresh air.

You can do it every day after work or you can make it a weekend practice. No matter what, she’s going to enjoy it and you’ll love seeing her happy.

7. Get her a cat sibling

All of the mentioned tips will keep your Bengal cat entertained but they’re only possible if you’re spending your time with her. If you don’t work from home or if you’re absent most of the day for any of the reasons, your cat will get lonely. Eventually, she can even develop separation anxiety.

In that case, a good way to keep her happy is to get her a fur buddy who’s going to play with her. The two of them will keep each other entertained and they will become the best pals ever.

This is a great option for all of the busy cat parents out there who want to share a home with a kitty but don’t have enough time to be there for their cats all the time. Some other breeds may tolerate the fact that you’re absent a lot but your Bengal is not one of them.

This social feline demands constant attention so a good way to provide her with that is to get her a furry sibling. Just don’t be surprised to find a messy home since these two little explorers will definitely start rearranging your furniture as soon as you leave for work.