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Arabian Mau Vs. Egyptian Mau: In Which Ways Do They Differ?

Arabian Mau Vs. Egyptian Mau: In Which Ways Do They Differ?

Reading about cats is my favorite activity and I’m sure you love it too since you’re here. Figuring out that there are two breeds with almost the same name, you start wondering how similar they are. Arabian Mau vs. Egyptian Mau: what sets them apart?

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for fun or because you’re trying to figure out which cat to get, finding out more about the feline world is always fun. Especially when something catches your attention like these two breeds.

Arabian and Egyptian Mau truly sound like siblings who live in different areas. But are these cats really that similar? Eventually, you probably want to know which one would be a better fit for your household.

Let’s answer all your questions and find out more about these natural-breed felines!

Arabian Mau vs. Egyptian Mau: The distinctions that set them apart

Arabian Mau Vs. Egyptian Mau: In Which Ways Do They Differ?

Arabian Maus have been present on the Arabian Peninsula for more than a thousand years. But it was only back in 2008 that this breed was officially recognized by the World Cat Federation. So, it was only recently that people started to get more interested in this cute kitty.

Egyptian Maus, on the other hand, originate from Ancient Egypt and they have been an important part of Egyptian culture for thousands of years. They were brought to Europe and then to the States sometime in the 1950s.

So, even though we’re talking about a fairly new breed, it’s obvious that Egyptian Maus have been popular worldwide for much longer than Arabian Maus.

Now you know that these two breeds only have similar names but their history is much different. But is there something else that sets them apart? I’m sure you want to know everything about their looks, personality, and grooming habits. So, let’s get right into all the fun details about these two felines.

1. Appearance

Arabian Mau is a medium-sized breed with her weight ranging somewhere between 8 to 16 pounds. She has an athletic body and as you can conclude, she’s an energetic type who doesn’t like lounging and napping around the house.

She has a round-shaped head and large, pointed ears. Her ears play a truly important role as they’re meant to keep her cool. Living in a desert, this feline had to face some abnormally high temperatures so her ears evolved to protect her from all that heat.

This kitty comes in five different shades: white, black, red, brown, and tabby. The color of her eyes varies depending on the color of her coat. But most of the time, they’re light green and captivating.

Egyptian Mau is a bit smaller than Arabian Mau, with her weight reaching 7 to 9 pounds. This feline has a long and lean body with muscular legs. Her hind legs are longer than her front ones which is one of the reasons why she appears even more athletic.

She has large, almond-shaped green eyes, no matter the color of her coat. And when it comes to her fur, it comes in different shades such as silver, bronze, blue, smoke, black, blue spotted, blue silver, and blue smoke. Of course, each of these colors comes with a spotted pattern all over her coat.

This is one elegant-looking cat who’s going to steal your heart with her noble posture and muscular body.

2. Personality

Arabian Mau Vs. Egyptian Mau: In Which Ways Do They Differ?

Arabian Mau is a friendly, sociable, and energetic cat who’ll easily get along with everyone. She’s affectionate and will follow you around home, demanding attention. At the same time, don’t expect her to lay in your lap and cuddle with you since this feline is always up for action.

You need to be aware that your Arabian Mau is going to be vocal about her needs. She’ll meow and scream as much as she wants whenever you’re not paying enough attention to her.

In order to keep her interested and keep her energy levels at bay, you’ll have to get her different toys that will allow her to keep on moving. This is an independent cat and she’ll know how to play on her own, as long as she’s not bored. But that doesn’t mean that she’ll leave you alone when you come home from work and want to rest for a bit.

She’ll want to be the main character in the house, no matter what you think.

On the other hand, we have an Egyptian Mau who’s also friendly and energetic. But the main difference is that this feline will take some time before she gets used to her new surroundings.

At first, she’s going to be a bit stand-offish but later, she’s going to show you how affectionate she really is. In the process, she’s going to form a strong bond with one particular person. This human is going to become her safe space and the one she loves the most.

Egyptian Mau is also going to stay active. She’ll climb on different surfaces and explore every nook and cranny of your home. So, the best way to allow her to get rid of all that accumulated energy is to get her plenty of toys that are going to keep her entertained.

Bear in mind that this feline can also get vocal from time to time. But she’s not the type of cat who’s going to meow and chirp as much as some other breeds such as Siamese.

3. Grooming

Arabian Mau has a single-layer coat which instantly means that she won’t require as much grooming as some other breeds. The only reason why you’ll need to brush her coat is to get rid of all the dead hair. This way, you’re going to prevent your kitty from ingesting hairballs which can cause serious consequences.

Besides her fur, you should keep her nails trimmed and occasionally check the state of her ears and teeth. That way, you’ll be able to spot any changes and potential infections.

Your Egyptian Mau is also a single-coated kitty who doesn’t require everyday combing and brushing. Taking care of her fur once a week will be enough to get rid of all the shedding. This is also a great bonding experience that your feline is going to love.

Bathing her often won’t be necessary, but if you let her outside to roam around the garden and she comes back covered in dirt, you should help her tidy up and feel all fresh and clean.

4. Entertainment and training

As you can already tell, both of these felines are highly energetic and enjoy playtime. That being said, they’re going to require different toys to keep them entertained.

Interactive puzzles, cat trees, and chase toys are all going to provide both of these cats with enough fun. Plus, they’re going to keep them occupied and help them spend their energy.

When it comes to training, both Arabian and Egyptian Mau can be taught certain tricks such as using the litter box and responding to their names. They’re intelligent breeds who don’t need a lot of time to learn.

The main difference is that Egyptian Maus are a bit more stubborn. When they don’t feel like doing something, they’re not going to do it, no matter how much you pressure them.

That’s something you should take into consideration when you’re trying to train this kitty. Sometimes, things won’t go as planned but that’s okay. Your cat isn’t a robot and she’s not going to do something unless she feels comfortable.

5. Health issues

Arabian Mau Vs. Egyptian Mau: In Which Ways Do They Differ?

Maybe it’s because they have been raised in harsh conditions with immense heat, but Arabian Maus are healthy cats who don’t suffer from any breed-related diseases. To be sure, you should still take them to regular vet checkups but it looks like the two of you are going to spend a lot of happy years together.

Egyptian Maus, on the other hand, can develop certain conditions such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, gastrointestinal disorders, and different viral and bacterial infections. But your feline should be fine if you take her to the vet regularly.

Arabian Mau vs. Egyptian Mau: Which one is a better fit for your household?

Now that you know more about both of these breeds, it should be easier to make a decision about which one to get for yourself (of course, if you’re looking for a cat).

Arabian Maus are great family pets who are going to enjoy all the attention and affection. They’re also good with kids so if you have children, you don’t need to worry. This feline will tolerate their rough play and screaming just fine.

What you need to keep in mind is that this kitty will want to stay active, no matter what. This isn’t your regular lap cat that’s going to cuddle with you. Instead, she’ll demand entertainment and playtime, no matter how tired you are.

So, if you can’t provide her with enough attention and buy her all the toys that are going to keep her interested, then this may not be the best kitty for you.

When it comes to Egyptian Maus, they’re also friendly and family pets. But they tend to develop a strong bond with one human so don’t be surprised if you see your new pet always running to this one family member.

Also, if you’re looking for a breed that’s going to cuddle with you all day long, none of these are a good fit. We’re talking about active cats who will run and chase around your home, making it their own playground.

If you can’t accept that, then keep on looking for a more gentle feline.