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A Cat With A Hat Eating His Birthday Cake: An Adorable Sight

A Cat With A Hat Eating His Birthday Cake: An Adorable Sight

When I was just a little girl, I always used to imagine how I would one day make a birthday party for all of my cats and the one dog I had. I envisioned the biggest theme party in my neighborhood, with small birthday hats for each animal, and a cake made out of either cat or dog food.

Of course, my parents never agreed to turn my dreams into reality, because children and adults simply do not live in the same world. However, that desire inevitably remained in me, which still simmers in my heart to this day.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this picture of an adorable kitty with a hat eating a birthday cake. The little girl in me was so excited it literally brought tears to my eyes.

Credit: Imgur

Even though that obviously was not my cat, I felt like all of my own dreams had finally come true and like everything had fallen into its destined place.

I felt like my world was finally at peace.

Of course, I am being a bit too dramatic, but when it comes to my honest reaction to these images, you better believe that I was over the moon when I saw them!

Unfortunately, I do not know much about this little kitty in the pictures. I do not know what is her name, who are her cat parents, did she enjoy her cake (which I am sure she did, according to her satisfied little face), when is her birthday even, or what presents did she receive.

Because if I did, I would definitely get her an annual subscription to the best cake bakery in the world.

But above all, I do not know what was her cake made out of. This is a very crucial detail and I can only hope her cake was made out of feline-safe ingredients.

Because, I’m not sure if you know this, but cats are not really supposed to be eating the cake we are eating at our parties. Sure, a small bite or a lick of the frosting won’t do much damage, but an entire slice – that is simply unnecessary.

We all know that regular birthday cakes have little to no nutritional value. An entire slice or more has zero benefits for humans, so it would be strange (and basically wrong) to assume that it has any benefit for our feline friends.

Generally speaking, sweets are not good for cats, and cake – as we all know – counts as sweets. Some cakes can be fine for a kitty to eat, but as said, they do not really need this treat in their diet. Felines are natural carnivores, therefore their diet should consist mostly of meat.

In any case, some ingredients that are usually used when making a cake are not good for cats. For example milk and dairy products. Cats should not consume them because they are in fact lactose intolerant.

This is a common misconception because many people feed cats with milk, which can severely affect their digestive tract.

When it comes to flour, it is not toxic for cats, but they do struggle to break it down. Besides, it has no nutritional value for felines whatsoever.

Salt is something they do need. However, the amount of salt should be carefully regulated, because large salt quantities can greatly upset their stomach.

And when it comes to sugar (or the main actor in most cake stories) it should be noted that it can be detrimental for felines. The same thing goes for chocolate, which means that chocolate cakes should be avoided at all costs.

However, I honestly believe that the kitty in these pictures was enjoying a very cat-safe cake for her birthday. I chose to believe that her cat parents are fairly responsible.

She looks very happy and content and like she is living her dream. I know she is living mine, for sure!

Credit: Imgur

I am not sure if you would agree with me, but this picture where she has pink frosting smeared on her face, nose, and whiskers cures depression. Because, how can you be sad after taking one single look at this happy kitty?

Anyway, this cat in a hat eating her birthday cake truly made my day. I saved these pictures on my phone, so I can look at them whenever I feel a bit blue. And I suggest you do the same.

If, by any chance, you wish to make a surprise party for your furball, please take into consideration everything we have briefly mentioned in this article. Do not give your kitty a peace of the cake you are eating since it wouldn’t do much for her health. In fact, it can even be detrimental.

Make her a cat-safe cake and watch her lose her mind over it. Or just give her a professionally served can of tuna. Trust me, she’ll prefer it much more.

A Cat With A Hat Eating His Birthday Cake: An Adorable Sight