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This Is Pooh: A Rescue Cat Who Just Got A New Pair Of Legs

This Is Pooh: A Rescue Cat Who Just Got A New Pair Of Legs

All beings in this world, including us humans, have this innate desire and ability to survive. No matter what horrible thing happens to us in life – we all have something powerful inside us that pushes us toward salvation.

However, animals are much better at it. Unlike us, they have not fully gotten used to the comforts of modern life, and are therefore much more prepared to live in harsher conditions.

It is in their nature to hunt and kill – otherwise, they will be hunted or killed.

They are much more capable of finding food and shelter, and generally taking care of themselves than we are. And the best examples of this are stray and feral cats, of course.

Most of these felines are used to living on the streets. That way of life and the mere need to fend for themselves (after experiencing the sweet indoor life) have made them tougher and more capable of surviving.

However, sometimes life on the street does not go well for every feline, and they, unfortunately, get to experience the darker side of it. These troubles oftentimes manifest themselves in the form of certain injuries, either caused by another feline, human, or traffic accident.

Our today’s hero is a victim of an unknown accident who was unfortunately found greatly injured on the cruel street of Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Meet Pooh – the feline who was not pampered by life.

Credit: Let’s Adopt

No, we are not talking about Winnie the Pooh. But, we do appreciate the possibility of this feline’s name being inspired by the well-known and loved teddy bear created by Alan Alexander Milne, the famous English writer.

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, Pooh was found badly injured on the streets of Sofia. Unfortunately, no one can truly tell how he got hurt. Some claim that the kitty was probably hit by a car, while others say that he was struck by a train in a small Bulgarian village where he allegedly came from.

However, I think that the background story of his injury is not so important after all. What actually matters is the fact that the cat was lucky to be found by a very good and kind woman who took pity on her situation and immediately took her to the veterinary office of a veterinarian named Vladislav Zlatinov.

Doctor Zlatinov immediately took Pooh in and thoroughly examined him, after which he determined that the injury on his hind legs was so severe that they would have to be amputated.

Usually, when this happens in the feline world, some veterinarians opt for euthanization, especially if the kitty has no owners of her own. However, Dr. Zlatinov saw something special in Pooh – something worth fighting for – which made him throw away the idea of putting the poor feline down altogether.

He had a brilliant idea which included getting prosthetics for Pooh’s hind legs, so he could make him walk again.

Dr. Zlatinov said that even though that operation sounded completely impossible for their practice, he still wanted to try. Little did he know that his own desire and persistence would be what saves the life of poor Pooh and gave him a brand-new opportunity at it.

The operation went great and Pooh took little to no time to adjust to his new legs. He was skeptical at first, but he soon got used to them and soon started to walk freely on flat surfaces.

Credit: Let’s Adopt

It didn’t take long, and soon he started running around and even jumping a little. But what was most important to Doctor Zlatinov was the fact that it seemed as though Pooh was in no pain whatsoever.

Dr. Zlatinov said that this operation and Pooh’s fast recovery and adaptation to prosthetics made him very proud. He said that Pooh’s story is truly inspirational as it gives hope to other injured animals and their owners.

When it comes to Pooh and his current situation, right now he resides at a rescue center called Let’s Adopt! Bulgaria.

He is truly an adorable and affectionate feline and there is seriously not an ounce of doubt when it comes to his adoption. We are sure someone will come in one day, fall head over heels for him, and wish to offer him his well-deserved forever home.

What can we learn from this story? Well first things first, let’s remind ourselves how bad it is to leave our fluffs on the street. Sure, sometimes life gets tough, and we simply cannot continue to own a pet. But that does not give us the right to leave them all alone, at the side of the road.

There are shelters and good people who will gladly take them and care for them if we cannot.

Finally, let us all promise we’ll remember to help a stray next time we encounter one. Especially if she is injured. Every feline deserves a chance at a happy life, and if there’s something we can do to help her achieve it – then we ought to do it!