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A Hissing Rescue Cat Changes His Attitude After A Few Belly Rubs

A Hissing Rescue Cat Changes His Attitude After A Few Belly Rubs

When a Reddit user, who goes by the name “potatodavid,” caught a glimpse of a fluffy, gray guy on the Humane Society website, he didn’t know what he was signing up for.

David had wanted a rescue cat for years and years but never knew whether he would manage to take care of a cat’s needs.

He didn’t want to purchase a feline with a pedigree because he didn’t approve of the fact that many of the people he was friends with or worked with purchased felines for the purpose of bragging about how expensive they are or even how on-trend they are.

He wanted to rescue a cat that needed a warm bed and an appreciative environment that was going to ensure she was happy and healthy for a really, really long time.

When David was scrolling through the Humane Society website, he was drawn to a fluffy, scruffy cat that was searching for a home. He showed the cat to his girlfriend and neither of them could hide the excitement because the cat was (or at least he looked like he was) exactly what they were searching for.

He didn’t want to waste the time he didn’t have, so he decided to schedule an appointment to check the cat out. When the two of the arrived at the scene, three or four other people were waiting to meet the grey guy, too. When they started talking to them, they quickly figured out that the others weren’t fond of the cat.

When the workers brought the cat to them, they understood why everyone was freaking out – the cat wouldn’t stop hissing and growling, pawing at the workers, and pretty much spreading negative energy around the room.

“Hmm, that’s going to be a problem,” they thought to themselves because they weren’t expecting to see that.

Both of them were expecting a cute, cuddly grey guy who wanted nothing more than to snuggle and purr. However, that wasn’t the energy they were getting and they didn’t know what to do.

David was the one who decided to give the cat a chance. He decided to approach the cat slowly, checking whether the cat would allow any physical contact. He picked the cat up, praying to God he wouldn’t get scratched or attacked.

But, the cat seemed to tolerate David’s advances which gave David enough courage and confidence to start petting the cat. And, the cat seemed to adore the sentiment because he started purring.

(Source: @potatodavid)

As a matter of fact, the cat’s energy shifted from “Who are you and what do you want to do with me!?” to “Who are you and why aren’t you taking me home with you?” really quickly.

After sharing a few sweet moments, David and his girlfriend were advised to take the cat to the “isolation room” where they could continue to bond without anyone disturbing them or scaring them (scaring the cat, of course).

David and his girlfriend continued to whisper sweet nothings to the cat, trying to establish a moment of trust where the cat would allow them to snuggle with her. They probably whispered something right because the cat accepted their cuddles, embraces, and belly rubs without scratching their eyes out.

Actually, to everyone’s surprise, the cat became so comfortable that she climbed on David’s shoulder and remained there for the rest of the appointment. “I think he adopted us,” David uttered.

Now, the cat didn’t warm up to them right away. He was super skittish and he didn’t want to play with them, but he clearly wanted to hang out with them. He wanted them to work harder and he wanted them to continue with the cuddles, embraces, and belly rubs the entire time.

David’s girlfriend was entirely sold on the thought of going home with the terrified grey guy because she wanted to ensure he gets the home, the affection, and the family he deserves. David agreed, and the couple brought the cat home with them.

Oh, and they named the cat Albus. Now, Albus became better and better at trusting them, spending time with them, playing with them, and not growling at them as the days went by.

David and Albus started watching hockey games together, with Albus cuddling on David’s lap and playing with David’s socks (because chew toys are for losers, according to Albus). David argues that Albus kept the attitude and the temper, but never attacked them.

Sure, there were times when he would become anxious and annoyed, and he would start growling at them. But, David made sure that Albus knew he was adored, appreciated, and taken care of at all times which kept those moments at a minimum.

Whether David and Albus became BFFs thanks to destiny or thanks to the Humane Society, there’s definitely something to be learned from the power of persistence and trust.

We would argue that, had David not trusted Albus, had David not persisted with cuddles, embraces, and belly rubs, he wouldn’t have gone home with the fluffiest, scruffiest grey guy ever, right?

According to the Humane Society’s mantra, they fight the big fights to end the suffering of all animals. Actually, we would add that the Humane Society fights the small fights to bring back smiles on all animal’s faces, too.

We certainly hope that they continue bringing these heart-warming stories our way because we can’t get enough of Davids (and Albuses) of the world.

A Hissing Rescue Cat Changes His Attitude After A Few Belly Rubs