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Are Siamese Cats Mean? Things We Have To Come Clean With

Are Siamese Cats Mean? Things We Have To Come Clean With

Are Siamese cats mean? You know what, I’m going to make an exception here, and say that these little creatures can be a bit naughty at times. I know that because I’m dealing with one of these furry devils right now. Trust me, it’s not an easy thing to do.

Sometimes, Siamese cats give their parents a hard time. Their looks can be quite deceiving, especially when you gaze at those piercing blue eyes. If you have a soft spot for your cat, I’m sure your Siamese knows how to take advantage of that.

As I’ve said, they’re a devil in disguise. These felines are always waiting around the corner to do something naughty. But let’s be honest, their never-ending shenanigans can be quite entertaining.

You need to have fun from time to time and it seems like entertainment is part of the Siamese cat’s job description. However, every form of fun and play comes with a bit of price with these fellas. They’re known to be a bit extra when it comes to, well, everything they do.

They won’t settle down for some basic tricks every feline can learn. Siamese cats don’t care for sitting pretty, high-fiving you, or jumping on command. Nope, these rambunctious pets would gladly show you their jumping skills in a more extreme manner, such as jumping onto the kitchen countertop.

Perhaps you’re still not blessed by the Siamese cat’s company. Maybe you’d like to adopt or buy one but you’re not sure if Siamese cats are mean. Could it be that people are just laying it on thick when talking about these bundles of energy?

If you think that it’s worth the try and you’re willing to pay the price in order to earn your cat’s affection, you might as well give it a shot. But before that, let’s see just how naughty the Siamese can be.

Are Siamese cats mean?

Are Siamese Cats Mean Things We Have To Come Clean With

First of all, I really want to get down to the meaning behind this question. What do you think of when someone tells you that Siamese cats are mean? Is there any specific mental image you create?

When someone tells me that a cat is mean, I imagine a feline baring her teeth and hissing at me. Perhaps even that famous, fast cat punch that makes them look like a glitch in the game.

Does the Siamese cat want to hurt you intentionally, or is she doing certain things subconsciously? It’s hard to tell because these cats can sometimes strike without warning.

Perhaps the word “mean” has a different meaning to you. You consider your cat to be a meanie when she walks away from you or doesn’t want to cuddle with you.

Maybe she only cared enough to sniff the food you made with love. Perhaps entitlement and ungratefulness are what you find to be a bit on the naughtier side.

Either way, these cats can definitely be a pain in the neck and it’s no secret that they are a naughty breed. Although I don’t like to generalize felines, the Siamese had it coming.

All of the potential bully behavior and character problems probably stem from their personality. These cats might deceive us with their looks but their character is quite revealing.

Is hostility simply a part of their personality?

When adopting any cat, the first thing you need to research is the feline’s personality. More often than not, the major factors for people are a cat’s physical features, such as size, the length of its coat, or even its color.

However, what’s really important is that you two hit it off. We all want to feel that instant connection with our pets the moment we lay our eyes on them. Therefore, you can’t expect to feel connected on a deep level if you aren’t a good personality match.

It’s crucial that you and your fluffy pet get along because, after all, you’re going to spend the rest of your life together. So, can their personality tell us why are Siamese cats mean?

Just like any other breed, Siamese cats have some unenviable traits to show us. Every feline can be a little naughty from time to time but it’s safe to say that the Siamese takes the lead in this category.

They’re feisty, rambunctious, and loud. This breed will always let you know what they have on their mind. They’ll either be pretty vocal and clear about it or they will simply show you through various absurd actions. Things these little furry devils do can certainly make you raise your eyebrows.

Long story short, Siamese cats aren’t for everyone. So if you have never owned a cat before and are getting one for the first time, here is some food for thought.

Now, this isn’t to say that these pets are the worst evil to ever walk the Earth. They have a loving side that’s affectionate and compassionate.

After all, Siamese cats are very loyal to their owners and care for them deeply. However, in order to answer the question “Are Siamese cats mean?”, we’re going to list a few behavior issues ascribed to this breed.

It’s safe to claim that Siamese cats would sell themselves based just on appearance. However, you must be conscious that you are purchasing the entire product, including all that occurs in their bizarre mind.

As I previously stated, not everyone will be able to meet this cat’s needs, and that is completely fine. Getting a cat means improving your life, not making it more difficult for you both.

1. Aggressive behavior

Aggression is a behavioral issue of a Siamese cat, in addition to just being a bit playfully naughty. Even though not all cats will behave in this way, if you pull the appropriate trigger, you might just unleash a beast.

Siamese cats are often docile animals that make great family pets since they get along so well with kids. They can, however, mutate into total monsters.

This breed may become more aggressive and start biting and scratching when they don’t receive enough playtime or attention. To try to avoid this, perhaps you want to give your cat a little more stimulation than usual.

These felines are extremely energetic and need to burn their high energy levels. If you don’t have time to engage in certain activities with your pet to help them blow off their steam, you might want to rethink the whole idea.

Also, some people will consider getting another cat with the same energy levels or maybe even their canine counterpart. However, I’m not so sure if this would be the best idea given one of their behavior issues listed down below.

2. The jealous feline

Are Siamese Cats Mean? Things We Have To Come Clean With

Even though these cats are renowned in the feline community as extroverts, they like to stick close to one human. Yes, they don’t mind lying by someone else’s side and cuddling them, but they have a special regard for their human.

The good thing about these cats is that they’ll let you know if they actually like you. They will also make others aware of their love for you, though. Your Siamese cat might act aggressively toward others out of envy.

This triggers destructive conduct, which is the worst part of it. Your pet may act destructively if she has been under stress, jealousy, or depression. She might even urinate all over the house in addition to scratching and biting your furniture.

So, are Siamese cats mean, you ask? Well, certainly not all felines will show their naughty side straight away. But they can definitely wreak havoc if they feel like it.

Therefore, talk to the breeder or a person you’re adopting your furry buddy from if it would be a good idea to get a furry companion for your cat.

3. Clingy behavior

I know there are some people who would like to own a cat that’s dependent on them (because I’m also one of them). However, there is a fine line between being reliant and being overly attached.

The Siamese cat exhibits this seemingly odd behavior and is undoubtedly needy. Maybe she meows at you loudly and always follows you around the home. You must wonder, “How are Siamese cats ‘mean’ just for being needy?”

A needy cat will also want to rub herself against you and climb all over you, lick, and bite you. My kitties literally won’t let me leave their sight, so I know they are needy. Therefore, this constant nipping at your hands for more attention might be crossing the line for some pet parents.

4. Separation anxiety

This beautiful breed is known for its severe separation anxiety. Before we dig in further, you must remember that all felines are unique.

This means that even two cats from the same litter might not exhibit similar behaviors. For instance, one pet might be perfectly fine with staying home alone for a couple of hours. On the other hand, her littermate might absolutely lose it if she’s left alone even for a minute.

It all largely depends on the cat’s individual genetics and the way they were raised.

If you own a Siamese cat, you might’ve noticed how she’s been stressed and very vocal lately. She could possibly be anxious because of the separation period. The Siamese breed can get extremely attached to their owner and have a hard time when they’re apart.

This is an unusual thing for cats because most of them are completely fine on their own. They even enjoy their alone time and usually spend it lying around the house or snoozing off. But, it’s a bit different with the Siamese.

Unfortunately, these felines tend to get aggressive and hostile when they’re feeling under the weather. She might hiss at you and try to punch you all while running away from you. Maybe your Siamese cat isn’t mean, perhaps she just has a hard time being away from you.

5. Fear-induced aggression

Are Siamese Cats Mean? Things We Have To Come Clean With

When Siamese cats are being mean, they either woke up that morning and chose violence or there’s something really bothering them. In the second case, each cat will react in a unique way.

Just when people get scared, some might cry and hide away while others will become aggressive in order to protect themselves. With felines, it’s the same, pure instinct that’s leading their actions.

Everyone in the animal world is mainly led by their gut feeling. If you see your pet running away from you or avoiding you, perhaps it’s not because your Siamese cat is being mean.

It could be that something really startled your cat, and she’s feeling extremely vulnerable. You might notice her cowering away from your touch, not being able to trust you.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to mean this has anything to do with you. Usually, felines will recover on their own after spending some time on their own. Whatever you do, don’t force your pet to interact with people or surroundings if she doesn’t feel comfortable enough.

On the other hand, some Siamese can resort to aggression. They can become quite violent if they feel threatened in any way. Your pet might scratch, hiss, and punch you as a reaction. This is called fear-induced aggression.

If you notice the hackles rising on her back, her ears slicked back, or her tail all puffed up; she’s trying to make herself appear bigger, and things could go down pretty quickly.

Are Siamese cats mean when they’re hurting?

Perhaps you can’t quite put the finger on your cat’s behavior. You didn’t notice anything startling or bothering her lately. Maybe there are no other animals in the house that could get on her nerves but she’s still being a real meanie toward you.

Obviously, this kind of behavior might raise some questions. Especially if you usually take your time to play with her and give her enough exercise in order to burn all the excess energy. You give her plenty of attention and you constantly shower her with affection.

However, the behavior doesn’t seem to get any better, it’s only getting worse! It’s only right to ask yourself, “When was the last time my cat went on a check-up at the vet?” It doesn’t have to mean your cat’s sick right if she decides to be naughty for a day.

On the other hand, if your feline keeps being hostile and bullying you or other felines in the house, it could be a way to display hurt or discomfort. Other times, felines will mostly hide and you won’t be able to tell that they’re experiencing pain.

However, if any aggressive behavior occurs and becomes consistent, it could be your cat’s reaction to a medical issue. Here’s a list of a few illnesses that might explain why Siamese cats are mean sometimes.

1. Obesity

Diabetes and obesity frequently coexist and they can be a living hell. When a cat has diabetes, her body can’t control the production of insulin, which results in persistently high blood glucose levels.

Frequent urination, excessive thirst, and an insatiable appetite are typical symptoms. Your cat may begin to lose weight, refuse food, vomit, and experience weakness in her hind limbs as the illness worsens.

Wet, dry, semi-moist, raw, or homemade food that is nutritious and well-balanced will help you manage your cat’s weight and stop numerous health problems that might make your Siamese cat irritable and aggressive.

2. Paterall luxation

Are Siamese Cats Mean? Things We Have To Come Clean With

This painful ailment is brought on by the cat’s kneecap falling out of the joint. It can be inherited, as well as a result of physical harm or trauma.

According to studies, this illness can be influenced by dietary choices, the environment, and lifestyle choices. So, if you notice your pet being naughtier than usual, she might actually be in a lot of pain.

3. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Cats with HCM develop thicker heart walls, which reduces the effectiveness of the heart. Lethargy and labored breathing are typical symptoms.

Blood clots that form as a result of the illness may restrict blood flow to the legs, causing severe pain or even limb paralysis.

Weight gain can make the problem worse since it puts more strain on the heart. Early HCM detection and the introduction of a nutritious diet can significantly enhance a cat’s quality of life.

It’s always a good idea to take your pet to the vet so he can conduct a thorough check-up. That way, you’ll find out if your cat’s mean behavior is a result of undiagnosed health issues or just a part of her personality.

Are Siamese Cats Mean? Things We Have To Come Clean With