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18-Year-Old Cat Found Abandoned In Front Of The Shelter With A Heartbreaking Letter

18-Year-Old Cat Found Abandoned In Front Of The Shelter With A Heartbreaking Letter

Imagine spending your whole life in a lovely home, only to wake up in front of a shelter one day, not knowing where you are or what’s going on. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to a beautiful cat named Tori, whose parents decided to leave her after she’s spent 18 years with them.

When the staff members arrived to work one morning, they found a lost kitty abandoned outside the shelter, with nothing but a sad note attached to the crate she was in. From the moment they found her, finding her a furrever home became their top priority.

To say the workers were in shock is an understatement. They felt so bad for the beautiful kitty looking at them with fear in her eyes, knowing that only hours ago she had a family and a home she considered her own.

Unfortunately, her previous owners were unable to take care of her any longer, so they decided to leave her outside the shelter during the after-hours. In the note they left with Tori, they claimed that their feline friend refuses to use the litter box and that they’re tired of cleaning up after her every day.

Although they wrote that Tori had a “horrible ingrown nail” on her paw, they claimed that her refusal to use the litter box was the only issue with this lovely fur baby. According to the shelter, she was a very sweet kitty who, just like every other animal, deserved a loving and devoted family.

The staff didn’t take the story about her ingrown nail lightly, as they knew how painful it could be for cats. It’s often that this pain and discomfort are the reason why cats refuse to use the litter box. Tori’s nails were so long that they were curling back into her paw, which is why the staff decided to take her to the vet.

(Source: Kershaw County Humane Society)

After getting 3 nails out of her paw, Tori was feeling a lot better! The staff at the Walter M. Crowe Animal Shelter decided to share Tori’s story on Facebook. Just like they expected, Tori touched the hearts of many, and it didn’t take long for her to find her forever home with her new dad, Dan.

And, just like that, her issue with the litter box was long gone. Dan shared with the shelter that Tori had no problem using the litter box on her own, and that she absolutely loved her new home. The pictures show Tori feeling happy and relaxed in her new house, and we couldn’t imagine a better end to this story.

Tori now has a home where she can feel relaxed and at peace, with a dad who loves her no matter what. She can enjoy her old age, napping in her new favorite spots, without the fear of waking up in the cold again. Don’t judge us for getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!

Unfortunately, Tori isn’t the only cat whose family decided to leave her once she’s grown old. The shelters are filled with senior cats who became too big of a responsibility. Yes, even for the families they’ve been loyal to their whole lives.

Older cats need special care and attention, and it’s not always easy taking care of them. The visits to the vet can get pretty expensive, kitties might be too tired to use the litter box sometimes, and they’d rather spend their days sleeping than playing around with you.

However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on them. Our feline friends are not toys, and they consider us their family. Being around the people they love the most is one of the most important things they need in their old age. They’ve spent years taking care of you, and now it’s time for you to return the favor.

(Source: Kershaw County Humane Society)

When your kitty grows old and it becomes a bit more challenging to take care of her, think about the times she was by your side when you needed her the most. She’s a part of your family like any other member, and she should feel like it, too.

If you see a senior kitty in your local shelter, don’t walk past her. Although she’s older, she’s still ready to find her forever home and share the love with the family who’s willing to take care of her.

There’s a certain beauty and tranquility in having an older cat, and we’re sure you’d spend a wonderful and peaceful time together.

18-Year-Old Cat Found Abandoned In Front Of The Shelter With A Heartbreaking Letter